Top 10 Best Toolboxes Reviewed

Keep your tools organised in metal, plastic and wheeled toolboxes.

Top 10 Best Toolboxes Reviewed

Top 10 Best Toolboxes Reviewed

A large, sturdy and organised toolbox is what you need if you’re a plumber, electrician or carpenter. They will keep all your tools conveniently in one place while the casing will survive all the bumps and knocks it has to endure during work.

Coming in a wide array of designs – metal or plastic construction, static or rolling wheeled – here are 10 of the best toolboxes to accompany you to work.

Best Metal and Plastic Tool Boxes

Stanley 23” Waterproof Toolbox | STA194749

10. Stanley 23” Waterproof Toolbox | STA194749

Constructed of foam plastic and metal rust proof lockable latches, the Stanley 23” Waterproof Toolbox is made super strong. Featuring an all round watertight seal, this toolbox is rated to an IP53 standard which ensures tools inside will stay safe and dry. There’s lots of storage space and a removable tote tray with a carry handle for easy portability of smaller tools.

On the lid top, there’s an integrated V shaped groove that enables you to saw on. It’s one of the best toolboxes that provides a safe and stable worktop for sawing work. Being big and heavy, it feels tough and built to last and it’s comfortable to carry with the soft ergonomic handle.

Buy the Stanley STA194749 - £26.17


Stanley Metal Toolbox | STA175510

9. Stanley Metal Toolbox | STA175510

Measuring 47 x 22 x 24 cm, the Stanley Metal Toolbox provides lots of room to store tools for any professional tradesman or home use. There are two slide out drawers which slides out easy enough but a bit of grease would give a smoother slide out. As the drawers are slim, it’s suited to store smaller items and the top compartment is big enough to store hand tools.

The entire unit can be locked with the central lock making it portable with the wide carry handle. Well built and made entirely out of solid metal with a robust weight to it, this toolbox is sturdy and will last for many years as agreed by many other reviews of this.

Buy the Stanley STA175510


DeWalt T-Stak IV Tool Storage Box

8. DeWalt T-Stak IV Tool Storage Box

The DeWalt T-Stak IV Tool Storage Box can be adjusted to your requirements due to its compatibility with the DeWalt T-Stak range. This model has two slide out drawers that are 44mm deep with dividers that you can cut and arrange to your specifications which is great for organising screws, nails etc.

Built with metal drawer runners, they pull out with little effort. The drawers aren’t lockable but they won’t slide out during transportation as they shut tightly in place. Strong construction and easy to connect to the rest of the range, this box is perfect for organising small items.

Buy the DeWalt T-Stak IV Toolbox


Stanley 19” Toolbox with Drawer | STA170316

7. Stanley 19” Toolbox with Drawer | STA170316

Easy to open with one hand, the Stanley 19” Toolbox is made with one large metal latch for security. There’s one large compartment with enough space to hold a power tool and a portable tote tray is included.

At the bottom, there’s a slide out drawer with adjustable dividers for small items. It’s not lockable but it stays in place with a spring loaded lever. The quality is stronger than most plastic toolboxes and it’s an ideal size for home use.

Buy the Stanley STA170316 - £51.10


Stanley Galvanised Metal Toolbox

6. Stanley Galvanised Metal Toolbox

Made to a heavy duty standard, the Stanley Galvanised Metal Toolbox is designed to be taken onto worksites without worry of damage to it. Constructed from strong foam plastic and galvanised metal, this box is rust resistant.

A honeycomb design is on the lid to give it extra strength and rigidity despite what may fall onto it. Like many Stanley toolboxes, it has the groove on the lid for sawing. This metal toolbox is sturdy and available in 3 different sizes – 20, 23 or 26 inches.

Buy the Stanley Galvanised Metal Toolbox - £32.95


Draper Cantilever Toolbox

5. Draper Cantilever Toolbox

From Draper comes this classic Cantilever Toolbox which is built of tough sheet metal and finished with lacquer. Inside are separate compartments on each side which open outwards when pulled open by the tubular handles. It’s held with these handles but they measure the same size as the toolbox making it comfortable to carry.

Mostly plastic toolboxes are reviewed these days and this type of traditional toolbox is less used. This one from Draper does the job perfectly and is solidly constructed which can carry heavy tools safely. It’s lockable with the tabs and the toolbox comes in 4 different sizes.

Buy the Draper Cantilever Toolbox - £46.05


Dewalt T-Stak Deep Toolbox | DWST1-71195

4. Dewalt T-Stak Deep Toolbox | DWST1-71195

Part of the Dewalt T-Stak range, this Deep Toolbox model has a 23 litre capacity, designed to hold power tools. Measuring 440 x 332 x 301mm, it includes a smaller removable tray for storing smaller tools. Each side has a latch that can be connected to other models in the T-Stak range.

The toolbox can be carried with the extra wide ergonomic handle although it’s easier to carry with the side latches when it’s heavy. Built to last and hold a lot, the Dewalt T-Stak range has some of the best toolboxes that allow you to adapt and add on parts according to your needs.

Buy the Dewalt DWST1-71195 - £26.99


Best Rolling Toolboxes On Wheels

STANLEY Essential Rolling Workshop | STST1-80151

3. STANLEY Essential Rolling Workshop | STST1-80151

With three spacious compartments, the Stanley Essential Rolling Workshop is the ideal toolbox on wheels as the 7 inch wheels enable easy manoeuvrability. This can be wheeled by the foldable top handle. Each compartment can be taken individually but it’s the top compartment that has the heavy duty metal latches holding the lid down.

The overall weight is light which allows you to put in heavy tools yet you’ll still be able to lift it with the side latches on the bottom compartment. Despite the light weight, the construction of this rolling toolbox is strong and the coated wheels are large enough to hold the weight of everything inside.

Buy the Stanley STST1-80151 - £34.38


Stanley Mobile Work Center | STA193968

2. Stanley Mobile Work Center | STA193968

The Stanley Mobile Work Center toolbox is designed with an 88lb load capacity and features heavy duty, road tested wheels. Splitting in the middle so it becomes two separate units, the bottom compartment is large so it can hold bulkier tools. Hand tools and similar items can be stored in the top unit and there’s a cleverly designed swivel drawer in between the units for nails, nuts, bolts etc.

Measuring 47 x 26.5 x 62cm, this can fit into a van or can be wheeled around with the telescopic handle. For a wheeled toolbox, it’s pretty strong and is best used for lighter DIY jobs.

Buy the Stanley STA193968 - £38.95


Stanley Rolling Workshop | 1-79-206

1. Stanley Rolling Workshop | 1-79-206

Bringing flexibility for anyone in the trade, the Stanley Rolling Workshop has 3 separate compartments consisting of:

  • Top toolbox with a narrow drawer and a lid with heavy duty metal latches;
  • Middle toolbox with two drawers; and
  • The base toolbox with a flip out storage bin and ‘pockets’ at the back to conveniently store saws or other long items.

Each unit has a carry handle so you can use and carry them individually when required. To make organising easier, there are also dividers inside the drawers.

Built with a sturdy aluminium telescopic back handle, mobility is top notch given its ability to stack multiple boxes, making it one of the best toolboxes on wheels. The handle is thick, extra wide and made to fit so it’s comfortable to hold which is important when you’re wheeling around the entire unit.

Buy the Stanley 179206 Rolling Toolbox - £149.24

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