Top 10 Best Wingback Armchairs

Present more prominence in any room.

Top 10 Best Wingback Armchairs

Top 10 Best Wingback Armchairs

The striking style of a winged armchair will grab the attention of anyone who enters its presence. Its distinctive wings were originally intended to provide protection from drafts and to trap heat, but they also present more prominence to the piece of furniture. Whether you’re going for a modern or vintage model to suit your home decor, our top 10 best wingback armchairs will surely add character to any room.

Best Wingback Armchairs

Rubens by MADE

10. Rubens by MADE

The Rubens winged armchair by MADE – designed by award winner Steuart Padwick, well known for his stunning curved wood creations – presents a twist on a classic design and offers timeless fasion.

Covered in a luxurious wool mix, it’s available in nickel grey and light moss green, and offers both comfort and durability.

There is no need for self-assembly, except to fix the aesthetically pleasing black legs which are made from Hevea wood. With a height of 88cm, width of 83cm and a depth of 100cm, proper ergonomics are assured, especially with the distinctive curved wings, sprung suspension and thick Polyethylene seat.

Buy the Rubens by MADE – £399




Like with most Ikea furniture, the Ikea STRANDMON is one of the best wingback armchairs in terms of value. Beautiful yet simple in design, it features button back detail and an extra 101cm high back for extra support for your head.

It’s available in four lovely colours, ensuring exactly the right one for your décor and can be kept looking pristine with a damp cloth, upholstery cleaner or a vacuum. Easy to follow self-assembly instructions allow for quick construction and the chair comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Buy the Ikea STRANDMON – £179


Perale Wingback Chair by Rosalind Wheeler

8. Perale Wingback Chair by Rosalind Wheeler

This delightful Perale wingback armchair, by designer Rosalind Wheeler, offers sumptuous seating and an sophistication that will receive compliments. Your comfort is assured with its deep medium firm seat and the robust design will give many years of use. The upholstery is in a soft fabric with a classic deep button effect on the winged back support, which is compact and perfect for smaller spaces, and the chair is available is three rich colours, including red for the wow factor.

Buy the Rosalind Wheeler Perale – £310.99


Jude Wingback Armchair

7. Jude Wingback Armchair

This elegant armchair, with its wide back and prominent wings that curves outwards from the top, comes with a modern twist and offers a clever, defined silhouette and clean, yet comfortable lines.

The seat offers you comfort with its webbing suspension that provides extra support, and thick foam padding, while the upholstery – available in an authoritative navy blue – is in a soft to touch woven fabric.

The splayed legs add that additional touch of class and are made from sturdy beech wood ensuring that the Jude, with its stylish update, adds a twist to a classic design that will look great anywhere in your home or workplace.

Buy the Jude Winged Armchair – £545


Dolton by MADE

6. Dolton by MADE

For something that offers a twist on the iconic wingback, the Dolton, designed by East-London based Sam Wright, is one of the best wingback armchairs thanks to its luxury retro design.

Available in three smart colours, it’s perfect for any contemporary house, trendy apartment or commercial waiting area, where an impressive look combined with comfort is desired – particularly with its strikingly tall wingback that measures 107cm.

The original design is taken from the 1960s; but with a modern look and the button detail, together with the dimpled back, smoothly curved wings and cosy seat cushion, leaves nothing to chance.

Buy the Dolton by MADE – £399


Sherlock Buttoned Chair by NEXT

5. Sherlock Buttoned Chair by NEXT

The Sherlock Buttoned Chair by NEXT is the quintessential Victorian era winged armchair with modernised appeal. It comes in a choice of 12 leather colours or over 70 different fabrics (free colour swatches are available), ensuring that there is never a problem to find the perfect one for your interior design and colour scheme.

There is no doubt that the Sherlock Buttoned Chair offers the ultimate in class, being both refined and extremely smart, it also has the advantage of being available with various different styles and colours of feet, from simple and plain, through to turned and ornate. The elegant high button back, subtle wings and deep cushioned seat ensures maximum support and comfort.

Buy the NEXT Sherlock Buttoned Chair – from £575


Bodil by MADE

4. Bodil by MADE

Make a statement in the home with the Bodil by MADE. Its significantly tall back that measures 114cm, deep seat and unusual yet captivating wings add to its stylish design, whilst also creating the ultimate in comfortable seating.

The Bodil is available in three charming colours and its graceful curves and size will allow you to tuck your feet up and get cosy. You will also notice the superb upholstery which not only is very tactile, but also comes in a wool-like fabric that won’t bobble over time, maintaining the chair’s good looks for years.

Buy the Bodil by MADE – £499


Durham Wingback Armchair by M&S

3. Durham Wingback Armchair by M&S

This is a truly traditional armchair that will look perfect anywhere in the home, coming in an extensive variety of fabrics and colours, including leather in 13 different shades and a further choice of 96 fabrics, some in stripes and checks for a very unique look.

The scrolled arms, turned wings and tilted back presents a comforting and understated appearence, as is the deep, generously padded seat and the ornate wooden feet continue to add to the timeless elegance of this design.

Buy the M&S Durham – from £579


Athena Wingback Chair by Andover Mills

2. Athena Wingback Chair by Andover Mills

The Athena, with its beautiful button back and classic design, not only offers the ultimate in chic but also serenity. Its generous measurements and unobtrusively rounded wings ensure good support for your neck and head; the beige fabric is soft to the touch and neutral enough to suit most décors.

The button-tufted back and the curved tapered wooden legs adds a touch of sophistication, making it the perfect wingback armchair to accentuate your living room or bedroom.

Buy the Andover Mills Athena – £289.99


Kubrick Wingback Chair by MADE

1. Kubrick Wingback Chair by MADE

If you are looking for a tasteful, yet dynamic chair, then the Kubrick Wingback Chair by MADE puts forth an astounding claim, and is for us, the best wingback armchair for its universal appeal. Inspired by designs from the 1960s era, this chair comes in a choice of 8 retro-style colours, including ochre yellow and plum purple.

Its curved appeal, together with wings that enfold you without being too dramatic, and angled legs, bring it right into the 21st century and beyond.

The fashionable arms and 105cm high back make this chair extremely comfortable and perfect to relax in, so, if you want a winged armchair that combines sophistication and charm, you cannot go wrong with the Kubrick.

Buy the Kubrick by MADE – £399

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