Top 7 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners Reviewed

Hone the blades of your kitchen knives in seconds.

Top 7 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners Reviewed

Top 7 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners Reviewed

Overtime, kitchen knives will dull and become blunt making it hard to slice through meat and chop up vegetables neatly. Regularly sharpening your knife will keep its blade sharp but manually doing this can be tiring and time consuming. Using an electric knife sharpener is the best way to quickly hone the blade in seconds without any effort. It can give a razor sharp blade and lasts a longer time.

When you buy an electric knife sharpener, not only will you need to consider how safe it is to use but also what else it should have to make it quick and easy to use. The buyer’s guide below puts together what you should be looking for in one and why it’s necessary.

Our short reviews of the top 7 best electric knife sharpeners for 2017 will give you an idea of just how beneficial some of these features are.

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Our 7 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners Reviewed

Andrew James Electric Knife Sharpener Review

7. Andrew James Electric Knife Sharpener

OUR RATING 4.3 out of 5 stars

Buy the Andrew James Electric Knife Sharpener - £29.99

  • Two Grinding Wheels – Each wheel has two slots that enables you to grind both sides of your knife.
  • Can be used for a variety of materials including alloy, stainless steel and carbon material knife blades.
  • Two Stage Grinding Process – Sharpens and hones the blade to ensure the knife edge is finished off smoothly to give a clean slice.
  • 2 Year Warranty

The Andrew James Electric Knife Sharpener provides an effortless way to sharpen your knife as this machine will do all the work for you with minimal pressure from you and it’s suitable for left or right handed users. The non slip rubber feet gives you a peace of mind as it prevents the sharpener from sliding about thus reducing the risk of any injury.

As each of the 2 wheels have 2 slots, this means you can do both sides of your knife without having to change your position or turn the knife around to sharpen the other side which can be dangerous as it would be pointed at you!

In the 2 stage grinding process, the knife blade is first sharpened in one set of slots and then honed and defined in the next to give the blade a smooth edge so it can slice through most things fairly easily during use.

Although it’s quite a basic electric knife sharpener, this makes it ideal for someone who doesn’t tend to use their knives that often. Your knives won’t get super sharp but it’s simple to use, cheap and you hardly need to use any pressure to sharpen the knife blade. A lot of metal filings do shave off though so just be ready with a magnet on hand to clear this up.


Chef's Choice 110 Diamond Hone 3 Stage Electric Knife Sharpener Review

6. Chef’s Choice 110 Diamond Hone 3-Stage

OUR RATING 4.3 out of 5 stars

Buy the Chef's Choice 110 - Price not available

  • 100% Diamond Abrasives ensures sharpened edges stay sharper for a longer time.
  • Triple Bevel 3 Stage Process – The knife goes through a preparation stage first before it’s sharpened and polished to give a razor sharp Trizor edge.
  • BiLevel Magnetic Guides helps to create a razor sharp edge with an angle and bevel edge guide so there’s no guess work needed.
  • Metallic Pads picks up metal filings and dust making it easier to clean up.
  • 2 Year Warranty

Suitable for sharpening a wide range of knives, the Chef’s Choice 110 Diamond Hone 3 Stage Electric Knife Sharpener gives kitchen, sports, fishing, hunting and pocket knives very sharp Trizor edges. This is all thanks to the 3-Stage process , 100% diamond abrasives and foolproof BiLevel magnetic guides which makes quick work of knife sharpening.

In the 3 stage process, the knife goes through the pre-sharpening slot first, then it goes on to sharpen and finally it’s honed to a polished finish. Each process has 2 slots so it can sharpen each side of the knife. As a result, a triple bevelled or Trizor edge is created which is supposed to be more durable.

Having the diamond abrasives means you don’t have to sharpen your knives on a regular basis since the blades stay sharp for a longer usage time.

It’s pretty expensive for an electric knife sharpening machine. However, from our research of this in comparison to other similar ones within its range, we’ve come to conclude in our Chef’s Choice 110 electric knife sharpener review, that it performs quite well and gives a really sharp edge so you’re getting what you paid for.


Chef's Choice 220 Diamond Hone Hybrid Electric Knife Sharpener Review

5. Chef’s Choice 220 Diamond Hone Hybrid

OUR RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Chef's Choice 220 - £76.37

  • Criss Cross Advanced Sharpening Technology manually creates a super sharp blade edge with a bit of a ‘bite’ that can slice through anything smoothly.
  • 2 Stage Sharpening Process – Stage 1 starts off with electric sharpening and stage 2 finishes off by manually honing the knife to create a strong arch-shaped edge.
  • Diamond Abrasives prevents damage to your knives due to its hardness.
  • Advanced Hybrid Technology combines electric and manual knife sharpening to give razor sharp edges.

Combining a mix of electric and manual knife sharpening, the Chef’s Choice 220 Diamond Hone Hybrid can be used by anyone regardless of their knife sharpening skill level. Don’t let the manual part of the sharpening process put you off as the wheel is set and ready for you to use.

All you need to do is gently grind the blade across the manual criss cross to re-sharpen and hone the blade until it’s incredibly sharp without jaggedness in the edge.

Although the second stage is manual sharpening, you don’t need to put much strength into honing the knife blade. The result you achieve in this 2 stage process is an arch-shaped blade edge that is tough making it more durable.

If you’re worried about damaging the blade during this, you needn’t be as the diamond abrasives doesn’t get hot during sharpening so it won’t be able to soften and cause damage to the knife blade.

There’s no guesswork involved at all as durable brushed stainless steel knife guides are provided making this one of the best electric knife sharpeners within its price range. It’s extremely effective, easy to use and sharpens quite quickly. It’s even been known to restore damaged knives to their former glory as it can remove a lot of metal if needed.


Chef's Choice 316 Asian Electric Knife Sharpener Review

4. Chef’s Choice 316 Asian

OUR RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Chefs Choice 316 Asian - £109.30

  • 2 Stage Process – Each stage has 2 slots to enable you to sharpen the left and right side separately.
  • Diamond Abrasives prevents knives from generating heat during the sharpening process so it doesn’t damage the knife.
  • Precise Angle Guide – Knives are sharpened at a 15 degree blade angle making it suitable for all Asian knives.

The Chef’s Choice 316 Asian Electric Knife Sharpener works great for all Asian knives due to its 15 degree angle guide and it doesn’t matter whether the blade is single or double-faceted as it creates a thin razor sharp edge for effortless cutting.

It can get traditional single-bevel Japanese knives such as the “Yanagiba” (used to cut sashimi) back to its factory sharpness to ensure you get a clean and smooth slice through your fish.

With the advanced spring precise knife guides, it removes the need for you to estimate the correct angle at which to sharpen the knife at. It ensures a perfectly sharpened edge without any roughness. Most consumers find that the first stage of the sharpening process gets the edge of most knives very sharp in less than a minute so it doesn’t actually need to go onto the second stage.

It’s a necessity for any Asian chef or anyone with a set of Asian knives who enjoys cooking the taste of the Orient. It can also be used to sharpen contemporary thin European and American style knives to create that 15 degree angled edge. However, the machine itself is quite heavy so it might be better to leave it plugged in somewhere easily accessible.


Chef's Choice 320 Diamond Hone 2-Stage Rotary Electric Knife Sharpener Review

3. Chef’s Choice 320 Diamond Hone 2-Stage Rotary

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Chef's Choice 320 - £130.90

  • Fast 2 Stage Process – 100% fine diamond abrasives creates a bevelled edge in the first stage before it’s honed with micron sized 100% diamond abrasives.
  • Sharper Than Factory Sharp Edges – The unique stropping and polishing disks in Stage 2 ultra hones edges until it’s hairsplitting sharp.
  • Easy to Clean – Metal residue is picked up by the magnet inside which keeps your counter clean and easy for you to empty out.
  • Gives a 20 Degree Angled Edge – Suitable for 20 degree straight or serrated knives due to its advanced technology.

Giving a sharper edge than factory sharpness, the Chef’s Choice 320 Diamond Hone 2-Stage Rotary is great for sharpening 20 degree class straight edge and serrated knives which is the typical angle for many Western and kitchen knives. It gives the finished edge an arch shape which is extremely strong making it very durable.

Using a 2 stage sharpening process, the machine quickly sharpens your knives with gentle pressure from the diamond abrasives to prevent damage to your knives. You can sharpen about 8 dull knives in less than 10 minutes and it’s simple to use with the precise knife guides which automatically positions and stabilises your knife safely whilst you sharpen.

It costs a fair bit of money but it gets your knives incredibly sharp to the point where it should have a safety warning. You can sharpen in just a few minutes or 30 seconds for quick touch ups and due to its compact size, it can be left plugged in on your kitchen counter top for convenience. It’s ideal for sharpening a variety of knives from kitchen knives to pocket knives but unfortunately not for most Asian knives.


Knife Wizard KE198 Electric Knife Sharpener Review

2. Knife Wizard KE198 Electric Knife Sharpener

OUR RATING 4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Knife Wizard KE198 - £101.45

  • Made of Aluminium-Oxide – Durable and lightweight making it easy to pick up and store away.
  • 2 Wheeled Process uses a coarse and fine wheel with 2 slots for each wheel to sharpen whichever side of the knife you want.
  • Gives A 15 Degree Angled Cutting Edge – The fine edge makes it suitable for easy cutting tasks and ideal for Asian knives.
  • Lifetime Guarantee For The Wheels

Ideal for domestic household knives, the Knife Wizard KE198 electric knife sharpener has slots that are angled at 15 degrees and restores knives to a precise and razor sharp cutting edge in less than a minute. A 15 degree angled edge won’t give much of a chop for some food items as it’s quite weak but makes it perfect for slicing soft or ripe fruits and vegetables and meats.

It uses a 2 stage process with a coarse wheel for pre-sharpening and a fine wheel for honing and polishing the edge. Each wheel is spring loaded which rotates according to the blade’s thickness.

You can choose which side of the blade to sharpen as there are 2 slots which is ideal if your knife is single bevelled. To make cleaning up after use easy, there’s a removable tray underneath that collects the shaved metal bits so it doesn’t go all over your countertops.

Based on other electric knife sharpener reviews when comparing its effectiveness in restoring blunt knives to sharpness, this one takes slightly longer and requires a bit more effort. However, once restored, it only take a few strokes on each side to maintain the sharpness.

It’s significantly cheaper than some of the other best electric knife sharpeners in this list and it can sharpen in half the time when compared to a few of the models.


Chef's Choice 1520 Diamond Hone Angle Select Electric Knife Sharpener Review

1. Chef’s Choice 1520 Diamond Hone Angle Select

OUR RATING 4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the Chefs Choice 1520 - £191.25

  • 3 Stage Sharpening System offers versatility to a number of different knives and each wheel is fitted with 2 slots so you can choose which side of the knife to sharpen.
  • Suitable For Asian or European Knives – Thanks to the option to choose sharpening at a 15 or 20 degree angle.
  • Versatile – Sharpens a number of different knives including fine edge or serrated blades, single bevel edges, thick Deba style blades, hunting knives, pocket knives and even machetes.
  • Spring Guide System provides control for more accurate and effortless sharpening.
  • 3 Year Guarantee

With the Chef’s Choice 1520 Diamond Hone Angle Select, it allows you to sharpen 15 degree angle knives such as Asian style and contemporary European/American style knives and also 20 degree angle knives which are most Western knives. Its precise 3-Stage AngleSelect system and the Diamond Hone technology can give edges that are even sharper than factory edges.

To sharpen a 15 degree edge blade, the first stage is used to sharpen and hone the edge with 100% diamond abrasives and then the third stage is used. A flexible stropping and polishing disk is used to create a smooth and ultra sharp edge in the third stage. 20 degree edge knives uses stage 2 for pre-sharpening and finishes off with stage 3. For serrated knives, only stage 3 is used.

At first, it probably sounds confusing about which stage to use but you get the hang of it pretty quickly once you start. Overall it’s expensive but it gets the job done in no time and as it’s suitable for 15 and 20 degree knives, it’s worth investing in if you’ve got high quality knives. It’s really simple to use and gives incredible results without much effort required from you.

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners Video

If you would prefer to watch a countdown of our best electric knife sharpeners instead (starting from number 5), then just play the video below.

6 Reasons to Use an Electric Knife Sharpener

One reason that puts many people off using an electric knife machine is the amount of heat it generates which can damage and ruin knife blades. However, with materials such as diamond abrasives and advanced technology, this is no longer the case. Here’s some other reasons why you should use an electric knife sharpener.

1. Safety First

Using a manual knife sharpener requires a fair bit of skill and if you’ve never used one before, it’s probably best that you don’t attempt it. Doing so carelessly or even if you’re careful can lead to serious injury. An electric knife sharpener reduces this risk because of the way it’s designed to safely hold your blade in. It doesn’t require much skill to use either.

2. Easy to Use

Sharpening your knife electrically is easy and you don’t need to worry about which angle you need to hold the knife at or how much pressure you need to exert.

This is something that needs to be done with manual knife sharpeners or sharpening stones. Additionally, there are so many varieties of manual knife sharpeners that it’s hard to know which one you should choose especially if you’re not familiar with this sort of thing.

With an electric knife sharpener, there is usually a knife guide which provides a precise sharpening angle. This also gives you control over the sharpening process so all you need to do is hold the knife whilst it sharpens.

3. Quick Sharpening Time

Electric knife sharpeners can hone your knife to perfection in a few minutes or seconds if it just needs a quick touch up. If the knife is quite dull, it can take a longer time but it’s still going to be much quicker than manually doing it. This leaves you with more time to spend on cooking.

4. A Variety of Functions

Manual knife sharpener and stones don’t have any fancy functions to get your knife blade into a tip top cutting condition. It requires techniques that most people don’t usually possess. The best electric knife sharpeners can provide sharpening, polishing, steeling, resurfacing and stropping wheels and all you need to do is stick the blade into the slot.

5. Suitable For Different Types of Knives

As there are many varieties of sharpening stones and manual knife sharpeners, there isn’t one that can be used for all types of knives. For example, a sharpener stone isn’t usually used for kitchen knives and serrated knives certainly can’t be used for it either.

Some manual knife sharpeners can probably be used for a few common household types but that’s no good if you use special types of knives too.

Most electric knife sharpeners are suitable for many varieties of knife blades and materials. You can even sharpen scissors or axes with some.

A few will include usage for special knives too but usually you can get a specialty electric knife sharpener for those. It saves you from having a clutter of the manual stuff in your drawer which can be hard to remember which one can be used for what knife.

6. Maintains Quality

If you’ve got high quality and expensive kitchen knives, it’s best to invest in an electric knife sharpener of the same calibre to keep them in tip top condition. Manual sharpening can cause an inaccurate sharpened angle if you’ve guessed it wrong which will leave you with a dodgy edge and it won’t cut easy either. Although the knife may not be damaged, it ruins the quality of the knife.

Victorinox Knives and Tomatoes
A great electric knife sharpener will sharpen different types of blades which makes cutting and chopping through meat and vegetables so easy.

Buyer’s Guide For Electric Knife Sharpeners

To ensure you choose the right knife sharpening machine for you, we’ve put together this easy to follow guide on all the points you may want to consider.

Sharpening Stages

The typical number of stages an electric knife sharpener has is 2. Each stage will consist of a wheel with the first stage for pre-sharpening and the second to hone and polish the blade. There are a few with 3 stages but that doesn’t mean it’s the best electric knife sharpener. The extra stage could be used to get a incredibly razor sharp edge or it may be another angled guide.


As there are 2 sides to most knives, both sides would need to be sharpened so to make it easier to go from left to right without turning the sharpener or yourself around, look for ones where there are 2 slots in each wheel.

Knife Suitability

Many can be used to sharpen straight and serrated knives and the majority is suitable for most widely used materials such as stainless steel, carbon and alloy. Some can even sharpen hunting knives and scissors. It’s a good idea to check what type of knives you will need to sharpen and its material to ensure you get a compatible electric knife sharpener.

Diamond Abrasives

Not all electric knife sharpeners use 100% diamond abrasives in the wheels but it’s quite an important material. Knives are unlikely to get damaged as heat isn’t generated during the sharpening process due to the hardness of the material and it keeps the edge sharper for longer. If you’ve got an expensive set of knives, it’s worth getting a machine that uses this material in the sharpening wheels.

Precision Angle Guides

Ensures the knife is positioned correctly for accurate sharpening. All electric knife sharpeners should have these guides installed but if you’re getting a cheap basic one, these may not necessarily have it.

Choice of Manual Sharpening

Gives you the option to manually sharpen and hone your knife to get a really sharp finish but will require some effort from you.

There’s usually no manual knife sharpening skills involved if there’s a knife guide. This is probably something for professional cooks who require their knives to be sharpened to a specific point as it allows you more control.


Electric knife machines with 2 wheels tend to be smaller in size but there are some that can be slightly big due to the way the wheels are placed. If space is an issue, you might want to check the measurements.


Because of the motor, wheels and amount of metal material used, electric sharpeners can get quite heavy. Materials such as aluminium-oxide are used for some machines which makes it a bit lighter so this may be something to consider if you plan on moving it around.


Electric knife sharpeners are usually mains operated which many chefs tend to leave plugged in. There are a few battery operated ones on the market but judging by electric knife sharpener reviews from different users, they aren’t as powerful. If you need a battery operated one, it may be a good idea to look for one that uses both mains and battery to make the most of it.

Ease of Cleaning

During the sharpening process, there will be metal residue left behind which can be cleaned up with a magnet but it can be a long process. To make cleaning up easier, look for a sharpener that has a removable tray to collect the scraps or one with a magnet installed.

Safety Features

Designs such as non-slip rubber feet and a rubber grip handle can help to reduce the risk of injury during use. All machines should have the rubber feet built in but many don’t tend to have a rubber grip handle. It’s not hugely important as you won’t need to hold the machine during use but if you want that extra safety for your peace of mind, then this is something to consider.

Warranty Period

How long your machine is guaranteed for and what parts. Most electric knife sharpeners typically have a warranty period of 1-3 years and usually covers the sharpening wheels.

How to Sharpen Your Knives With an Electric Knife Sharpener

Watch the following video to learn how to sharpen your knives with the Chef’s Choice 110 electric knife sharpener. Generally, it’s the same instructions for most models, though the results will depend on the quality of the knife sharpener.

Final Word on the Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

If you’re a chef that specialises in a number of different culinary cooking cuisines, then getting the best electric knife sharpener that can sharpen at a couple of different angles is recommended and it’s cheaper than getting separate sharpeners to do this. A basic electric knife sharpener would be more than enough for anyone who just needs a sharp knife to cut the veg and meat for home cooked food.


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