Top 10 Best Reclining Armchairs

Spend hours watching TV, playing games, reading books and sleeping in them.

Top 10 Best Reclining Armchairs

Top 10 Best Reclining Armchairs

No other type of armchair beats the relaxation that a recliner provides. Take its seat and you can end up spending hours watching TV, playing games, reading a book and even sleeping. It’s also perfectly suited for different rooms in the home, whether it be the living room, bedroom or home office. Let’s take a look at our top 10 best reclining armchairs.

Best Reclining Armchairs

Rocco Electric Recliner Chair

10. Rocco Electric Recliner Chair

A visually striking recliner which will look good in any living room, the Rocco Electric Recliner features a beefy, robust design and comes in a choice of three colours, so there’s one to suit any decorating scheme.

Upholstered in 100% leather, it has a luxurious feel to its cushions, helped by a foam filling which rebounds after being sat in, so there’s no tedious plumping of pillows before you sit in it (a feature which on its own is enough to make it the best reclining armchair for some). The electric reclining action is smooth and straightforward for a comfortable sit down.

Buy the Rocco Electric Recliner – £949


Dumbarton Recliner Chair by Andover Mills

9. Dumbarton Recliner Chair by Andover Mills

A sumptuously upholstered and extremely comfortable recliner chair, the Dumbarton Recliner by Andover Mills is definitely one to relax luxuriously in.

Available in a choice of two shades, it should be able to complement most interior design schemes and it’s compact in design, so its neat lines won’t dominate a room in the way that some recliners can do.

The electric tilt motor is easy to use, with an efficient and reliable mechanism. One handy feature is a side pocket, because let’s face it, the recliner is the ultimate place to be when watching TV. A well put together chair, and a canny purchase.

Buy the Dumbarton Recliner – £218.99



8. Ikea MUREN

A typically understated and stylish offering from the Swedish interior design giants Ikea, the Muren is a simple yet undeniably good looking chair. Its sleek silhouette and muted colour palate make it one of the most tasteful chairs we’ve reviewed.

Upholstered in fabric rather than leather and in a choice of two colours, it’s a lovely chair to look at. Fortunately it’s also a strong performer. The Chair has three positions, with a high back providing excellent neck support and the footstool folds out very easily when the chair is in full-on reclining mode. Comfortable, reliable and chic, this chair is an excellent buy.

Buy the Ikea MUREN – £250


Budapest Recliner Armchair

7. Budapest Recliner Armchair

Bold but humble, the Budapest is one for the style conscious, and would suit a modern and clean design scheme. There’s a high back to support the neck well, and the whole chair is mounted on a swivel, giving it an excellent range of position.

Upholstered in faux leather with ample cushioning, and with a choice of three tasteful colours, it’s as much of a pleasure to look at as it is to sit in. A solidly made chair with a robust wood and steel frame, this is a chair built to last. The reclining mechanism is a smooth electric motor.

Buy the Budapest Recliner Armchair – £879


Annandale Swivel Recliner and Footstool by Wade Logan

6. Annandale Swivel Recliner and Footstool by Wade Logan

Unlike traditional all-in-one recliners, this set from Wade Logan comes with the footstool separate from the reclining chair. The chair itself is very comfortable both in seated and reclining positions, but the method of reclining isn’t the simplest, as it’s by means of a bolt under the chair which needs unscrewing and re-tightening.

That said, what you lose in convenience you gain in space saving, as the Annandale takes up much less room than a traditional recliner, looking more like a standard chair. The chair is easy to assemble, and is an excellent budget option if you want a reclining chair but aren’t that fussed about bells and whistles.

Buy the Annandale Swivel Recliner – £124.99


Petit Leather Recliner Armchair

5. Petit Leather Recliner Armchair

A feature-packed, high quality recliner, the Petit Leather is an unpretentious yet beautifully designed armchair. Available in a wide range of stylish colours, it’s leather upholstery gives the chair a highly luxurious feel.

There are optional power, battery or static methods of reclining, and the power one comes with a USB port, highly convenient in this day and age.

Its foam padding leads to a high degree of comfort, and the back is contoured to provide excellent support. It has slimmer arms than most recliners, and looks more like a standard armchair. Overall, the Petit Leather Recliner is visually appealing and can fit practically every room in your home.

Buy the Petit Leather Recliner – £1265


Moreno Leather Recliner Armchair

4. Moreno Leather Recliner Armchair

A classic looking recliner, the Moreno is a plump and luxuriant affair. Upholstered in leather, it has abundant cushioning and provides an extremely comfortable sit, with ample lumbar support and a high back giving excellent neck support.

Its suspension is spring free, long lasting and tough, so this isn’t a chair which is likely to sag on you any time soon.

There’s a choice of manual or electric mechanism for reclining and a wide range of leather finishes to choose from, so there’s a colour suitable for any living room. In all, the Moreno Leather Recliner is comfortable and well designed, and it delivers everything you want from such a chair.

Buy the Moreno Leather Recliner – £1045


Fletch Electric Recliner Chair

3. Fletch Electric Recliner Chair

An eye-catching armchair with a couple of tricks up its sleeve, the Fletch Electric Recliner Chair is a sleek and professional. Ideal for contemporary homes, its modern styling is good-looking, but the lines are clean and simple enough to work in more traditional design schemes too; this versatility is enhanced by the wide range of seven colours in which it’s available.

Cleverly, the Fletch is leather where it counts – on the seat, with leather effect fabric on the sides and back. So you have the comfort and luxuriance of leather with less of the cost. Well padded and comfy, with a foam filling reducing the chances of sagging, this is an armchair made for bosses.

Buy the Fletch Electric Recliner – £599


Harrogate Recliner Chair

2. Harrogate Recliner Chair

A fine marriage of form and function, the Harrogate Recliner chair from Harveys is a well-padded chair which doesn’t stint on comfort. A high back gives support and stability and deep cushioning gives this chair a deluxe feel.

There’s no compromise on performance as you’re offered a choice of manual or electric reclining mechanisms and it’s available in a dizzying array of colours. Firmly aimed at the more affluent buyer, this is a Rolls Royce of a recliner.

Buy the Harrogate Recliner Chair – from £1399


Horizon Electric Recliner Chair

1. Horizon Electric Recliner Chair

One of our best reclining armchairs, the Horizon Recliner is an incredibly well constructed chair that’s unique in form with its wide arm rests nearly overshadowing the backrest. Tested to an exhaustive standard far exceeding UK and EU regulations, this is a chair built to last.

Its electric reclining mechanism is quick and responsive; and its upholstery comes in a wide range of finishes to complement its sleek, modern lines, the leather is finished to an unbelievable softness.

The cushions are high density foam, and pocket sprung for extreme comfort. In all, this is an extremely high quality chair which should last a very long time; well worth the investment.

Buy the Horizon Electric Recliner – £1150


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