Top 5 Best Over-the-Door Mirrors

Save space in a small bedroom with an overdoor mirror.

Top 5 Best Over-the-Door Mirrors

Top 5 Best Over-the-Door Mirrors

If you have difficulty hanging anything on your walls or you’re limited on wall and floor space but want to have a mirror, you may find an overdoor mirror to be extremely useful in these cases. The great thing about an over-the-door full length mirror is that it doesn’t require any drilling or fixing on and takes just a few minutes to set up.

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We’ve reviewed some of the best over-the-door mirrors in this article and some even have useful features such as a storage unit.

Our Top 5 Best Over-the-Door Mirrors Reviewed

Over-the-Door Mirror by Jumbl

5. Over-the-Door Mirror by Jumbl

OUR RATING 3.8 out of 5 stars

Buy the Over-the-Door Mirror by Jumbl

Designed with a simple white enamelled steel frame, this Jumbl Over-the-Door Mirror is a decent size at 38” x 12”. It hangs easily from the top of the door with the 2 sturdy steel hooks. This will allow you a full length reflection of you in your outfit and there’s no need to bend down or step back for a better look as it cleverly adjusts to 3 different heights from the top of the door.

This oval shaped mirror fits nicely on most doors up to 3.5cm thick but any close fitting doors may find it a bit of a struggle to close the door as it will fit very snugly. Easy to set up and made with glass, this mirror is light and reflects well.


HOME Over-the-Door Mirror

4. HOME Over-the-Door Mirror

OUR RATING 4 out of 5 stars

Buy the HOME Over-the-Door Mirror – £29.99

Full in length and rectangular in shape, the HOME Over-the-Door Mirror is perfect for giving your entire outfit the once over before you leave the house. Being a nice slim size, this mirror doesn’t take up much space when it’s hung behind the door which leaves you with enough room to hang one or two over the door hooks for accessories to complement your outfit.

The hooks on the mirror will fit over most normal sized doors and doesn’t stand out horribly so it won’t ruin the decor of your room. Measuring 129 x 38 x 1.6cm, its size is great for any small sized room. For extra sturdiness or for wall mounting, this mirror can be fixed on with the included fixtures and fittings too.


Ikea GARNES Over-the-Door Mirror

3. Ikea GARNES

OUR RATING 4.2 out of 5 stars

Buy the Ikea GARNES – £39

Frameless to provide extra viewing pleasure, this Ikea Garnes over-the-door full length mirror has an extra feature which many will find beneficial. Above the mirror and attached to the two overdoor hooks are two rounded knobs – one on each side. Of course, this is ideal for hanging small items such as jewellery, keys and anything else that won’t block your view of your reflection in the mirror.

At 155 cm in length, this overdoor mirror is just about longer than some of the other best over-the-door mirrors which gives a good reflection of your whole outfit especially as it doesn’t have a frame. This simple style in the usual rectangular shape also makes it suitable for any room in the house including the bathroom where it won’t be ruined by the steam.


Over-the-Door Jewellery Mirror by InnerSpace

2. Over-the-Door Jewellery Mirror by InnerSpace

OUR RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Over-the-Door Jewellery Mirror by InnerSpace - Price not available

Doing more than just showing a reflection of ‘who is the prettiest of them all’, this Over-the-Door Jewellery Mirror by Innerspace is also a jewellery cabinet. Upon opening it up with the visible knob, the inside is lined with a beautiful soft black felt material that will help to protect your jewellery from damage.

There’s plenty of space for you to hang and store 84 rings, 50 pairs of earrings, has 24 hooks for necklaces or bracelets and 9 compartmentalised trays for watches.

This mirror cabinet seems heavy to hang on the door but in fact is quite sturdy especially with the long overdoor hooks that help keep it in place. On top of that, the length of the mirror is long and its frame comes in a wide range of colours to choose from including purple, white, coral, black and oak.

It’s a tad bit pricey but given the quality, design and ingenious 2-in-1 function, every penny will be well spent for this mirror – Perfect for any girl who needs a jewellery box and mirror.


Beaded Antique Pewter Over-the-Door Mirror

1. Beaded Antique Pewter Over-the-Door Mirror

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Beaded Antique Pewter Over-the-Door Mirror – £64

With its full length size and stylish design, this Beaded Antique Pewter Over-the-Door Mirror is perfect for any classy home. The D-Ring hangers offer versatility in how you can hang the mirror whether it’s over the door or fixed to the wall. The brackets are quite long and fits over many typical door sizes which stays in place quite well. But, if you decide to wall mount it, it will be easy to put up as the mirror is surprisingly light.

Although its style is vintage, it has a modern take on it making it suitable for even a modern home decor. Beautifully adorned with a double bevelled frame and decorative beaded vintage pewter edging, this is one of the best over-the-door mirrors that will be sure to look attractive whichever room it’s placed in and however it’s hung.

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