Top 5 Best Digital Kitchen Scales Reviewed

Accurate ingredients equals better tasting food.

Top 5 Best Digital Kitchen Scales Reviewed UK

Top 5 Best Digital Kitchen Scales Reviewed UK

Every good cook needs a decent set of digital kitchen scales. They’re a lot more accurate than using traditional mechanical scales which often leaves you guessing the weight. It’s practically impossible when it comes to measuring a few grams.

Here are 5 of our best digital kitchen scales for 2017 that can precisely measure in 1g increments. This is the main reason why electronic kitchen scales are more commonly used these days. If you’re yet to invest in one, then read on to find out how you can benefit from having one on hand.

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Traditional VS Digital Kitchen Scales

Kitchen scales share the same purpose of weighing food items whether they are the traditional mechanical scales or the modern digital ones. Besides differing in design, there are other differences that include:


Electric kitchen scales usually display the weight in a digital numbered format and traditional scales typically display the weight on a numbered wheel with an arrow. It’s hard to guess exactly what number the arrow points at when it’s hovering between 100 and 125 grams. It’s even worse if you’re trying to measure a tiny amount of ingredient.


Overtime traditional kitchen scales will become less effective in weighing items correctly as the spring mechanism wears out. This makes it almost impossible to weigh small amounts as it won’t even feel that small amount on its platform.

Weight Capacity

Mechanical scales can often hold a large weight capacity which can be from 5 kg for standard ones and up to 22 kg for large ones. Most digitals have a more limited weight capacity of up to 5 kg only but some of the best digital kitchen scales can handle slightly more although it’s nowhere as near as large traditional scales.

Resetting to Zero

Known as the tare function, this is usually found on electronic kitchen scales where you press a button to reset the scales to zero so you can add more ingredients in. On mechanical scales, there is usually a dial to twist the handle back to zero which can be a bit fiddly.


Digital kitchen scales have a compact size that’s also quite slim as they normally don’t include a weighing bowl or tray so it can be easily stored away within a kitchen drawer. Traditional scales take up a bit more space because of the large numbered weight dial but some that come with weighing bowls can store this part in its bowl so it’s easier to store.

Operating Function

Anything digital will require some sort of electrical use so don’t be surprised that electric kitchen scales requires batteries in order for it to operate. Mechanical kitchen scales don’t require anything of this sort as it works on the spring loaded mechanism.

Our 5 Best Digital Kitchen Scales Reviewed

Savisto Black Digital Kitchen Scales Review

5. Savisto Black Digital Kitchen Scales

OUR RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Savisto Digital Kitchen Scales - Price not available

  • Touch Screen Controls – Simple to switch functions and measurements.
  • Automatic Shut Off switches off after 60 seconds of inactivity to prolong the life of the battery.
  • Easy to Clean – The tempered glass platform can be wiped down with a damp cloth.
  • Slim Design makes it easily portable and for storing away.
  • 2 Year Warranty

Made with black tempered glass, the Savisto Black Digital Kitchen Scales has a very slim design at only 3mm thick making it easy to store away. The LCD screen at the bottom doesn’t take up much space and can display metric and imperial measurements with a touch of the buttons. It’s an easy to read display but it’s not very big.

This kitchen scale can support a weight of up to 5kg and can even provide an accurate reading of just 1 gram. Like all the best digital kitchen scales, this one also features a TARE function which is very precise. There’s a food overload indicator to warn you if there’s too much weight on the scales.

Overall, this kitchen scale is quite accurate and easy to use. It looks stylish and doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen. However, the size is a bit small when it comes to cooking large batches so using a big bowl would cover up the LCD display. It’s best used for small batches of cooking.


Salter Stainless Steel Platform Electronic Kitchen Scale Review

4. Salter Stainless Steel Platform Electronic Kitchen Scale

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Salter Stainless Steel Electronic Kitchen Scale - £15.14

  • Large LCD Display – Clear and easy to read.
  • Aquatronic Measurement suitable for measuring liquids in fl .oz. and ml.
  • Low Battery Indicator – Battery power is shown on the LCD screen at all times.
  • Auto Turn Off switches itself off after a minute of inactivity.
  • 15 Year Guarantee

The Salter Stainless Steel Platform Electronic Kitchen Scale is a lightweight kitchen scale which features a brushed stainless steel round platform that gives it a modern style. The clear LCD screen is big with black digital numbers that’s easy to read. Sitting beneath this are 2 buttons to power on/off and to change to imperial/metric/aquatronic measurements. The tare function can be activated by holding down on the power button.

The platform is slightly higher than the LCD screen which is useful as it allows any bowl or tray to be used on it without sitting on top of the screen or touching the buttons. It will still cover the screen a bit but you can still see the measurement if you peer beneath the bowl so it’s not completely obscured.

On the back is where the battery compartment is which requires a screwdriver to open up. It uses a CR2032 battery which is fairly cheap and can last you a good few months if it’s used on a daily basis. This Salter kitchen scale is accurate and quick to turn on with a touch of the button. Its slim design means it can be stored anywhere making it ideal for small kitchens.


Duronic KS5000 Large Digital Kitchen Scales Review

3. Duronic KS5000 Large Digital Kitchen Scales

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Duronic KS5000 - £24.99

  • Precision Sensors installed with 4 of these to give an accurate reading.
  • Backlit Large LCD Screen makes it easy to read and see with the blue backlight.
  • Large Stainless Steel Bowl ideal for mixing large batches of ingredients but it can be removed if it’s not needed.
  • Add & Weigh Function allows you to easily use the tare function to add more ingredients into the same bowl.
  • Intelligent Standby saves battery by turning the screen off after a few seconds but turns back on to the last weight when touched.
  • Overload Indicator lets you know if you go over the maximum weight capacity.
  • 2 Years Warranty

Featuring a large LCD display with an illuminating blue backlight, this makes the Duronic KS5000 kitchen scales easy to read making it ideal for anyone who has difficulty reading small screens. The screen is designed with the traditional measurement dial which will display the weight with markings and digital numbers. There’s a button on each side for unit measurements of metric, imperial or aquatronic and to power on/off.

Included is a chrome 24.5cm mixing bowl that’s light so it’s ideal for using with heavy ingredients.

It doesn’t cover up the LCD display but if you choose to use your own bowl or plate, it wouldn’t obscure the large screen either. Installed with 4 high quality precision sensors, it enables the scale to give a much more accurate reading than some of the best digital kitchen scales. This accuracy is the same for the tare function regardless of the measurement used.

This scale uses 3 x AAA batteries which is quite a lot but these batteries are common so you won’t struggle to find them and you could get rechargeable ones too. It’s a pretty well designed kitchen scale with a bit of the old in it and accurate to the smallest amount weighed. As you might have guessed from its slim and compact size, it does still only go up to a maximum capacity of 5kg though.


Jamie Oliver Wet and Dry Digital Kitchen Scales Review

2. Jamie Oliver Wet and Dry Digital Kitchen Scales

OUR RATING 4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Jamie Oliver Wet and Dry - Price not available

  • Sensitive – Can weigh in 1g increments so it’s ideal for very small amounts of ingredients.
  • Digital Screen with Backlight – Easy to read with the illuminated blue backlight.
  • Mixing bowl Included – Made of light stainless steel with an easy pour spout.
  • Battery Saving – The LCD goes into standby mode after a few seconds but powers back on with the last weight when it’s in use again.

From the popular chef Jamie Oliver comes the Wet and Dry Digital Kitchen Scales which can weigh your ingredients in metric, imperial or aquatronic measurements. It’s not the most compact of electric kitchen scales but its design means the digital screen won’t be covered up by the bowl no matter what size it is. You can weigh with the included mixing bowl or directly onto the scale’s platform which has a bit of depth to it so your items doesn’t topple off.

The maximum weight for this scale is again 5kg but it’s so sensitive that it can even weigh in 1g increments which is very accurate. Don’t be alarmed if the screen turns off after a few seconds of non-activity, it’s just saving the battery power of the 2 x AAA batteries used and will come back on to the last weight when touched so your cooking won’t be incorrectly measured.

Although it’s not of a slim design, the scale isn’t overly bulky so it won’t take up much space in your cupboard and it can still be stored in your kitchen drawer without the bowl.

It would have been better if the digits on the digital screen was in black rather than blue as well but luckily, it can be seen clearly with the illuminated backlight. If you hate the flat kitchen scales because the screen is constantly obscured, then this might be one you should consider instead.


Salter Disc Digital Kitchen Scales Review

1. Salter Disc Digital Kitchen Scales

OUR RATING 4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the Salter Disc Digital Kitchen Scales - £15.00

  • Suitable for Wet and Dry Ingredients – Allows you to measure liquids in aquatronic measurements or dry ingredients in imperial or metric so you can adjust according to your recipe.
  • Tare Function – You can continuously add a number of different ingredients into one bowl which helps to reduce washing up.
  • Comes in white, silver or black
  • 15 Year Guarantee

Designed with an ultra slim body and a stainless steel platform, the Salter Disc Digital Kitchen Scale has an add and weigh function so you can measure multiple ingredients into one bowl in any of the measurements. If you’re hoping this one can weigh more than 5kg, unfortunately it doesn’t but the flat platform allows you to directly weigh your items on it as it can be easily cleaned afterwards with a wipe of the damp cloth.

The LCD screen isn’t very big so it can get obscured if you’re using a large plate or bowl but it’s very clear even when the battery runs low. There’s a button to one side of the screen for you to power on/off which also provides the tare function if you hold it down. The other button allows you to cycle through the measurement systems to select the one you need so it’s all pretty straightforward although not obvious.

Like some of our other best electronic kitchen scales, this one can also provide accurate weight readings in 1g increments. Priced quite reasonably, the scale is easy to use, very precise and of a high quality construction that feels sturdy. As with all Salter kitchen scales, this one also comes with a 15 year guarantee as they’re so confident of their quality which is what makes them the best manufacturers of digital kitchen scales.

Buyer’s Guide For Digital Kitchen Scales

Wet and Dry Function – Allows you to add a combination of wet or dry ingredients with the required weight measurements to go with it. Most digital kitchen scales have this function but it’s a good idea to double check if you don’t want to end up using something else to measure your ingredients in addition to the scales.

Aquatronic Function – Allows you to measure liquids in ml or fl.oz. This saves you from having to measure out liquids in a jug to pour in.

Tare Function – Resets the kitchen scale to zero and is also known as the add and weigh function. It’s ideal to have this function as it’s a quicker way to add more ingredients into one bowl without having to use another bowl to measure another ingredient.

Imperial and Metric Measurements – Displays the weight in ounces and pounds (imperial) or in grams and kilograms (metric). As recipes can be written in imperial or metric measurements, it’s best to have digital kitchen scales that have both of these weight measurements to save you time from converting measurements.

Maximum Weight Capacity – How much weight the digital kitchen scales can handle. The majority of them can usually hold up to 5 kg which is enough for most baking and cooking recipes. However, you need to also take into account the weight of your bowl that you will use and the type of ingredients that you usually use.

Minimum Weight Capacity – Besides considering the maximum weight capacity, it’s a good idea to check whether the digital scales can weigh smaller portions as some will barely feel this weight. Although this feature is not usually specified, some of the best digital kitchen scales will state it can accurately measure 1 gram of ingredients. So if you’re all about the accuracy for smaller amounts, then this is something you should consider.

Weighing Bowl Supplied? – Provides a light bowl for you to mix your ingredients in which is ideal if your mixing bowls are too heavy for the digital scales. If you’re looking for one that includes a bowl, make sure it can be removed easily for washing up.

LCD Display – Shows the weight information. Some can have large displays so it’s easy to read but then you could get some that have a small display which is typical of more compact digital scales. There are some that have a backlight so the information is clearer and ideal in low lighting. You could get ones with colour as well. If you have difficulty reading small displays or anything in poor lighting, these are some of the things you should consider.

Food Overload Indicator – Warns you when the electronic kitchen scale has gone over its maximum weight load. This is an important feature to have as it will prevent your scales from damage and giving an inaccurate measurement.

Low Battery Indicator – Lets you know when it’s time for a battery change. Having this feature is pretty handy so it won’t ruin your measuring during cooking if it suddenly turns off without warning.

Battery Type – What size batteries are used for the scales. As batteries can get quite expensive, it’s a good idea to check what batteries the scales use and how long these batteries will enable the scales to operate for.

Auto Turn Off – The scales will switch off when it’s not been used after a certain amount of time to save battery. Ideal if you forget to turn it off or just don’t have time to.

Warranty Period – How long the product is covered for fault. This can range from 1 year to a lifetime but it’s usually on certain parts and provided it’s not been misused. As with all electronic products, it’s best to have a warranty and the longer it is, the better.

The best digital kitchen scales are not expensive nor are they hard to use – they are reliable, functional and offer a variety of different options. If you’re often cooking or baking in the kitchen, then you’ll find that it’s always handy to have an electronic kitchen scale.

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