Top 10 Best Retro Style Ottoman Coffee Tables

Timeless furniture that becomes the talking point.

Top 10 Best Retro Style Ottoman Coffee Tables

Top 10 Best Retro Style Ottoman Coffee Tables

Ironically, the furniture of yesteryear is as popular today as it was back then, and they often become talking points in the household. Coming in glass and wooden designs, our top 10 best retro style ottoman coffee tables look timeless in the modern living room.

Best Retro Style Ottoman Coffee Tables

Swoon Editions Cassius

10. Swoon Editions Cassius

The opulent, decadent Cassius coffee table from Swoon editions brings a touch of luxury to the living room. Its hard-wearing marble top is both practical and luxurious, offering tactility and good looks.

The timeless appeal of marble is given a twist with the tubular steel base marrying a stark industrial look. Finished in matt black, with the table top an opalescent white, this monochromatic table will complement any colour scheme.

Buy the Swoon Editions Cassius -£399


Bentley Designs Oslo

9. Bentley Designs Oslo

The Oslo coffee table from Bentley Designs is an attractive, contemporary yet timeless piece of furniture. It has a spare, Scandinavian aspect to the design, but with enough styling to give it that retro feel.

Finished in oak, the warm tones of natural wood will work in either contemporary or classical design schemes; this coffee table features a convenient shelf underneath. Some home assembly of this table is required, but once up, you have a good looking and sleek piece of a furniture.

Buy the Bentley Designs Oslo – £170


Curve Coffee Table by Jual

8. Curve Coffee Table by Jual

The beautiful Curve coffee table by Jual is a highly distinctive work, and if awards were getting handed out on good looks alone, it would be the best retro style coffee table hands-down.

A great piece of craftsmanship, wood is carefully bent and curved to form a smooth, circular coffee table, with a toughened glass top placed on two elegantly curved wooden supports, and another glass shelf housed within.

The wood’s waxed finish gives it depth and sheen (as well as practicality – this is a table that’s easy to clean). A statement piece which would grace any living space.

Buy the Jual Curve – £319


John Lewis Grayson

7. John Lewis Grayson

The Grayson coffee table from John Lewis is a handsome, four square table which marks the point where practicality meets good looks. Finished in ash, its natural wood tones would fit any design scheme, with its retro mid-century styling giving it an air of effortless cool.

Conveniently, the entire interior of this hollow table can be used for storage, invaluable for keeping the living room tidy. Its sliding doors allow easy access whilst keeping the rest of the interior neatly out of sight. Some home assembly is required of this table.

Buy the John Lewis Grayson – £279


Swoon Editions Tristan

6. Swoon Editions Tristan

The sophisticated Tristan coffee table from Swoon editions is an attractive and elegant table; with its unusual, dark acacia top, it would suit cool and contemporary living spaces, whilst the grain of its wood, and the subsequent contrast with the warm tones of brass on its legs mean it would be suitable for more traditional decorating plans.

Whatever space it’s set up in, it’s guaranteed to look fabulous, with the legs setting off the gaps between the three dark leaves that make up the table top. This is a boldly different table, which speaks eloquently of the artisan craftsmanship which is involved in its construction.

Buy the Swoon Editions Tristan – £249


Julian Bowen Casa

5. Julian Bowen Casa

Of all the coffee tables under review here, this is possibly the one which best fits the description “retro”. The Julian Bowen Casa is a classic piece of design, which harks back effortlessly to the then futuristic living rooms of the 1950s, with its easy to clean matt white lacquered top being analogous to the space age stylings of that optimistic decade.

The contrast with its solid wood legs, with their limed oak legs, is visually appealing, and whilst some home assembly is required, it’s a simple process, with no tools necessary.

Buy the Julian Bowen Casa - Price not available


Made Hooper Storage Coffee Table

4. Made Hooper Storage Coffee Table

The visually arresting Hooper coffee table from Made is something of a show-stopper. With a design at once retro and futuristic, its simple, clean looped shape is a nod to 60’s design, but at the same time utterly contemporary.

Made of layered ply with an ash veneer, the wood tones of its finish contrast with the chrome detail of the legs.

But it also marries elegance with practicality, as the inside of the loop is a handy storage space, and would also make a good media unit or TV stand.

Some home assembly is required, but maintenance once it’s up is easy, with the surface simply wiping clean.

Buy the Made Hooper – £169


Zespoke Hoop Retro Coffee Table

3. Zespoke Hoop Retro Coffee Table

The hoop coffee table from Zespoke has a similar loop design to the Hooper above, but chunkier and, possibly, funkier. Thicker in appearance, it has an undeniable retro appeal, enhanced by the shiny acrylic finish, available in a dizzying array of colours.

Indeed, the charm of this table is that you can combine three different finishes on different sections, meaning it’s truly customisable to suit your design scheme. In addition to its range of finishes, it’s also available in a range of sizes, so it really could be suitable for any living space. There’s a Hoop for every home!

Buy the Zespoke Hoop – £185


Swoon Editions Hansel

2. Swoon Editions Hansel

A truly original coffee table from Swoon editions, the Hansel has a unique “tray top” design, with two separate “tray” sections set in an iron frame. Made respectively of white marble and mango wood, they offer a fascinating contrast in colour and texture.

A further mango wood shelf sits below for convenient storage. The beauty of the natural materials contrasts with the industrial solidity of the frame for an aesthetically satisfying whole.

This large coffee table deserves to be the centrepiece of a room, its clean, austere lines and severe grace unlike anything else seen.

Buy the Swoon Editions Hansel – £499


John Lewis Alba

1. John Lewis Alba

The tasteful Alba coffee table from John Lewis is a clear, classic and fuss-free design, finished in oak it has a timeless appeal that will complement a wide range of design schemes.

Its straightforward, sturdy construction means it should stand the test of time, and generous shelving space ensures that it fulfils the storage part of its brief with aplomb, in a nice piece of mid-century detailing, the slight curve underneath the shelf echoes the slight flaring of the legs.

Some home assembly is required, but once it’s up this solid and easy to maintain table should look good and give reliable use for many years to come.

Buy the John Lewis Alba – £199

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