A Guide to All the Different Types of Home Mirrors

Every design, style and size to suit your home decor.

A Guide to All the Different Types of Home Mirrors

A Guide to All the Different Types of Home Mirrors

Every room can have a mirror but it should never be the same one, it should be one to reflect the decor of the room. There are many different types of home mirrors which could complement a room or stand out as a bold statement piece.

Homes that use mirrors for decoration can help to really bring life into a room as well as brightening up a room thanks to light reflecting off the mirror. This is particularly useful when it comes to small rooms as it can give the illusion of a bigger room.

A beautiful full sized mirror for the bedroom can make getting up in the morning all the more worthwhile as you get ready for the day, while a hanging mirror in the stairway adds character to a usually plain area of the home. Read on and discover all the different types of mirrors for the home.

Free Standing Full Length Mirrors

Free Standing Full Length Mirrors

Free standing full length mirrors are highly popular for the obvious reason that it reflects your full body making it easy to see how your outfit looks. Some of the advantages of using a free standing full length mirror are:

  • They’re easily portable so can be moved around from room to room or from home to home which is ideal for anyone who rents.
  • No holes or marks will be left on your walls as the mirror doesn’t need to be hung up.
  • It’s handy when you’re unable to hang anything on your walls due to weak walls or electric cables etc.
  • They’re quick and easy to set up as many come fully assembled.

Some of the best free standing full length mirrors go that extra mile and provides a particularly useful storage solution which is usually in the form of a slim cabinet inside the mirror to fit in jewellery and small accessories.

There are some that are designed with hooks or hanging poles behind the mirror to hang the next day’s outfit or a shelf below the mirror. You can find some of these fantastic styles from Ikea for a decent price.

Hanging Mirrors

Hanging Mirrors

Widely used in many households, hanging mirrors come in a variety of styles, sizes and weights. Typically, hanging mirrors can be suspended from a chain, string or wire although the latter isn’t so common. The best thing about a hanging mirror is that most of them can be hung with a simple picture frame hook. It usually doesn’t take long to hang up if you’re a pro on this type of easy diy.

As many hanging mirrors are relatively light, they won’t put too much weight on your walls so they can be ideal for plasterboard walls too.

Some hanging mirrors are made with a handy little shelf that can be useful in storing toiletries or accessories. They’re not too big but will reflect your full face making it perfect for the bathroom when brushing your teeth or in the bedroom for doing your makeup or hair.

Wall Mirrors

Pretty much the same as hanging mirrors, wall mirrors are usually fitted to the walls with the D-ring hangers found on the back panel of the mirror. The difference is that wall mirrors tend to come in heavier weights as they could be designed with thicker frames or elaborate styles with heavier materials. This means you would need stronger nails and wall plugs to fix wall mirrors.

With wall mirrors, they also come in a variety of sizes from the elegantly small to the oversized statement pieces which makes great decorational pieces within a room. You could hang a wall mirror anywhere within a room making it ideal when you have limited floor space.

Overmantle Mirrors

Overmantle Mirrors

To complement a feature fireplace in your living room, a magnificently designed overmantle mirror for decoration can really help to make this part of the room dominant. It can give a grandeur look to the room that’s reminiscent of the ages gone by. Think of Edwardian or Victorian glamour. However, if you prefer a more subtle charm, there are shaped frameless overmantle mirrors.

As this type of mirror generally comes in large sizes, they are best hung with a strong screw and wall plug set. Some can be left to lean or stand because they are designed with a ledge at the bottom of the mirror or the depth of the frame is thick enough.

As with any type of mirror, there are a wide variety of frame styles an overmantle mirror is designed with. There is a good selection that are designed to look like it’s part of the fireplace. By choosing the right overmantle mirror piece, it can also help to make the room bigger which is ideal for a small living room.

Leaning Mirrors

Leaning Mirrors

Leaning mirrors are usually available in larger sizes ranging from full length to a massive full wall size although the latter can be hard to acquire. These are a different type of home mirror as they are quite hefty in weight especially the overly large ones which means it cannot be hung up. Floor leaner mirrors can add a certain grandeur to a room as well as adding brightness.

A leaning mirror is ideal for anyone who wants a big mirror but is unable to hang it on the wall due to weakness, water pipes or electric cables. It’s perfect for people who rent too as many landlords don’t allow nails in their walls.

Over the Door Mirrors

Over-the-Door Mirrors

Loved by students, renters and anyone with a small home, an overdoor mirror is one of the best mirrors to have for the bedroom, particularly small bedrooms.

Besides being able to hang this type of mirror over the door, it can also be used to hang over wardrobe doors or a sturdy curtain rail (it actually happens!) when space is very limited. Most of these mirrors are quite light in weight and they come in a range of sizes although the more popular size is the full length.

Some of the best over-the-door mirrors have extra functions to make it more versatile. These usually take the form of storage options such as extra hooks for hanging accessories on. Over the door mirrors don’t require any fixtures to be fitted, they usually have hooks that hang over the door – straightforward to use, it’s a no brainer really.

Mirror Shapes

Mirrors can be cut into any shape which can provide a host of styles for decorational purposes as well maximising the view. Although the most popular mirror shape to be used is still the usual four cornered rectangle or square, a different shape can give a room a certain grace of elegance or complement the artistic look of a room.

Round and Rectangle Mirrors

Round Mirrors

A rounded mirror can help to soften the sharp look within a room which is usually caused by the corners. It gives the walls a less one dimensional feel and can often complement an antique design with the more oval shaped mirrors.

Typically, the frame on rounded mirrors are more focussed on design rather than the bog standard thick frame mirrors tend to have. The styles can range from an artistic nautical rope themed frame to a vintage dressing table styled frame.

Rectangular Mirrors

With all the different types of home mirror styles, the most popular mirror shape for these is the rectangle. This shape has proved to be versatile as it suits any type of room decor and it can help to fill up a big blank wall space.

Rectangular mirrors come in a variety of styles from the traditional elegant designs to a rocking contemporary style. The types of mirror this shape can be found on is pretty much all of them including free standing, over the door and wall mirrors. This shape is best for full length mirrors too as it gives a full and wide reflection of your entire outfit.

Square and Hexagon Mirrors

Square Mirrors

Similar to rectangular mirrors, square mirrors are also quite versatile and come in a wide range of styles. However, this shape works best when the size is smaller and used for the hallway, bathroom or just for decorational purposes. When the size is big, it can take up too much space.

Hexagon Mirrors

Hexagon shaped mirrors are not as readily available on the market as the other mirror shapes but where there are some, they are usually best used as mirrors for decoration. It complements artistic and modern room themes nicely as they are usually hung up or wall mounted. Some homes like to use hexagon mirrors to create a honeycomb effect which becomes the centre of attention in a room.

Mirror Styles

Choosing a mirror for the bedroom or any other room is more than just looking for something to do the job. The right one can really bring out the brightness within a room; sync with the room’s decor or stand out as a bold statement piece.

Vintage, Industrial and Rustic Mirrors

Vintage Mirrors

This style of mirror brings a certain charm and elegance to a classic and vintage designed room. Designs can vary from faded styled frames to the traditional oak frames. Vintage mirrors can be quite versatile depending on its design as it can suit a luxurious stylish home or a contemporary home. They typically come in rectangular and round shaped mirrors.

Industrial Style Mirrors

Traditionally designed for outdoor use, industrial style mirrors are slowly gaining popularity for indoor home use. Some designs can give a room a more masculine feel to it and add character too.

They tend to be more sturdy in construction and suits rooms with an artistic flair. One of the more popular designs are wrought iron framed mirrors which can complete an industrial antique theme such as gothic.

Rustic Mirrors

A lot of different types of home mirrors come styled in a rustic mirror design which can be in a variety of materials from plastic to an antiqued faded metal frame. This could suit many decor styles from an old world elegance to a glamourous chic room.


  1. What mirrors are best to use in different rooms of a house..ie; bedrooms? Kitchens? Bathrooms? and even office spaces?

    • Hello Emma,

      Thanks for your question. Typically, people have wide wall mirrors in the hallway, while most large mirrors do well in the lounge due to space.

      Where space is limited for example the bedroom, you can have hanging mirrors, smaller wall mirrors or even over-the-door mirrors.

      It really all depends on your preference and the size you have available in any given room.

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