Top 5 Best USB Desk Fans Reviewed

Perfect if you live a laptop lifestyle.

Top 5 Best USB Desk Fans Reviewed

Top 5 Best USB Desk Fans Reviewed

Life can be hectic. Constantly on the go with little time to stop. In return, technology has become as portable as the people using it, in a bid to reflect modern, busy lifestyles.

With laptop computers and smart devices starting to replace their desktop counterparts, the ability to move from location to location is simply easier, quicker and a lot more convenient. In line with this trend, the most popular desktop items have strived to to be equally as portable, with competition growing for one of the most popular items, in the battle to become the best USB desk fan.

A USB desktop fan doesn’t require an external source of power and can happily plug into a spare port on a laptop, games console or even a usb charger, giving an on-the-move option for anyone who likes their gadgets as cool as they are.

Of course these versions of fans are much smaller than most mains powered desk fans but that doesn’t mean they are just a novelty item. As one of the most popular USB gadgets on the market, they have improved both their output as well as their desirability, making them a rather handy little item to own.

Our 5 Best USB Desk Fans Reviewed

CSL USB Desk Fan Review

5. CSL USB Desk Fan

OUR RATING 4.2 out of 5 stars

Buy the CSL USB Desk Fan - £11.99

  • Very low power consumption for use with smaller devices
  • Increased airflow movement with swivel head and pedestal
  • Very quiet fan action for use in work based environments

In our top five reviews of USB desktop fans, we start with the ‘CSL USB Desk Fan’. This neat, compact unit features a small 12cm (4.7”) diameter and has a cable reaching 1.2 metres in length.

Based on a pedestal, the head of the fan is able to swivel when used, increasing airflow to a wider area and avoiding an annoying static breeze. The fan has a very quiet movement, so won’t prove to be an annoying distraction when trying to concentrate.

This unit is small, lightweight and totally portable. It stores very easily and because of its size, can be popped into a draw when not required. Not only does it make an ideal desk companion but it is the perfect partner for business trips and holidays.

There’s no need to overheat while on the go with this handy unit and its rather smart and sturdy black design, will certainly look impressive, wherever it is used. This unit is compatible with USB versions 1.1 – 3.


Chillout GF3 Series Review

4. Chillout GF3 Series

OUR RATING 4.3 out of 5 stars

Buy the Chillout GF3 Series

  • Stunning retro design and choice of colours
  • Comes with an additional electric powered adapter
  • Tiny compact design with powerful fan action

When the name of an item is called ‘Chillout’ you start off with pretty high expectations and this fan will certainly not disappoint. Featuring a simple but extremely eye-catching, retro design, this attractive little number comes in a choice of four colours; black, white, turquoise and red. The size of the unit is a mere 6.10” (15.5cm) all round, with a 4.5” blade, offering a readily available breeze, without taking up too much space.

The design and colour choices of the GF3 series will really appeal to those with a creative twist to their personality and isn’t a device that you would want hidden in a corner. It comes with an additional AC adaptor and has a static, one speed airflow. The movement of the fan is nice and quiet when in use and provides a steady stream of cool air. The mechanism and blades of this unit are concealed behind a round grid, for an added safety consideration.


ARCTIC Breeze USB Desktop Fan Review

3. ARCTIC Breeze USB Desktop Fan

OUR RATING 4.3 out of 5 stars

Buy the ARCTIC Breeze USB Desktop Fan - £29.00

  • Flexible neck for full range of movement
  • Adjustable fan speed with easy access control
  • Weighted steel base ensures steady use without falling

At number 3 in our best USB desk fan list, is the Artic Breeze models. These different style of models comes with a fabulous, flexible designed neck, so you are able to bend it to pretty much any angle you like.

It is also great for using in places that might otherwise be awkward, or hard to reach. It has an adjustable fan speed with the knob on the base of the unit, so it is nice and accessible.

The cable on the units is a generous 1.8 metres, allowing it to be placed in a choice of locations and requires a standard USB port to power it up. The blades of the fan are a lightweight plastic and the base section consists of a thick rubber coated pad.

With such an ultra strong, weighted steel plate it’s not likely to tip up or fall over when in use, despite its lightweight body. Easy to store when the warm weather vanishes overnight, this good looking fan is truly a pleasure to have on hand.


VicTsing Clip on Fan Review

2. VicTsing Clip on Fan

OUR RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the VicTsing Clip on Fan - £16.98

  • Powered by rechargeable battery or USB port
  • Advanced safety features with blade auto-stop
  • 360 degree rotation for maximum air circulation

Portable devices are great but of course, there isn’t always a steady, firm surface to rest them on. The VicTsing Clip on Fan addresses that issue and with its chunky, easy-to-use base, can provide the solution to those awkward, non-static locations.

This unit is powered by a choice of either USB or its own, included, rechargable battery, making it an even more portable option than other desk fans. Ideal for use on public transport, it has to be one of the most convenient options available.

To add to its already impressive features, this unit features a full 360 degree tilt and swivel action, so it can provide a constant movement of air around a surprisingly large area.

It is also equipped with an advanced safety function, so if anything manages to squeeze past the already secure caged in blades, the mechanism will stop turning, preventing the motor from burning out. Lightweight, as portable as its possible to be and with a 2-6 hour battery runtime, this is a serious player in the USB fan market.


Chillout GF5 Series Review

1. Chillout GF5 Series

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Chillout GF5 Series

  • Modern, clean appearance that looks great at home or work
  • Perfect for overnight bedroom use, with its virtually silent fan
  • Sturdy strong base, preventing falls and tipping

But there can be only one winner and with looks to kill, as well as an impressive performance, the Chillout GF5 series is the overall champion. Bigger than its little GF3 series brother, this is a personal fan that knows exactly how good it is.

The unit is available in a choice of three front rim colours; blue, white or lime green, all blending superbly with its shapely white body. If stylish good looks are an important feature when choosing a portable fan, there can be vey few who come close to this one.

The Chillout GF5 features a two-speed setting, for totally customisable cooling. This is controlled by the silver centre knob on the fan grid, no fiddly little switches here.

The main unit sits sturdily on a secure base, making sure that it stays firmly in place, even when feeling the force of its highest speed setting. It is quite a good size for a fan and measures approx 9.1 x 6.7 x 10.4 inches, enough muscle to make sure you are kept cool when the heat is really on.

PS. The Chillout GF5 Series is not actually a USB fan but a mains powered portable desk fan. We made a mistake thinking that it was! Nevertheless, it’s a great powerful fan.

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