Top 5 Best One Cup Kettles Reviewed

Save time and energy costs by boiling only what you need.

Top 5 Best One Cup Kettles Reviewed

Top 5 Best One Cup Kettles Reviewed

One cup kettles, alternatively known as hot water dispensers, are rapidly becoming an essential “must-have” item in today’s modern kitchen. They provide small amounts of boiling water very quickly, which saves time and energy when compared to boiling a standard kettle.

Here’s a short guide on how owning one could benefit both your home and your lifestyle, as well as summarized reviews on 5 of the best one cup kettles of 2017. You should also read our one cup kettles buyers guide just below our reviews.

Our 5 Best One Cup Kettles Reviewed 2017

Breville VKJ142 One Cup Kettle Review

5. Breville VKJ142

OUR RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Breville VKJ142 - £35.00

  • One of the most popular one cup kettles that continues to please
  • Illuminated water tank for clear water indication and adds style
  • Removable drip tray for easy and convenient cleaning
  • Excellent value for money and costs less than most other competing products

This was Breville’s first one cup kettle on the market, being originally released in 2008. It still remains a very popular product and continues to rank first place (at the time of writing) in best-selling lists in this appliance category. The reasons for this are easy to see: the Hot Cup is competitively priced and delivers exactly what is needed in a dispenser – boiling water fast and easy.

Although the Hot Cup only delivers one standard 250ml cup size, it more than makes up for this slight negative by being inexpensive and simple to use. The tank holds enough water for 5 cups, is easy to refill and clean, and illuminates the kitchen with an atmospheric blue glow whilst heating.

The cord is retractable, the drip tray is dishwasher safe, and the flow of water is steady and safe. This is a fantastic, modest appliance which does the job well.

Buyers particularly like the Hot Cup’s compact size and despite it only dispensing a set measurement of water, it is perfect for most needs, particularly for singles, couples and small families. It’s simple, effective and has replaced daily kettle use for many.


Breville VKJ367 One Cup Kettle Review

4. Breville VKJ367

OUR RATING4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Breville VKJ367 - £71.99

  • Powerful 3kw heating element provides maxiumum heating efficiency
  • Variable dispense option gives you a choice of 9 cup sizes to suit your needs
  • Attractive large illuminated window clearly shows remaining water level
  • Brita Filter Technology gets rid of limescale and chlorine for optimum water taste and appearance

This is the newest, grown-up version of the previous product, and the Breville One Cup has done a lot of evolving! It is packed full of features that make this hot water dispenser kettle a comprehensive piece of equipment, and would be perfect for most people’s requirements.

The stand out feature of this third generation Breville Hot Cup is the integrated Brita filter function, which cleans and purifies the water as it boils. Not only will drinks taste better, there are nine different dispense volumes to choose from which makes it simple to get exactly the right amount of water needed.

For ease of use, the tank can be fitted at whatever angle is convenient to the user. The window is large and illuminated meaning it’s easy to see how much water is remaining.

Users love the high quality build of this product – it’s a well made appliance that oozes class. The high water temperature is also applauded, which together with the internal Brita filter, ensures it makes a healthier and tastier hot drink every time.


Breville VKJ318 One Cup Kettle Review

3. Breville VKJ318

OUR RATING4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Breville VKJ318 - £54.99

  • Powerful 3kw heating element provides maxiumum heating efficiency
  • Sleek and sophisticated style
  • 9 different cup sizes means the perfect amount of water is easy to achieve
  • Manuel stop button puts you in control over how much water you want

This is a Breville Hot Cup model that sits happily between its first and third generation sisters. The VKJ318 still has all the spark that made its predecessor so popular, but adds an extremely useful variable dispense function, so the perfect amount of water is always delivered.

A stop button is an updated perk of this design, so this is an ideal choice for those who require a little more control over their boiling water.

It retains the illuminated water tank, but the capacity has been increased to a particularly handy and sizeable 2 litres. This is a great mid-range option which has all the hallmarks of what makes the Breville One Cup range so popular.

Many users are impressed with the quick boil time, which has been noted to take between 30-40 seconds. It is considered easy to set up and use, and the large tank size is a big hit too.


Andrew James Instant Hot Water Dispenser Review

2. Andrew James Instant Hot Water Dispenser

OUR RATING 4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Andrew James Instant Hot Water Dispenser 2.5L

  • Continuous or controlled dispensing to suit any cup size
  • Generous 2.5 litre capacity holds plenty of water
  • Removable tank makes it easy to fill and clean

Andrew James is perhaps not a familiar name to many consumers, but the online-based company have, over the past ten years, brought to the market a wonderful range of home appliances. This is a stunning product which would look the part in any kitchen.

It has a generously sized 2.5 litre water tank, meaning that it doesn’t need refilling as often as other hot water dispensers. When you do need to add more water it is easy to do so, as the tank can be removed if necessary and taken directly to the tap. The flow of water is easily controlled thanks to a button which, when pressed, will immediately stop or start the flow of boiling water. Not only that, but a long press provides a constant stream of hot water.

The Andrew James dispenser has been designed with a depth of 18 centimetres which allows not only cups and mugs to be filled, but larger receptacles such as teapots, jugs and pans are no problem either.

Overall, users give a big thumbs-up to the sophisticated methods of control this option gives the user. The great customer service from Andrew James gets a well deserved mention too.


Morphy Richards 43922 Accents One Cup Kettle Review

1. Morphy Richards 43922 Accents

OUR RATING 4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the Morphy Richards 43922 Accents - Price not available

  • Unique and simple retro design for the nostalgic kitchen
  • Boils in just 45 seconds due to its 3kw rapid boiling element
  • Large 1.8L tank can make up to 8 cups of hot water
  • Illuminated cup area for aesthetics and to see the unit is working

This model (also know as the Morphy Richards Meno Hot Water Dispenser) will certainly tempt customers who have not considered purchasing such a product before, as it is part of a range of matching appliances using a matt pebble finish.

It certainly has eye-catching good looks, having a compact design yet still being able to hold up to 8 cups of water when filled. The user just needs to choose the amount of water that is required, and the dispenser will heat it up quickly and effortlessly.

A useful stop button makes sure that there is no wastage or spillages. A charming and unique touch of the Morphy Richards model is that the cup area lights up when the water is being boiled and dispensed.

The large and easily-accessible drip tray is simple to clean, and helps to make this product a definite all-round contender for the best one cup kettle available today.

Registering this product on the Morphy Richards website gives buyers an enviable two year guarantee, which is a popular selling point. The quiet operation, volume and ease of use also sit well with many users.

The Benefits of One Cup Kettles

Easier to Use

A standard kettle can be difficult to pick up and pour, especially when full of water. A one cup kettle is a stand-alone unit that needs no lifting when hot. A cup or mug is simply placed under the hot water dispenser kettle spout, and boiling water is released when a button is pressed. They sit on a kitchen counter much like any other small appliance, and make pouring hot water hands-free, safe and practical.

Saves Time, Energy and Money

Most standard kettles do not have a single cup measurement and efficient boiling to match, meaning that boiling water that is not needed happens time and time again. This adds considerable cost to electricity bills. As you only boil the water you need, a one cup kettle is a very speedy and energy-efficient way to make hot drinks at home. The exact heating methods and times do differ between each model, but all are faster to boil than a regular kettle.

Suitable for Many Different Lifestyles

It’s all about finding the best one cup kettle for the circumstances. They are ideal for people living alone, when only small amounts of boiling water are usually required for tea and coffee during the day.

Having said this though, hot water dispensers can really be an asset in a family home and even the office, as the tanks hold enough water to provide much more than one cup at at time if required.

They have proven invaluable for older people who can often struggle to manoeuvre an electric kettle, meaning that spills and scalds are avoided. This can also be the case for people with disabilities too.

Quick boiling water when unexpected guests come to visit, or when there’s a programme on television that just can’t be missed. The convenience of owning a hot water dispenser will show itself time and time again in a multitude of situations.

Best One Cup Kettle Hot Water Dispensers Reviewed

Buyer’s Guide For One Cup Kettles

What are my needs?

It is important to research and understand all the different features each hot water dispenser kettle has. Each model will essentially do the same thing: quick boil small amounts of water for easy cup filling. The functions each product offers however are all different and are quite wide-ranging. The main things to look out for include:

  • Boiling Time – how long it takes for the water to be heated to its optimum temperature. Generally, the higher the wattage, the faster the boiling time.
  • Energy Usage – How much power it uses when it’s active.
  • Water Tank Capacity – How much water it can hold. Having a bigger tank means less refilling and more hot water dispensed which is ideal for big families or when there are guests.
  • Cord Length – To ensure it will fit in the required position at home
  • Variable Cup Sizes – This option is important if the cups and mugs used at home are of different volumes, and this will prevent the user having to press the button more than once to make a single drink.
  • Stop Button – Provides much more control over the amount of water dispensed, making it much easier to get the exactly the right volume, and can prevent waste and spillage.
  • Water Filter – If water quality is important to you, then having a filter built into the one cup kettle itself helps to filter limescale and chlorine. It’s also extremely practical as it means that it can be filled straight from the tap and no pre-filtering is required.

What’s my style?

Just like many small kitchen appliances, manufacturers have taken note that consumers don’t just want their products to work well, they have to look great too. In addition to all the features that one cup kettles come with, they are available in a range of designs and finishes. Some look great on their own and others are part of matching ranges, so that an entire kitchen can be coordinated.

How much do I want to spend?

Whatever your budget, it’s possible to buy a one cup kettle for your kitchen. As a rough guide, prices start from around £20 and can go up to and over £100, with most popular models sitting somewhere around the middle point of these two prices. Most come with a manufacturer’s warranty and ongoing customer service (should it be needed) after purchase, so it always makes sense to check out what each product offers in this regard.

Best One Cup Kettles Video

If you’d prefer to watch our countdown of our 5 best one cup kettles / hot water dispensers instead, just check out the video below.

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