Digital Wall Clocks Buyers Guide

How to buy the most accurate and modern digital wall clock.

Digital Wall Clocks Buyers Guide

Digital Wall Clocks Buyers Guide

Operating electronically to display the time in a digital numbered format, a digital clock is a lot more accurate than an analogue can ever be. They operate via the mains or battery but many remembers the time if there’s a power cut or it’s out of juice so there’s no need to adjust the time.

To help you make the most out of your digital wall clock and to what to look for, we’ve put together our own digital wall clocks buyer’s guide to assist you in choosing the right clock to suit your home.

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Top Features – Digital Wall Clocks

There’s more to a digital wall clock than just displaying the time. As a matter of fact, there are a whole host of features you should consider before making your purchase.

There isn’t an extensive list of features for a digital wall clock but the most important and useful ones to consider are:

LED or LCD Display

This screen is what the time is displayed on. LCD is a liquid crystal display and LED stands for light-emitting diode. The difference with these two is that LCD displays usually require a backlight for the time whereas an LED doesn’t.

A light and dimmer function will usually be included in LCD displays which allow you to control the brightness of the backlight making it ideal to use for sleeping.

With LED displays, the light emits from the numbered time display but you generally can’t adjust the brightness of this. Both displays are quite clear but an LED screen makes it easier to read the time from whichever you’re looking at the time from.


Other than functioning just as a clock, some of the best digital wall clocks will go a step further to display the calendar in a numbered date format complete with the day of the week. This is a really useful feature as it saves you from having to get a separate calendar.

Temperature Sensor

Digital wall clocks with built-in sensors will be able to read the temperature of the room the clock is in. It can be pretty important when it comes to ensuring a comfortable room temperature for you to relax, work or sleep in. Some digital wall clocks have an outdoor temperature sensor that is to be placed outside which can detect the temperature outside.

Trend Indicator

Not many digital wall clocks have this feature but it can be very useful for making future plans as it predicts the weather temperature trend.

Radio Controlled

Having this important feature will ensure the accuracy of your digital wall clock as many are connected to a specific time signal in the UK which will update the time right down to the second. Some will synchronise and update on a daily basis and some on a weekly basis.

When it comes to daylight saving time changes, the digital wall clock will automatically bring the time an hour forward or backward without you having to adjust it. The best thing about this feature as well is that it will remember the time if the battery runs out or if there’s a power cut.

Backlight Illumination

If your digital wall clock uses an LCD display, it’s highly useful to have a backlight as it will enable you to read the time easier. It gives a clearer display of the time even if you are below the clock. However, make sure the backlight also has a dimmable option as this will allow you to dim the backlight when you’re trying to sleep or just need less lighting in the room.

Acctim Stratus
Month and day, moon phase and temperature features on the Acctim Stratus.

Moon Phase

For many people, the moon phase feature on a digital clock isn’t necessary.

For some, this is a much sought after feature as it’s extremely useful for activities such as fishing, gardening, astrology or sailing.

Spiritual followers also use the phases of the moon to determine when to start certain events within their lives and some believe their moods are connected to the phases of the moon. Anyone who is after a digital clock with this feature should check it will display all eight phases of the moon to ensure accuracy.

Alarm Clock

Instead of getting a separate alarm clock, it may be more ideal to have an alarm function built into the digital clock. This can be useful in ensuring you wake up in time or used as a reminder for something.

There are a few digital wall clocks with alarms that aren’t very loud so if you’re after one that can be heard from across the room or another room, it’s best to test this beforehand. It’s a good idea to have the alarm symbol to indicate the alarm is on the clock as well to avoid any surprises.

Mounting Stand

Unless the digital wall clock is very big, most will come with a mounting stand which will enable it to be used as a desk clock. This can be useful for anyone who doesn’t plan to wall mount the clock or just wishes to stand it on a shelf.

Acctim Fusion
The Acctim Fusion is splash resistant for bathroom use.

Water Resistant

Having a clock in the bathroom can be useful as it helps you to keep an eye on the time. Not many clocks are water resistant though and even if it’s away from any water splashes, getting it all steamed up won’t be good for its mechanical inner workings.

A water resistant digital wall clock is built to withstand steam build up and water splashes so it continues to work perfectly. They are also made with anti-fog display screens so you will still be able to see the time even if the whole bathroom is all steamed up.

Power Supply

How your digital wall clock is run is something that should be given thought to. If you’re planning for it to be wall mounted or move it around the home, a battery operated digital clock may be most ideal as it avoids unsightly wires and having to plug it in and out all the time. However, if you plan on using the digital clock for the desk or something similar, then a mains power plug might prove to be a better feature.

Power Cord Length

Whether you plan to wall mount or stand your digital clock, the length of the power cord should be considered. For wall mountings, make sure the power cord will be long enough for the entire length of the wall height to the reach of the power socket.

Integrated Cord Storage

Nobody likes to see unsightly cords lying about especially when you’re leftover with so much. Some of the best digital wall clocks will have an inbuilt cord storage system to enable you to tidily store and hide away excess cord without making the clock bulge away from the wall.

When you’re about to purchase your digital clock, think back to these features in our digital wall clock buyer’s guide and make a mental check before you finalise your purchase. Doing so will ensure that you’ll end up being happy everytime you take a look at the time.

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