Top 5 Best Chopping Boards Reviewed

Every kitchen needs a solid and stable surface to cut and chop.

Top 5 Best Chopping Boards Reviewed UK

Top 5 Best Chopping Boards Reviewed UK

Having a chopping board should be an essential item in your kitchen and not just any one will do. A decent chopping board will provide a hygienic and safe surface to work on without damaging your knives in the process. Here are 5 of our best chopping boards for 2017, that have the most important qualities. You can read more about this in our buyer’s guide section located just below our following reviews.

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Our Top 5 Best Chopping Boards Reviewed

The Obsessive Chef Bamboo Chopping Board Review

5. The Obsessive Chef Bamboo

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Measurement Guide – The surface is lasered with measurements in millimetres, centimetres and inches to enable you to chop precisely sized food.
  • Sustainable Bamboo offers a more hygienic surfaces that’s tough and durable.
  • Unique Gift – Ideal for cook perfectionists.

Instead of wasting money and space to get some machine to chop up your food into specific sizes, the Obsessive Chef Bamboo chopping board enables you to do just that by hand. The measurement guide is lasered into the chopping board so there’ll be no risk of fade or ink coming off. Made from bamboo, it’s durable and can be wiped clean easily.

As the size of the board isn’t very big, that makes it ideal for cutting up small portions of vegetables or fruit. You can get perfectly sized carrot sticks, potato cubes or julienned courgettes without the guesswork and cost of a machine. It may take some time but you’ll be able to perfect those skills in no time. This quirky bamboo board is ideal for any perfectionists and with its durable material, it will last you a good few years.


Premier Housewares Bamboo Butchers Chopping Board Review

4. Premier Housewares Bamboo Butchers

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Premier Housewares Bamboo Chopping Board - £24.41

  • Thick and Durable – Ensures a sturdier base and able to hold its shape.
  • Discreet Handles – Hollowed out inside the board to enable easy lifting of the board.
  • Natural Bamboo – Eco-friendly and strong.

The Premier Housewares Bamboo Butchers chopping board provides a hygienic worktop for you to cut meat and vegetables on thanks to its natural bamboo material. With a thickness of 4 cm deep, it prevents the board from slipping during use so it’s safe and stable to use. Unfortunately this means it’s quite heavy so don’t attempt to lift the board to slide your cut food off into your cooking pot, it’s an accident waiting to happen.

This board can handle heavy duty cutting as the bamboo barely marks even with a really sharp butchers knife. Hollowed out inside the board on the left and right are 2 grooves that enable you to tuck your fingers into to easily lift the board.

The grooves aren’t very deep so it’s a bit awkward and uncomfortable for large hands to use the handles so you’ll probably find it’s more comfortable to hold the board itself.

The size of this chopping board is quite decent with enough space to cut a big slab of meat or a big vegetable like butternut squash. Despite the size, cleaning the board isn’t too bad for the average sized kitchen sink. It’s a pretty good price for a thick bamboo chopping board that feels solid which should last you many years with good maintenance.


Joseph Joseph Cut and Carve Chopping Board Review

3. Joseph Joseph Cut and Carve

OUR RATING 4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Joseph Joseph Cut and Carve - £20.00

  • Multi-Functional Use – Double sided enabling you to cut on one side and prepare on the other to prevent cross contamination.
  • Integrated Food Grip holds the food in place whilst you cut.
  • Angled Surface collects the liquids from foods during cutting.
  • Easy Pour Corners enables you to easily pour out the collected liquid without spilling it everywhere.
  • Non-Slip Feet prevents the chopping from slipping whilst you safely chop up food.

From the well-known household brand Joseph Joseph comes the Cut and Carve chopping board which features a patch of small spikes on one side that holds food items in place for you to cut with ease. It’s ideal for carving meat joints. The other side of the board provides a smooth surface that’s ideal for preparing food on. There’s no need to wash one side before using the other as the angled design means the board surface won’t touch your counter top.

Although the angled surface is great to prevent food juices from spilling out onto your counter, it can be a bit difficult to cut food with a straight knife. The best way to cut on this chopping board is from the high angle but you will just need to angle your knife to ensure it cuts to the other end of the food item as well. Due to the plastic BPA-free material, there is some marking if you use an extremely sharp knife but it’s not as bad as other plastic boards.

This collection comes in 5 different colours with 2 different sizes and they can be stacked on top of each other for easy storage. You could get a few of these and make it into your own specialised chopping board set. It’s hard to go wrong with this reputable brand’s versatile chopping board that’s been well thought out to make the preparation and cutting of food quicker and easier.


T&G Tuscany Natural Acacia Wooden Chopping Board Review

2. T&G Tuscany Natural Acacia Wood

OUR RATING 4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the T&G Tuscany Natural Acacia Wooden Chopping Board - £44.99

  • Natural End Grain Acacia Wood has anti-microbial properties to give a hygienic work surface and prevents knives from blunting as quickly since the knife edge doesn’t actually hit the wood but instead it goes through the fibres.
  • Finger Grooves acts as handles to enable you to carry the chopping board with ease.
  • Extra Large Size ideal for cutting a lot of food on or using it serve up a platter of food.
  • Thick and Durable – It’s a sold 4 cm deep which makes it very tough and durable.

Made from natural acacia wood, the T&G Tuscany end grain chopping board is an extra large size at 40×30 cm which gives you plenty of space to chop food on or serve up a sharing platter on Jamie Oliver style. There are hollow finger grooves on each short side of the board so you can use them as handles to carry the board. They’re quite wide and deep which gives a good grip on this heavy board.

Keeping the board clean is fairly straightforward, it just requires a wipe down with soapy water but it’s best not to soak in water as this could damage the wood. Like many wooden chopping boards, this one doesn’t have any non-slip feet because of its weight, it won’t be able to slide about so easily on your counter top. It’s thickness and weight enables it to stabilise and provide a stiff base.

If you’re looking for a chopping board that can withstand some rough usage, then this heavy duty chopping board will do the job perfectly. Not only that, it will look great in any kitchen and it can be easily stored away by standing it up to one side thanks to its thickness. For an end grain wooden board that can’t even pick up a scratch, it’s actually a fair price and of a high quality that will probably outlast you.


Joseph Joseph Index Steel 4-Piece Chopping Board Review

1. Joseph Joseph Index Steel 4-Piece

OUR RATING 4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the Joseph Joseph Index Steel Chopping Board - £64.82

  • Set of 4 Chopping Boards – Separate chopping boards to use for different types of food to prevent cross contamination.
  • Index Tab – Each board is labelled with a symbol and colour coded to indicate what it’s used for.
  • Stainless Steel Storage Case keeps all the boards together in this fingerprint proof stand up open steel case for easy access.
  • Non-Slip Feet – Each chopping board has rubber grips on each corner to prevent the board from slipping during use.

Stored within a stainless steel case, the Joseph Joseph Index Steel 4-Piece Chopping Board Set is designed to prevent the cross contamination of food with its 4 separate boards. Each one is colour coded with a food symbol for raw meat, fish, cooked food and vegetables. There are rubber grips on all the board corners so you have a non-slip board to cut on.

Each of the boards have sloped edges to catch food liquids and prevent them from spreading onto your counter tops. However, the fish board doesn’t have this but has a strip of little spikes to keep the fish from sliding about and the cooked food board has rows of grooves to catch crumbs and bits which also makes it ideal for cutting bread on.

The size of these boards are quite big – larger than an A4 piece of paper and they’re all made from BPA-free plastic. Although the boards are made from plastic, they feel strong and are better made than most other plastic boards.

Its material means it can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher as well. This set is a bit pricey but you’re getting a set of the best chopping boards that are durable and easy to access with a pull from its case. They don’t take up much space in the case and can be stored pretty much anywhere.

Our 5 Best Chopping Boards Video Review

If you prefer to watch a quick rundown of our 5 best chopping boards instead, then just play the video below.

Buyer’s Guide For Chopping Boards

Type of Material

Chopping boards come in a few different materials but that doesn’t mean one is better than the rest. Here are some of the more popular ones and the advantages to each one:


Contains natural anti-microbial properties that prevents bacteria from reproducing. It doesn’t mark easily as it ‘self-heals’ or blunt knives as quickly but they can be heavy which makes it hard to wash. It would also need to be re-oiled regularly to keep it in good condition. Cheap wooden chopping boards should not be considered as they are usually made with poor quality wood. You should look for an end grain board or edge grain board.


Cheaper than high quality wood, bamboo is biodegradable, free from pesticides and harder which means it can handle tough and frequent cutting jobs. Like wood, it needs regular oiling. It doesn’t have self-healing properties but it can’t be marked or scored making it hygienic as no bacteria can embed itself into the cuts. However, bamboo should only be wiped clean because immersing it in water damages it rendering it useless and it stains pretty easy too.


Although plastic boards need to be replaced more often due to its poor durability, they are easier to use because they’re lightweight and non-porous so it reduces the risk of food contamination.

They can be cleaned in dishwashers or even with harsh chemical products as it won’t be retained in the material. However, plastic is slippery so you’re more likely to hurt yourself during use unless you have something to prevent the board from sliding whilst you cut.


These are slowly increasing in popularity and are similar to plastic except they’re slightly more durable as they can ‘self-heal’ so it won’t absorb moisture or bacteria. They’re quite thick so it can be quite heavy like wood and because it’s rubber, this means it won’t slip about so it’s safer than plastic.


Other materials such as glass, steel or marble aren’t really used as they can damage and blunt knives due to its very hard surface and increases the risk of injury with its use. The board could break or shatter causing shards to get into food and the surface is too slippery to enable safe cutting.

Bamboo Chopping Board
Bamboo is durable and biodegradable.

Deciding On a Set of Chopping Boards

Some people prefer to keep chopping boards for different foods as it’s more hygienic and to prevent cross contamination. You could get a chopping board set which usually has worded labels or symbols to show what each one is. These are typically separated and colour coded as meat and poultry, fish, cooked food and vegetables.

Design Features

Besides looking at the colour and pattern of the chopping board, there are more important design features that should be considered. These include:

Non-Slip Feet

Gives the board grip and prevents it from sliding about during use. These rubber feet are typically found on each corner of the chopping board. Some could have the entire base coated with a non-slip rubber material which is a lot safer if you tend to use very sharp knives. However, not all chopping boards will have this important safety feature so it’s best to check the one you’re considering. Thick boards usually don’t have this feature because of its weight.


A thick board can provide stability as well as a durable surface which is often found in the best wooden chopping boards. The board can also be resurfaced as often as required so it would last a longer time.


With thicker boards comes a heavier board. They can be better for staying in place during use if it doesn’t have a non-slip base but you wouldn’t be able to easily transfer food from the board to pot.


A large chopping board will be handy if you tend to cut big pieces or a lot of food which can be left on the board until it’s ready to be cooked. However, if you don’t have a lot of food to prepare, then you’re better off with a small chopping board. These are usually better for cutting small quantities of food such as chilli or garlic as well.


If the board is particularly large, having a handle can make it easier to carry the board as you have a better grip on it. This means it will be less of a struggle to store it away as it can be hung up if it’s quite light and it’s easier to wash up with the handle to move it around.

Tips For Using a Chopping Board

Watch this video by Jamie Oliver and learn how this simple trick can safely secure your chopping and save your fingers in the process. Jamie also gives his recommendation on what the best type of chopping board is.

What Else Can it be Used For?

The best chopping boards can be used for more than just cutting up food. They can be used as a ‘plate’ to present a sharing dish on, as a clean surface to prepare food on or for rolling pastry on. However, most chopping boards are unable to do all these things so if you’re looking to use your chopping for more than just cutting, a wooden chopping will be able to meet most of these needs quite easily.

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