Top 10 Best Step Stools

Reach things in high places without any accidents.

Top 10 Best Step Stools

Nothing around the home is too far out of reach with the help of a step stool, but watch your step though because the wrong product could cause a nasty accident. So, completely avoid any missteps with our following top 10 best step stools.

Best Step Stools Reviewed

Addis Step Stool

10. Addis Plastic Step Stool

Available in a choice of black or white, the Addis Plastic Step Stool is small and sturdy with a weight bearing of 150 kg. Each foot is fitted with a rubber grip to prevent the stool from slipping and the platform is serrated to provide stability.

Being 24 cm in height, it gives you a bit of a lift to reach for higher things. Best thing about it as well is if you have several of these step stools, they can be stacked on top of each other to save space.

Buy the Addis Step Stool - £11.01

9. Addis Folding Plastic Step Stool

Addis Folding Step Stool

Smaller spaces will benefit from the Addis Folding Plastic Step Stool due to its compact design. Fitted with a carry handle that folds down when the stool is opened up, the step stool can be hung up and easily portable to wherever it needs to go.

When opened up, it’s stable as the platform keeps the sides from folding back in on itself. There’s the added security of the rubber bobbles on the surface to give your feet grip.

The overall design looks uncertain but it can hold a maximum weight of 150 kg safely and the construction quality feels pretty strong too.

Buy the Addis Folding Step Stool - £12.24

8. Home Discount Metal Step Stool

Home Discount Metal Step Stool

Constructed with a metal frame and rubber mat, the Home Discount Metal Step Stool gives you an assurance of security so you can use this without fear of slipping off.

The wide platform is well fitted onto the frame with screws and soldering and the stool remains firm in place when in use thanks to the thick rubber stoppers on its feet.

Although the stool cannot be folded up, its small size is unobtrusive and can be placed neatly in a corner. With its easy to clean surface, it can just be wiped down.

Buy the Home Discount Step Stool - Price not available

7. ProDec Steel Step Up

ProDec Steel Step Up

The ProDec Steel Step Up has thick rectangle shaped legs which are strong and works great on flat and level surfaces.

It has a 25cm height to the top step that makes it ideal for getting to items or carrying out tasks that’s just out of arm’s reach. As with any reliable step stool, the stool is fitted with a non-slip rubber tread.

Buy the ProDec Steel Step Up – £13

6. Mac Allister 2 Tread Plastic Step Stool

Mac Allister 2 Tread Plastic Step Stool

Featuring textured steps and anti-slip feet, the Mac Allister 2 Tread Plastic Step Stool can take up to a 150 kg weight load. Despite the plastic construction, the step stool is sturdy and strong when opened up.

It’s easy to open and close the stool with the usual push and pull of the legs and the top step folds out flat into place upon opening.

Buy the Mac Allister 2 Tread Step Stool – £18

5. Curver Two Step Stool

Curver Two Step Stool

More than just a basic plastic step stool, the Curver Two Step Stool is foldable with nice wide steps to give users extra stability when using the stool.

The feet are fitted with bright red anti-slip grips and the dimensions of the feet are bigger than most stools which makes it safe to use outside when the ground may not be completely flat.

Buy the Curver Two Step Stool - £27.79

4. Pavo Metal Rolling Kick Step Stool

Pavo Metal Rolling Kick Step Stool

Commonly seen in most retail stores, the Pavo Metal Rolling Kick Step Stool is reliable with its large round circular design.

It may be bulky but this gives users the safety they need when standing atop this stool because it’s very unlikely for this stool to topple over. Once you’re standing on it, the stool clamps down and cannot be moved.

Hidden underneath the drum are three twin castors that enable the stool’s manoeuvrability. What’s best about it though is that there’s no need to lift the stool and place it where you need it because you can just easily kick it to where you need it to be.

Standing tall at 44 cm, this stool is ideal for simple tasks around the house that saves you the hassle from getting a ladder out.

Buy the Pavo Metal Rolling Step Stool - Price not available

3. EasyLife Safety Metal Step Stool

EasyLife Safety Step Stool

Suitable for anyone with mobility problems or a fear of heights, the EasyLife Safety Metal Step Stool is fitted with a handrail for stability and safety.

Measuring 89 cm in height, the handrail is at a good height to hold onto and it’s secured in place with 4 big screws to prevent it from loosening.

There is some assembly required which is quite straightforward but it might be best to get someone to help if you have mobility issues.

This weight of this stool is light so it can be easily picked up by the handle without you having to bend down and carry it to where you need it to be.

Buy the EasyLife Safety Step Stool - Price not available

2. IKEA BEKVAM Wooden Step Stool

Ikea Berkam Step Stool

Attractively designed in a light beige wood colour, the IKEA Bekvam Wooden Step Stool brings a touch of design to the room it’s in as well as being a step stool.

With its height of 50 cm, it can be used as a spare seat at the dining table if needed, although it works best for tall people. It can be used as a worktop too e.g. for sawing.

This step stool is made of real solid wood which requires assembly and comes unvarnished. It’s up to you if you want to varnish and oil but it leaving it as it is gives it a lovely rustic look.

Buy the Ikea Bekvam - £45.99

1. Youngman Metal Work Platform | 312898

Youngman Metal Work Platform

Designed for professional use, the Youngman Metal Work Platform has a large and strong platform that measures 60 x 60 cm. That provides enough room for users to shift around a bit on the platform without worry of slipping off as you would on a step.

However, the step up to the platform is quite narrow although it’s robust enough to stand on.

For convenience, this step stool can be folded down flat to a compact size for storage. Be warned, it’s best not to use this step stool in cramped areas as this measures around 1 metre when open.

Buy the Youngman Work Platform - £84.96

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