Top 10 Best Armchair Beds

A seat and a bed for your living room or guest room.

Top 10 Best Armchair Beds

Top 10 Best Armchair Beds

Providing multiple uses in one chair, the best armchair beds enhances the look of a room while being a comfortable seat during the day, and a single fold out sofa bed for your overnight guest. Take a look at our top 10 best armchair beds to complement your living room or the guest room.

Best Armchair Beds

Anya Cuddler Single Sofa Bed

10. Anya Cuddler Single Sofa Bed

Filled with foam, the Anya Cuddler Single Sofa Bed doesn’t need to be plumped or fluffed to bring the bounce back. It folds out into a single bed hence the name which is long enough for someone of an average height. However, this sofa does also come in a two, three seater and even corner sofa bed options.

Although the mattress is thin, it provides all around comfort no matter how many times it’s slept or sat on. To back this up, there’s a 15 year frame and frame springs guarantee which gives plenty of reassurance on this product’s quality.

Available in 8 different beautiful subtle colours and the option to choose from light or dark feet, it will suit a traditional home decor that’s serene.

Buy the Anya Cuddler – £549


Milner Snuggler by MADE

9. Milner Snuggler by MADE

Boasting a nice thick seat cushion, the Milner Snuggler sofa bed by MADE gives the option of a comfy foam or memory foam mattress to ensure you or your guests make the most of their comfort.

There’s a lot of space for you to sit pleasantly and for some, can even tuck their legs under.

This sofa bed armchair folds out smoothly through a 3 fold mechanism that gives a bed length of 228cm. It’s not as wide as a normal single bed but there’s enough space to ensure you don’t roll off as you sleep. This is one of the best armchair beds for comfort and its design is very stylish and modern which is ideal for contemporary or artistic style homes.

Buy the MADE Milner Snuggler – £549


Lucia Cuddler Single Sofa Bed

8. Lucia Cuddler Single Sofa Bed

Similar to the first single sofa bed in this article, the Lucia Cuddler Single Sofa Bed differs in terms of the availability of colours offering a varied range of 9. The colour choice is more modern so will suit homes with a more present-day style.

Buy the Lucia Cuddler – £499


Finlay Cuddler Single Sofa Bed

7. Finlay Cuddler Single Sofa Bed

With a more curved shape at its sides, this gives the Finlay Cuddler Single Sofa Bed a trendy look, perfect for chic homes. There’s 7 contemporary colours to choose from, none of them being too over the top to keep the look stylish. Like the other single sofa beds from DFS, the feet can be light or dark and again, has the same 15 year guarantee.

Buy the Finlay Cuddler – £549


HOMCOM Single Sofa Bed

6. HOMCOM Single Sofa Bed

Filled with a thick 15cm sponge seat cushion, the HOMCOM Single Sofa Bed enables users to get on and off the sofa bed easily. This is thanks to the mattress folding out onto the floor so there’s no worry about falling off the bed or wobbly frames.

Without a frame, it’s a lot lighter than most sofa beds too.

When used as an armchair, the seat stays in place neatly and pretty much maintains its shape to keep comfort at its best. There is also a magazine pocket on each side so you can keep everything within reach when you’re relaxing in your armchair. For the price, it’s reasonable and affordable so it’s ideal anyone on a budget or tight on space.

Buy the HOMCOM Single Sofa Bed - £139.99


Sabichi Max Single Fabric Chairbed

5. HOME Max Single Fabric Chairbed

You can’t tell that the HOME Max Single Fabric Chairbed actually has the function as a sofa bed as the design is sleek with smooth edges. The metal frame bed with its mattress is hidden underneath the removable cushion seat which is easily folded out at short notice.

The folded out length isn’t very long but it’s just right for someone of a less than average height. Although this functions best as an armchair rather than a bed, it’s ideal to have around if you sometimes get the unexpected guest staying over but don’t really want to advertise that you have a sofa bed.

Buy the HOME Max Chairbed – £279.99


Kalamos Cuddler Single Sofa Bed

4. Kalamos Cuddler Single Sofa Bed

The Kalamos Cuddler Single Sofa Bed combines comfort and luxury in one package with the 100% leather upholstery. Anyone sitting in this armchair can adjust the headrest to their liking as it can be used in two different positions. This makes it ideal for many people of different heights and removes the need for cushions.

The width of this armchair bed is generous at 92cm which allows you to sit in a variety of relaxing positions. Upon folding out the metal frame bed, it reveals a thick and firm mattress which will ensure a good night’s sleep for your guests (or yourself if you happen to end up sleeping on the sofa!).

Buy the Kalamos Cuddler – £1349


Fling Cuddler Armchair Bed

3. Fling Cuddler Armchair Bed

Another luxurious armchair bed is the Fling Cuddler Armchair Bed which is made from soft luxe fabric. It comes in nine colours to help complement a boldly coloured decor or a calming environment.

The cushioning in the armchair makes sitting in it for hours enjoyable and sleeping on the removable mattress is pleasant with its thickness.

Folding out the bed seems complicated but in fact could not be any more straightforward. It folds out through a three fold mechanism with the use of the handle to help with the pull out of the bed and there’s no need to remove any cushions. These stay on and tuck neatly under the bed.

Buy the Fling Cuddler – £899


COLOMBO Armchair Bed

2. COLOMBO Armchair Bed

Holding you in within its high armrests and deep seat, the Colombo Armchair Bed by Habitat is designed with clean cut edges to give that effortless stylish look. Featuring a sprung base and foam top, this single sofa bed is firm enough to prevent anyone from sinking into the mattress which can get quite uncomfortable.

With a sloped back cushion in the folded out bed, this provides users with a ready to use pillow. The armchair is quite heavy but proves to be sturdy and well built. This prevents it from moving about when it’s folded out into a bed, especially ideal for people who turn about a lot during sleep. The price of this sofa bed is fairly reasonable given the quality and comfort of it.

Buy the Habitat COLOMBO – £476


Guest Cuddler Single Sofa Bed

1. Guest Cuddler Single Sofa Bed

With lovely plump cushioning in this Guest Cuddler Single Sofa Bed, it would ensure your guests have a more than satisfactory bed to sleep on no matter how many nights they stay for. Even the armrests are nicely filled enough for them to rest their head on as well.

It’s also level with the mattress which gives them a bit of extra sleeping head space.

The folding mechanism operates the same way as the other two luxury sofa beds mentioned in this article which is very simple to use. The soft fabric looks, feels and is expensive but worth every penny for the best armchair bed if it’s luxury, quality and style you’re after. In addition, it’s built to the highest standard as expected of the price it’s going for.

Buy the Guest Cuddler – £1249

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