10 Useful Christmas Present Ideas That Every Household Needs

Useful Christmas Present Ideas

Useful Christmas Present Ideas

It’s nearly that time of the year again when the excitement of presents are exchanged, and undoubtedly, most of them will be quite useless. This time, give something that will frequently be used and you’ll surely be remembered for it. Here are 10 useful Christmas presents ideas that every household needs.

Most Useful Christmas Presents

Anti-Calc Steam Iron

1. An Anti-Calc Steam Iron

Not many people realise it but steam irons will collect a lot of limescale during each use which can diminish the steam performance over time if it’s not cleaned out. You probably know someone who irons their clothes on a daily basis but can never be bothered or have the time to clean their iron.

So an anti-calc steam iron or steam generator iron is the ideal Christmas gift for them as the limescale build up during ironing is filtered and collected into the system which can then be emptied out after each use. Since it’s so easy to clean, everyone else can use it too without worry.

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Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

2. A Convenient Handheld Vacuum

For a household that’s already got a great vacuum cleaner, is there really any point in getting them a handheld vacuum cleaner as well right? Well there is a point to because many people actually hate getting out the big hoover just to suck up a bit of dirt which takes a few seconds but it’s a hassle.

Having a handheld vacuum cleaner to do quick and simple 1 minute jobs requires practically no effort due to the light weight of the little dustbuster and it can be placed anywhere without taking up a lot of space. There’s a wide range of models to suit every budget and some of the best handheld vacuum cleaners are fairly priced for a powerful little sucker.

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Powerful Steam Mops

3. A Power Cleaning Steam Mop

Cleaning the surfaces in a household requires a lot of effort with many different cleaning equipment and solutions. A steam cleaner or steam mop is a very handy cleaning tool for any household due to its:

  • Versatility – Can be used to clean all the different floor surfaces within your home, with some models being able to clean windows, mirrors and ovens.
  • Hot Powerful Steam – The steam produced at a high temperature helps to remove stubborn stains as well as kill bacteria on contact.
  • Lightweight – Makes the steam cleaner easier to manoeuvre around.
  • Efficiency – Some of the best steam mops heat up pretty quickly so the time spent cleaning is reduced.

A steam mop is another one of the most useful Christmas present ideas which any household cleaner in the family will appreciate. Because it’s so easy to clean with, there’s no excuse for anyone else not to do the chores either!

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Dish Drainers

4. An Organised Dish Drainer

Most households should have a dish drainer to organise wet dishes and cutlery on to dry. Some can be too small to hold a lot and some aren’t practically designed. However, over time, dish drainers will start to rust, build up with limescale which can be hard to remove or break.

Although receiving an organised dish drainer isn’t exactly a thrilling gift, it’s a very practical one. A well designed spacious one will have enough room for dishes and cups to dry quickly without the need to stack them on top of each other which is great for a big family household.

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Electric Kettles

5. A Quick Heating Electric Kettle

Kettles with a rapid boil feature is pretty handy for any busy household particularly when there’s a baby involved who can’t wait that long for the kettle to boil for their milk to be made!

For households who regularly have guests round, a quick heating electric kettle will get hot drinks out faster which means less time spent waiting around for the kettle and more time spent chatting with guests.

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Home Foot Spas

6. A Relaxing Home Foot Spa

Home foot spas are a pretty popular choice for Christmas present ideas as it’s a luxurious and relaxing treat. It’s a great gift idea for someone who is often on their feet the whole day. Soaking their feet in a bowl of hot water can help to comfort their aching feet but a foot spa works entirely on a different level. It offers the ultimate relaxing experience and restores balance to your feet with:

  • Water Jets – Feet are massaged with jets of water and bubbles to help improve blood circulation.
  • Vibration – to help relieve tension and aches in feet.
  • Massage Rollers – Users can roll parts of their feet over nobbly massage rollers to get any knots out of their feet or to get an extra deep massage.
  • Angled Base – Makes it easier to sit back and relax with your feet placed at a comfortable angle inside the foot spa.
  • Keep Warm Function – There’s no need to get up to change the water.
  • Pumice Stone Attachments – Dead or hard skin can be removed as an extra treat for your feet to get them back to its softness.

Not every foot spa will have all these but all will have the water jets and vibration. Many of the best home foot spas will have all the mentioned functions and some with even more extras. Everyone in the household will be fighting to use this at the end of each day!

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Cordless Home Phones

7. A Set of Modern Cordless Home Phones

Not really a common Christmas present idea but a set of modern cordless home phones can be a useful gift for someone who has just moved into a new home. It’s ideal for someone who needs a better quality home phone as well! Many of the newer cordless home phones are designed like they are mobile phones.

There are modern features such as:

  • A Colour Screen – Clearer and brighter display.
  • Phonebook – Can save hundreds of phone numbers in its memory dependent on the model.
  • Excellent Sound Quality – No more distorted or static sounds so you can talk and listen with better clarity even when it’s on speakerphone.
  • Call Management – Block or transfer calls.
  • Text Messaging – Send text messages from your home phone!

The best cordless home phones can be a bit pricey but there are a few of the best that are fairly cheap. Don’t bother wasting it on someone who barely uses their home phone though.

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Electric Foot Massagers

8. A Blood Circulating Electric Foot Massager

Our feet is the most active part of our body as we’re constantly on our feet. For this reason, aches, tension and stress will build up in our feet and calves which leads to poor blood circulation in that area. Electric foot massagers can help to relax and stimulate feet and muscles in the calves with special features such as:

  • Heating Element – Warms your feet up to encourage blood flow and soften muscle stiffness in feet.
  • Kneading Rollers – The bottom of your feet is given a deep massage to relieve tense knots.
  • Air Pressure – Foot massagers with soft enclosures have air pressure to squeeze feet to stimulate blood circulation.
  • Vibration – Stimulates the muscles to provide relief from pain.

An electric foot massager is most ideal for people who are after a more relaxing feet therapy experience and for people who suffer from foot pain such as plantar fasciitis, corns or bunions – common in the elderly. Everyone in the household can benefit from a quick 15 massage which will help restore energy to their feet.

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Healthy Smoothie Makers

9. A Healthy Smoothie Maker

Everyone overeats during the Christmas period, who in their right mind actually sticks to a diet at the most joyous time of the year?! But once this festive time is over, that’s when the guilt and diets come in which is why a healthy smoothie maker is one of the best Christmas present ideas that a household can receive. Besides giving everyone a good healthy kickstart to the year, it’s a great way to start the morning throughout the year too.

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Cooking Pan Sets

10. A Durable and Varied Pan Set

For someone that cooks a lot at home, their pots and pans must go through a lot and have probably been replaced several times over. A set of tough pan sets with a variety of sizes will be a lovely gift for this someone and the whole household can benefit from this with the delicious home cooked meals.

A durable pan set will have scratch resistant and non stick interiors to ensure the pans will last a long time and prevent food from burning. Some of the best cookware sets have anti-warp bases as well which means its shape will not change despite the heat method used.

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Final Word | Useful Christmas Presents

Many households may already have some of the items on this list of useful Christmas present ideas, so try and find out if whether they need a replacement or upgrade. If they don’t have any of these, then they’re in for a pleasent surprise when they receive an Xmas present they actually need and will use everyday!

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