Top 5 Best Colour Changing Mood Lights Comparison

Set the mood by creating your ideal atmosphere within your home.

Top 5 Best Colour Changing Mood Lights Comparison

Using mood lighting can create a certain ambience and bring a room to life as it adds dimension and depth without being too obtrusive. The aim is to give the room a soft glow and is more for decoration purposes rather than functioning as a light. Some of the best colour changing mood lights can make a really impressive impact with the right colour tones.

Blues and greens are usually great for creating calm and soothing moods, reds are perfect to set a romantic atmosphere and oranges and yellows are ideal to warm a room up or wake up to. LED mood lighting is more commonly manufactured these days as they are energy friendly but there are many other features to consider.

This article provides a guide on how to buy a mood light and reviews some of the best colour changing mood lights by Philips.

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Our Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Light Colours16 Million Colours16 Million Colours16 Million Colours64 Colours256 Colours
Output210 Lumen300 Lumen120 Lumen50 Lumen70 Lumen
Colour LoopYesYesYesYesYes
Adjustable Colour IntensityYesYesYesNoNo
Favourite ColoursYesYesYesNoNo
Remote ControlYesYesYesNoNo

Top Features | Best Colour Changing Mood Lights

When you’re trying to set the right atmosphere with a mood light, you don’t want to be fiddling around with the settings and getting things wrong. Choosing an unsuitable mood light can result in an undesired effect. Follow our guide on what to look for when buying colour changing mood lights to ensure you’ve got all your bases covered.

LED Light Bulbs

The best colour changing mood lights only use LED because they’re more energy efficient as it uses less, doesn’t overheat thus causing too much heat and they last a lot longer than standard light bulbs.

It could be years before you even need to replace a LED light bulb provided that you invest in a good quality one. Some can be cheap but they don’t last long.

Although the initial cost of LED is expensive, it eventually leads to a good amount saved on your energy bills and of course lesser bulb replacements. They typically come in standard UK bulb fittings which aren’t hard to find as they’re usually stocked in most shops.


If you’re after a mood light that doesn’t take up much space, it’s best to go for a small size. Some of these can be tucked into a corner or on a shelf without interfering with the design of the room. A smaller size can mean a lower wattage light bulb though that’s not always the case.


Many LED mood lights tend to be operated via the mains plug but there are some that can be detached. This gives you the option to move the light wherever it’s needed without the restriction of a cable thanks to an inbuilt rechargeable battery. If this is what you’re after, be sure to check the light isn’t heavy to carry and that a full charge can last at least a few hours.

Colour Changing Mood Light Controls
Many mood lights can be controlled via a remote control or a mobile app.

Control Function

Mood lights can be controlled via a remote control, buttons on the product or a compatible app downloaded onto any smart device.

In keeping up with technology, many of the best colour changing mood lights can even be connected up with other compatible products within its own brand which can then be controlled through one remote control when connected or through a smart device.

Having on product control may prove to be easier for someone who isn’t tech savvy. However, if your home is set up as a smarthome, you may benefit from getting a mood light that connects up to other products.

Brightness Setting

Unlike common lights, mood lights will have a dimmer or brightness function to enable you to choose the right amount of light to provide the right glow for your desired atmosphere.

Colour Intensity

In addition to the dimmer feature, having the option to choose the intensity of your desired colour can help to create the mood you’re after.

A colour that’s too intense can create harsher shadows on the walls whereas the same colour that’s less intense can create a more relaxed mood.

Special Light Effects

Getting LED mood lighting right can be made easy when a mood light is installed with special light effects. These can provide the right light to help you concentrate on whatever the task is at hand, blend the mood light colour in with your walls or give a soft and natural wake up experience with increasing colour intensity.

Colourful Room
A wide array of colours is possible.

Number of Colours Available

Not referring to what colour design the mood light comes in but instead refers to the amount of colour lighting the mood light has to offer. If you intend to use it for a number of different occasions and events then it’s worth investing in one that has a wide range of colours.

Some Philips mood lights will have millions of colours in all sorts of shades from pastels to neon. If you’re someone who enjoys a rainbow spectrum of colours, look for a mood light that has the option to cycle through its entire catalogue of colours. However, if you’re just after a few choice colours, you’re better off choosing one with a smaller amount.

Storing Favourite Colour Scenes

With more colour choice, it can be hard to remember which shade and intensity of blue, green or yellow you liked best. Mood lights that have more colour options will usually have a couple of buttons that enables you to set and store your favourites so it can be brought back to life at the touch of a button.