Top 10 Best Spice Racks Reviewed

Organise your spices, herbs and seasoning.

Top 10 Best Spice Racks Reviewed UK

Top 10 Best Spice Racks Reviewed UK

What makes food taste great and full of flavour is…spice, herbs and seasoning. When used correctly, it can enhance the flavour of a dish as well giving it colour and aroma. Some people like to have a variety of spices on hand to cook with and sometimes it’s all shoved into a cupboard making it hard to find. Our top 10 best spice racks will help keep you organised.

Spice racks can be used for more than just spice jars, they can hold dry food packets, seasoning cubes, sauces or anything else that can fit in them. There are a number of different spice racks available that you can choose from to suit your kitchen. We’ve rounded up and reviewed some of our favourite spice racks with some of the best features a spice rack has to offer.

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The Best Wall Mounted Spice Racks

Mounting up a spice rack can save you a lot of counter space and it can be hung on the wall or inside a cupboard. Of course, it would use up about 3-6 inches of your cupboard space but you’re still left over with enough space than if you were to store spice jars inside.

Wall mounted spice racks can have more than 1 tier which provides plenty of room for other cooking essentials too such as stock cubes. It’s a great way to keep things organised enabling you to quickly find stuff instead of having to reach and move things about inside the cupboard. They’re pretty versatile and can really maximise your storage space where it’s mounted.


Hafele 4-Tier Chrome Wall Mountable Spice Rack Review

Hafele 4-Tier Chrome Spice Rack

OUR RATING 4.3 out of 5 stars

Buy the Hafele 4-Tier Wall Mount Spice Rack - £26.98

  • Space Saving – Includes fixing screws for wall mounting.
  • 4 Tiers that provides enough storage capacity to store up to 32 spice jars.
  • Easy to See Design enables you to see spice jar labels through the wired design.

Made from chrome plating, the Hafele 4-Tier Chrome Wall Mountable Spice Rack is designed to enable you to easily choose the spice jar you need without having to pull each one up. Thanks to the 1 bar going across each tier to hold the jars in place, it leaves plenty of room for labels to poke through the gap. It can be mounted to the wall or inside kitchen cupboards.

With a depth of 6.5 cm, it’s slightly thick but this means it will hold bigger jars too. The height is almost 50 cm which will fit most standard sized kitchen cupboards and it’s not heavy so it won’t damage the wood with its weight.

Overall, it’s a nice and basic mountable spice rack with lots of space. Easy to install with the guide holes and quite sturdy. However, the screws supplied may be too long for certain cupboard doors so you may want to get some shorter ones.


Andrew James Wall Mountable 2 Tier Spice & Herb Rack Review

Andrew James 2-Tier Spice & Herb Rack

OUR RATING 4.3 out of 5 stars

Buy the Andrew James Wall Mount Spice Rack - £16.99

  • 2 Types of Screw Fittings Included – Suitable for use on the wall or for the kitchen cupboard.
  • Long Tiers can hold up to 16 spice jars.
  • Free 2 Year Warranty

The Andrew James Wall Mountable 2 Tier Spice & Herb Rack is ideal for fixing onto your kitchen wall or inside the kitchen cupboard as this comes with screws suitable for both types of installation.

The depth of each tier is quite slim so it’s hard to fit in anything that’s wider than spice jars in it. But the gap in between each tier is quite high so you can fit in slim box or packet mixes or something similar.

It’s compatible with most known spice and herb brands but if 2 tiers is too much or not enough for your needs, this range is also available with 1 tier or 3 tiers. If you’re using slimmer jars, you can actually fit in 18 jars at a tight squeeze. For this price point, it’s great value and the construction is sturdy and of a good quality.


Avonstar British Made Wall Mountable Spice Rack Review

Avonstar British Made Wall Mountable Spice Rack

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Avonstar Wall Mount Spice Rack - Price not available

  • 100% British Manufactured made with locally sourced raw materials.
  • Includes 2 Sets of Screw Fittings that comes with a set of short and long length screws to suit different depths.
  • Low Bar removes the need to angle jars to get them in or out of the rack.

Ideal for the avid spice, herb and seasoning user, the Avonstar British Made Wall Mountable Spice Rack provides plenty of space to store all this within its 5 tiers. You could easily fit in 25 to 30 jars depending on their size and with 11 cm gap between each tier, there’s room to fit in taller items of the same width. The bar holding the jars in are pretty low though but it’s much easier to see the labels on the jars since it’s not covered up.

With so many tiers, it’s no surprise that this spice holder is quite big so it won’t fit on the inside of some kitchen cupboard doors. It’s best to fit this spice rack to the side of cupboards, inside pantry doors or on the wall to make full use of it. There are 4 guide holes for the screws to go in for installation but because of the size, it can take a bit more effort with alignment so you may need someone to help hold the rack up for this.

For a wall mounted spice rack, it’s a bit pricier than most but that’s a given considering the amount of storage space it has. It’s built well, pretty robust and will free up a lot of space in your cupboards and counters.


The Best Wooden Spice Racks

A wooden spice rack uses one of the more traditional designs where it typically consists of a single row with a bar across it to hold the jars in place. These don’t tend to hold much and rarely go any higher than 3 tiers as it can topple over. With more tiers, it can get bulky because a bigger depth is required to help it stand upright.

Big wooden spice holders will often have to be fixed to the wall to prevent it from falling over. They can end up taking up a lot of space on the counter or in the cupboard. When you don’t have many spices to cook with, there’s no point of getting the best spice rack with lots of space as you’re better off with a small single wooden one that will be enough to hold up to 4.


Apollo 3-Tier Wooden Spice Rack Review

Apollo 3-Tier Wooden Spice Rack

OUR RATING 4.2 out of 5 stars

Buy the Apollo 3-Tier Wooden Spice Rack - £11.49

  • Slim Design that doesn’t take up much space on the counter.
  • Ready to Use so no need to waste time putting the parts together as it’s already assembled.
  • Easy to Clean – The smooth finish means the rack can be cleaned with a wipe down.

Freestanding with enough space to hold up to 15 jars, the Apollo 3-Tier Wooden Spice Rack can also be mounted to the wall or cupboard. Although there are no pre-drilled holes or brackets in the rack to enable this, this can easily be done with a drill. After all, it is wood so anyone who is pretty handy at DIY should be able to do this easily. The wood is quite tough so it doesn’t splinter or crack so easy with a bit of drilling and screwing.

The base is well designed to prevent the rack from tipping forward as it stands a bit further out than the bars of each tier. Each of the tiers is quite narrow though so it can only fit narrow jars. There’s no bar to prevent the jars from falling out but the slightly raised edge helps to keep them in place.

Despite the wooden material, it’s light so it’s easy to move the rack even when it’s fully filled up. This spice rack requires no assembly but the quality is good for the price.


T&G Woodware Scimitar Wooden Spice Rack Review

T&G Woodware Scimitar Wooden Spice Rack

OUR RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the T&G Woodware Scimitar Wooden Spice Rack - £25.00

  • 3 Tiers provide enough space to store up to 18 jars.
  • Wall Mountable – Includes fixings and pre-drilled guide holes.
  • Traditional Design that’s suitable for vintage kitchen decor.

The T&G Woodware Scimitar Wooden Spice Rack features 3 tiers that gives enough space to fit up to 18 standard size spice jars. You can choose to have it freestanding or mounted to the wall without having to do the guesswork like some wooden spice racks since this one had 6 pre-drilled holes ready for mounting.

This spice holder stands upright pretty well as the depth is quite deep which also gives more space to fit wider jars or pots. There’s a bar running across each tier to keep the jars from falling out but it’s not so thick that it will cover up the labels.

It’s quite low too so there’s no need to struggle with angling the jars to get them in. The height between each tier will fit most popular spice and herb brands but a few may be too tall for it.

At this price point, it’s quite pricey for a spice rack but the size is quite big compared to other wooden ones and the quality is great. It’s fairly easy to access the jars and easy to install if you plan on wall mounting it.

The Best Revolving Spice Racks

Aesthetically pleasing, revolving spice racks are placed on counter tops but it doesn’t take up that much space as there are a lot of holders for spice jars. These rotate 360 degrees so it makes selecting what you need easy. Every side has a holder usually and the taller it is, the more holders there will be.

A revolving spice rack may be more preferable for anyone who doesn’t want to drill holes or screw a spice rack on. However some of these may not be able to fit anything bigger than a spice jar so if you want to use it for other jars, choose a design that has tiers.


Premier Housewares 2-Tier Black Revolving Spice Rack Review

Premier Housewares 2-Tier Revolving Spice Rack

OUR RATING 4.3 out of 5 stars

Buy the Premier Housewares Revolving Spice Rack - Price not available

  • Fully Loaded With Spice & Herbs – Ready filled with 16 various herbs and spices from Schwartz.
  • Easily Portable – Fixed with a chrome handle to enable it to be lifted easily and placed anywhere.
  • Easy to Clean – Can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Compact with lots of space is what the Premier Housewares 2-Tier Black Revolving Spice Rack is all about. Jars are easily accessible with a simple pull of the jar to release it from its circular holder and it’s easy to put back with a push too. There’s no bar keeping the jars in place as the jars are gripped in the holder so the labels can be clearly seen for quick accessibility.

Each tier holds 8 jars and will fit the Schwartz herbs and spices perfectly. It does hold other brands provided they are similar in size but if it doesn’t, you can pour them into the Schwartz jars instead. The carousel spice rack spins pretty smoothly and is quite sturdy as it spins. It doesn’t go too fast with one push either.

This revolving spice rack is ideal for any small kitchen as it doesn’t take up a lot of counter space and can be tucked in a corner out of the way. Despite the plastic material, the construction is well built so it’s quite durable. It’s pricey but the spice holder is filled with 16 jars of herbs and spices from a well-known brand.


SQ Professional Gems Revolving Metallic Spice Rack Review

SQ Professional Gems Revolving Metallic Spice Rack

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the SQ Professional Gems Revolving Spice Rack - Price not available

  • Includes Glass Jars that are ready to be filled and perfectly sized to fit into the rack.
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Finish – Easy to clean and looks stylish in any kitchen.
  • Compact Size takes up little counter space which is great for small kitchens.

Fully filled with 16 empty glass jars, the SQ Professional Gems Revolving Metallic Spice Rack is more or less ready for use. All that needs to be done is to fill the glass jars up. Each of the jars have a white sprinkler cap to fit over them which enables you to control the flow of the herbs or spices but doing this over a hot dish will clog the holes. These can be removed if you prefer not to use them.

There are 4 tiers on this carousel spice rack which makes it stand quite tall but it fits under kitchen cupboards on the counter easily. Being of a rectangle shape, it can’t really be tucked into a corner as it needs about an inch between each side in order for it to rotate without hitting anything.

Other than that, there’s nothing major to complain about with this spice rack especially for the price it’s going at. Having the included glass vials are great because it gives the spice rack a better look instead of having mismatched herbs and spices or finding out the ones you have don’t fit. It’s made to a good quality with a design that looks stylish and professional.


Apollo 16 Jar Roundabout Revolving Spice Rack Review

Apollo 16 Jar Roundabout Revolving Spice Rack

OUR RATING 4.1 out of 5 stars

Buy the Apollo 16 Jar Roundabout Spice Rack - £17.30

  • Jars Included – Designed to fit into the spice holders.
  • Carry Handle – Convenient for easy portability to be placed elsewhere.
  • Easy to Clean – Wipeable with a damp cloth.

The Apollo 16 Jar Roundabout Revolving Spice Rack features a full 360 degree rotating base that spins well at a good speed to allow you to select the spice or herb you want. Made from a solid plastic construction, the carousel is compact which won’t take up much space and fits nicely under kitchen cupboards.

Included to fit perfectly into this revolving spice rack are 16 plastic spice jars. The lids for these jars can be pulled up for ease of use and feature a pour or sprinkle option.

Unlike other spice racks with jars that come filled with herbs and spices, this one unfortunately doesn’t. However, the fill capacity is quite generous at 60 ml.

Considering the price, it’s a bit less than other rotating spice racks that include glass jars making it ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to spend much.


Ferris Spice Market Revolving Spice Rack Review

Ferris Spice Market

OUR RATING 4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Ferris Spice Market

  • Unique Design – Cool ferris wheel style that will look great in any stylish modern kitchen.
  • Includes Ready to Use Glass Jars filled with a range of 15 different popular herbs and spices ready for use.
  • Easy Glide Rotating Mechanism smoothly spins with control.

Inspired by the ferris wheel design, spice jars on the Ferris Spice Market Revolving Spice Rack can be rotated with a touch of your fingertips on the bar. There are 5 tiers which can fit 3 jars into the circular slots but there’s no need to worry about finding jars to fit as this comes with 15 filled glass jars ready for use. Each jar is conveniently fitted with a dual function lid for pouring or sprinkling herbs and spices.

Made from steel, the frame is sturdy and strong enough to hold the jars and the food safe plastic tiers. Turning the tiers is smooth thanks to the easy glide mechanism and the soft grip handles enable a firm grip on the rack should it need to be moved elsewhere.

Although the spice rack looks bulky, it’s actually the same total size of the 15 glass jars it they were to be stood upright in the cupboard. The height of it isn’t as tall as it looks since it fits perfectly fine under low mounted kitchen cupboards or inside. It’s one of the best designs for spice racks with a solid construction and there’s no other quite like it.


Cole & Mason Hudson Revolving Carousel Herb and Spice Rack Review

Cole & Mason Hudson Spice Rack

OUR RATING 4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the Cole & Mason Hudson Spice Rack - Price not available

  • Refillable Glass Jars Included – Comes with filled glass jars of herbs and spices.
  • Various Sizes Available – Comes in an 8, 10, 16 or 20 jar design.
  • Creative Dispenser Options – Lids for the jars can be twisted to pour, shake or seal.

From the well-known brand of Cole & Mason comes the Hudson Revolving Carousel Herb and Spice Rack. Featuring a stylish and classy design, this spice rack comes in a variety of sizes from 8 filled jars to 20 filled jars.

A rack for 8 or 10 jars have just 1 tier and for 16 or 20 jars, there are 2 tiers to hold the glass jars. They’re held in place with a grippable holder.

The jars have a 70 ml capacity which can fill up to 25g of herbs or spices depending on what type is used. Etched on each of the chrome lids are the name of the herb or spice which is probably not ideal for some people if they’re filling the jar with another type of herb or spice. It does make it easier to identify the contents of the jar for most people though.

In the middle of the carousel, there’s a wide knob handle to enable you to easily grip it to lift the spice rack. Smooth 360 degree rotation with a contemporary style and included filled spice and herb jars, it’s hard to go wrong with this rack.

Its small size will fit nicely in any small kitchen or inside the cupboard if it has 1 tier. The quality and build is done to a high standard which should be as expected from one of the best spice racks.


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    I am trying so hard to find a white revolving spice rack that is not too expensive but I have had no luck. Could you suggest anywhere?

    • Hi Margaret, i’m afraid we have yet to come across any white revolving spice racks either…someone needs to create one!

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