Top 10 Best Bread Bins Reviewed

Keep your bread fresh for longer.

Top 10 Best Bread Bins Reviewed UK

Top 10 Best Bread Bins Reviewed UK

One kitchen item is usually forgotten about is the bread bin. Having a bread bin can help to keep your bread fresh for longer and protects it from bacteria and pests. Some of the best bread bins can even keep bread fresh for a week past its expiry date! Join us as we review the coolest, most durable, most stylish, most functional and ultimately 10 of our best bread bins for 2017.

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Our 10 Best Bread Bins Reviewed

KitchenCraft Expanding Stay Fresh Acrylic Bread Keeper Review

10. KitchenCraft Expanding Stay Fresh Acrylic Bread Keeper

If you tend to bake your own bread or buy fresh whole loaves of bread, the BPA-free KitchenCraft Expanding Stay Fresh Acrylic Bread Keeper box is ideal for keeping these fresh thanks to the ventilated holes incorporated into its design.

Don’t be fooled by its small size as it can be expanded from 15.5 cm to a large bread bin size of 28cm.

To get perfectly even slices, it comes with a free slicing guide which can be stored inside the bread bin with the bread.

The bread bin is easy to clean due to its size and the two separate containers that closes together. It’s not too hard opening it as each side slots into each other but it would make things easier if there had been a small handle to pull it apart.

If you’re after a basic and cheap bread bin, then this will do the job. It can be used to store other bakery goods such as cookies, muffins or cupcakes too.

Buy the KitchenCraft Expanding Stay Fresh - £31.50


KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia Large Metal Bread Bin Review

9. KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia Large Metal Bread Bin

Made from a robust steel material that’s coated with a cream finish and the word ‘BREAD’ printed in front in a traditional font, the KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia Large Metal Bread Bin oozes of a vintage style. The size is quite big so you can fit in a large family sized bread loaf or lots of fresh bakery goods. These will keep fresh for a good week or longer thanks to the tightly fitted traditional top opening lid with a handle for easy opening.

There are a set of handles on each side to enable you to easily carry the container which is quite light despite the sturdy metal construction. This charming bread will look stylish in any kitchen whether the design is contemporary or traditional. It’s easy to maintain as it can be washed in the sink or wiped clean with a damp cloth. You could get it in a couple of other colours with matching tea, sugar, biscuit and cake canisters to complete the look as well.

Buy the KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia - £22.99


Garden Trading Bread Bin Review

8. Garden Trading Bread Bin

The Garden Trading Bread Bin looks like it’s made from a ceramic material because of its lovely neutral clay colour but in fact, it’s made from steel and painted. It gives the bread container a retro design especially with its bold and attractive font. With its big size, it can fit in a full size loaf of bread with some room to spare for other bakery items too.

On top is a sleek chrome handle attached to the lid for you to open the lid with ease. It closes and seals in quite well to ensure no air can get inside the bread bin. Although there aren’t any handles on the side for easy portability, the bread bin isn’t heavy to carry.

It’s one of the best basic retro bread bins as it doesn’t cost a lot and has an attractive design with good construction so it should last for many years. There’s a wide range of matching items from sink caddies to bins available as well.

Buy the Garden Trading Bread Bin - £36.00


Andrew James Vintage Style Bread Bin Review

7. Andrew James Vintage Style Bread Bin

With its 1950s retro style font, the Andrew James Vintage Style Bread Bin has a beautiful vintage design with the colours to complement it whether it’s powder blue or cream. Constructed from a high quality powder coated iron material, this keeps the container from rusting so it will last a longer time. This surface also enables you to easily keep it clean by wiping it.

Keeping in with the vintage design, the lid is designed with a sleek chrome handle which provides a snug fit thanks to the rubber seal. The fit isn’t as tight as other bread bins but it still keeps your bread pretty fresh. Being higher than most large bread bins, this one allows you to fit in 2 large bread loaves so it’s ideal for a big family.

Buy the Andrew James Vintage Bread Bin - Price not available


Swan Products Retro Bread Bin Review

6. Swan Retro Bread Bin

Looking stylishly retro, the Swan Products Retro Bread Bin can add a touch of class to any kitchen with other items to match. It’s a large bread bin made from a steel construction which is pretty light. The colour coated iron gives durability to the bin as well as making it easy to clean. With an ample amount of storage space, it’s enough to store a big loaf of bread and some bakery goods.

Inside, it’s constructed very well so there are no gaps in the edges for air to get into or for breadcrumbs to get trapped in. The lid looks like it might be a hassle to open with just a round knob as the handle but in fact, it can be pulled open with an effortless tug or by pushing it up at the side. Overall, it’s a decent sized bread bin which has an expensive look without the price tag.

Buy the Swan Retro Bread Bin - £29.48


Brabantia Roll Top Bread Bin Review

5. Brabantia Roll Top Bread Bin

Designed for practical use, the Brabantia Roll Top Bread Bin features an automatic touch button opening mechanism which enables you to open and close the lid with just a slight touch. This helps to keep the bin clean and you don’t need to worry about losing the lid or struggle with opening it either. With its large size, you could easily fit in 2 loaves of bread which keeps fresh with the ventilated holes beneath.

However, it doesn’t take up much space on your counter due to its roll top lid and because of its flat top design, the space on top can be utilised and used to store canisters, jars or other items to use for bread.

Made with stainless steel, this bread bin has a matt finish which means it won’t be marked with fingerprints when touched.

This large bread bin is made to last a decade and there’s even a 10 year guarantee included to prove this so if you want something durable, then you should consider this one.

Buy the Brabantia Roll Top Bread Bin - £45.99


Morphy Richards Accents Roll Top Bread Bin Review

4. Morphy Richards Accents Roll Top Bread Bin

The Morphy Richard Accents Roll Top Bread Bin features a ventilated body with a coloured roll top lid in a satin finish to give it a contemporary style. For ease of opening, there’s a handle on the front of the lid which rolls open quite smoothly all the way to the back to provide maximum access to your bakery goods. It’s not a tight closure but it’s enough to keep your bread fresh for a long time.

Due to its large size, there’s plenty of room to fit in a large loaf of bread with space to spare for other bakery products. This stainless steel bread bin feels pretty sturdy which should last you many years and includes a 5 year guarantee. With items to match and a wide range of colours to choose from including green, beige and black, it will look stylish in any modern kitchen.

Buy the Morphy Richards Accents Bread Bin - £29.99


Joseph Joseph Melamine Bread Bin Review

3. Joseph Joseph Melamine Bread Bin

Featuring a wooden beech lid that doubles as a chopping board, the Joseph Joseph Melamine Bread Bin is easy to clean and durable thanks to the melamine. It’s a plastic material but this isn’t like other plastics. Melamine lasts longer than most materials despite repeated use. It’s hard to damage or break and looks expensive due to its similar look to china. In addition, it’s safe for food, BPA-free and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The smartly designed chopping board lid has grooves scored into one side which catches the crumbs from your bread as you cut making it easy to clean up after use. Although it’s quite expensive for a bread bin, the materials used are of a high quality yet light and the construction is well designed making it very durable. It’s one of the best bread bins within its price range with the versatile use of the lid that’s practical as well as space saving.

Buy the Joseph Joseph Melamine Bread Bin - £95.26


Brabantia Fall Front Bread Bin Review

2. Brabantia Fall Front Bread Bin

This Brabantia Fall Front stainless steel bread bin looks pretty inconspicuous and unlike any typical bread bin style. With its rectangular shape, it could be wall mounted from the hanging eyes at the back or sit on your counter without taking up much space thanks to the flat top design and fall front lid which allows items to be stacked on top. The handle for the lid is discreet and it shuts tight with a magnetic seal ensuring your bread stays fresh.

Constructed from strong and corrosion-free materials, this bread bin is durable which means it will last you a long time so you’re getting your money’s worth. Its unique design will fit in nicely with any kitchen design ideas and give it some style. As is the standard with all of Brabantia’s products, it comes with a 10 year guarantee which you may not ever use as they’re built to last.

Buy the Brabantia Fall Front Bread Bin - £24.03


Bodum Bistro Bread Box with Bamboo Cutting Board Review

1. Bodum Bistro Bread Box with Bamboo Cutting Board

Constructed with BPA-free plastic and rubber coated for its body, the Bodum Bistro Bread Box features a well fitted eco-friendly dual function bamboo cutting board which has grooves on the other side to catch crumbs during cutting. It’s not hard to pull open the lid despite there being no handle but the rubber coating makes it easy to grip the box and you just need to use both hands. There’s plenty of room inside to fit 2 loaves of bread with some space leftover to store wraps, pitta bread etc.

To prolong the freshness of bakery goods, there’s an air vent on the body to prevent moisture getting trapped inside which can speed up the process of moulding.

Because of its affordability for a large bread bin with its dual function lid and chemical free plastic, these are the reasons why this is our best bread bin. The simple style of this bin will look great in any contemporary kitchen without taking up too much space.

Buy the Bodum Bistro Bread Box - £34.72

Buyer’s Guide For Bread Bins

Buying a bread bin is a pretty simple decision and shouldn’t require much research. However, there are a number of factors you should consider before you rush off to buy a cheap bread bin. Not all of them are able to do the required job that well and then there’s the design to consider. Here’s a list of the features you should think about when choosing a bread bin.

Type of Material

Bread bins are made from a number of different materials but there isn’t one that’s better than the other as they all work pretty well in preventing the bread from going stale. Typical materials include:

  • Stainless Steel – Bread bins of this material often give kitchens are more modern look with its shiny exterior. The only thing with this is that it’s a fingerprint magnet so if you don’t want prints all over it, then opt for one with a matt finish.
  • Enamel Coating – Gives bread bins a splash of glossy colour which is ideal if you like a colourful kitchen or you’re looking for a specific colour to match your other kitchen appliances. The enamel also makes the bread bin more durable and prolongs its life as the material (usually metal) beneath is protected.
  • Wood – Ideal if you’re going for a country style kitchen design. It also gives your kitchen a natural look and come in a range of retro to contemporary styles. However, some models can be quite heavy depending on the type of wood that’s used.
  • Plastic – The current plastic material that’s used is known as melamine and it’s sometimes combined with other materials to give the bread bin a unique design. Bread bins of this material are usually lighter and have a more matt colour as opposed to the glossy enamel coated colours.
  • Ceramic – Fairly robust and easy to clean but some of them can be quite heavy. The lids can be made quite to fit quite loosely for quick opening which is fine if your household gets through bread within the day but otherwise check the lid is surrounded with a rubber rim to keep air out.


In the past, bread bins had pretty bog standard designs but nowadays, there’s a wide range of styles to choose from traditional to funky to suit many different kitchen designs so there’s sure to be one for every kitchen. There are even ones that matches sets of coffee, tea and sugar jars.


A loaf of bread is quite wide which means that most bread bins are pretty wide in size too. If space is an issue, you may want to go for a more compact size. They can fit one loaf of bread in but instead of the horizontal design, it stands vertically so the bin takes up less counter space.

For a large household that goes through bread quite quickly, a large bread bin would be the better choice. Some models such as Brabantia bread bins can fit 2 loaves of bread in and they don’t take up much space either as some can be wall mounted. The flat top designs are ideal if you’re really short on space because they allow you to store jars or other items on top since the lid opens in front.

Joseph Joseph Melamine Bread Bin
Some bread bins double up as a cutting board (pictured above – Joseph Joseph Melamine)


A bread bin won’t do much more than storing bread and other bakery items to keep them fresh. But there are some bread bins that are designed with a lid that doubles up as a chopping board for bread. Look for lids that have grooves to catch breadcrumbs which will help to make cleaning up easier.

Door Closure

How a bread bin door closes is pretty important as it helps to prevent oxygen from getting inside which will shorten the freshness of your bread. The best bread bins should enable you to access your bread easily and quickly.

If you’re very particular about keeping your bread fresh then look for ones made with magnetic doors which ensures the door is shut tight. These are usually found on stainless steel bread bins although some wooden ones have this feature too.

A roll top lid is one of the traditional types of opening designs for bread bins which can be found on many of them. It’s ideal for saving space or if the bread bin is placed in a tight gap. Then there’s the usual removable lid ones which some people don’t like because they aren’t very tight. You will also need to remember to put the lid back on when you’re done.


From time to time you will need to give your bread bin a clean to get rid of bacteria, dirt and germs. It will also keep it looking like new. Some bread bins are washable in the sink but wooden ones will probably take a while to dry. Large bread bins can often be difficult to wash in the sink due to the size so it may be a good idea to choose one that can be surfaced wiped easily.


Handles on a bread bin is something you should consider if you have a small kitchen or plan to put your bread bin inside a cupboard. It will make it easier to carry the bread bin out from its place to the table and you won’t risk the bread falling out.

Vented Bread Bins

This is something different to a standard bread bin because with vented bread bins, they’re designed with air vents to allow the bread to breathe. It’s ideal in humid environments as trapped air inside a bread bin can cause damp and encourage mould to grow.

If your kitchen is pretty hot in general even when you’re not cooking, then this might be something you should consider. There’s many bread bins with this type of design but there are a lot of Brabantia bread bins which are made with ventilation bases.

Final Word On Bread Bins

Now that you have an idea of what to look for, it shouldn’t be hard to choose the best bread bin for your kitchen needs. Before you buy one though, make sure you know where you will be placing it and whatever you do, avoid putting it in direct sunlight or near heat sources. It will only make your bread mould quickly particularly in stainless steel bread bins which absorbs heat faster and that will defeat the purpose of having a bread bin!

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