Our 10 Best Steam Generator Irons Reviewed

Higher steam output for longer ironing.

Top 10 Best Steam Generator Irons Reviewed

Top 10 Best Steam Generator Irons Reviewed

If you find your ironing tasks take up too much time, a steam generator iron can reduce this time as the steam output is more efficient, longer and more powerful than a regular steam iron, which means they’re more effective in removing creases, even the deep set ones.

However, don’t rush off to buy one without knowing the factors that make each steam gen iron great. To help you make a more informed buying decision, here’s our 10 best best steam generator irons reviewed. You can also compare the specs of each model in our comparison table.

Our Top 10 Best Steam Generator Irons Reviewed

Philips GC7619/20 PerfectCare Pure Steam Generator Iron Reviewed

10. Philips GC7619/20 PerfectCare Pure

OUR RATING 4.2 out of 5 stars

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  • Optimal Temp Ironing Technology – The smart chip sets the one temperature for all types of fabric which gives excellent results without the risk of burning.
  • 5 Bars of Steam Pressure – Releases up to 120g/minute of steam output and a steam boost of up to 220g/minute.
  • Pure Steam Anti-Scale Cartridge – Hard water is filtered out to prevent scales from building up inside your iron that can end up staining clothes.
  • Energy Efficient – The Eco mode can be used to reduce the amount of steam generated whilst saving energy and still produce the same quality results.
  • Large Clear Water Tank – A full tank of 1.5 litres will see you through 2.5 hours of ironing.

There’s always a risk of burning your clothes when you iron and if you’ve often had that mishap, then you should consider the Philips GC7619/20 PerfectCare Pure steam generator iron. With its Optimal Temp smart chip technology, the iron identifies the fabric the soleplate is set on and automatically adjusts the steam and temperature setting with its HeatFlow cyclonic technology.

Maintenance of the PerfectCare Pure steam generator iron is quite easy as the Pure Steam cartridge that will do most of the work for you by keeping limescale from building up. It lasts for around 3 months if you’re using hard water and ironing an average of 30 minutes each week. The only manual maintenance you will need to do is change the cartridge when the indicator light flashes.

Users favour this iron since there’s no risk of burning garments and no need to fiddle about with the temperature dial or steam output. It makes it a lot easier to use the iron especially for people who rarely iron. The T-ionicGlide soleplate is a favourite too thanks to its titanium-oxide coating that has received many positive comments on its superior glide making ironing easy and efficient.


Philips GC8616/30 PerfectCare Aqua Steam Generator Iron Reviewed

9. Philips GC8616/30 PerfectCare Aqua

OUR RATING4.3 out of 5 stars

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  • Automatic Temperature Adjustment – The temperature and steam output is set with the smart chip that detects the type of fabric the soleplate is set on.
  • Easy to Descale – Dirty water and limescale can be removed from the side of the water tank in less than a minute.
  • Simple to Refill – The water tank can be removed for easy refilling with tap water at anytime even during ironing.
  • Quick Start It takes less than 2 minutes for the iron to heat up.
  • Cord Storage Compartment – Both cords can be stored away in the base so it’s out of the way for easier storage.

Similar to the previous Philips steam generator iron in this list, this Philips GC8616/30 PerfectCare Aqua has the same Optimal Temp technology. People have left the iron resting on its soleplate on clothing or the ironing board and true to Philips’ claim of no burns on all ironable fabrics, nothing has been burnt.

With this iron, its steam boost has a bit more pressure with it going up to 240g/minute which is ideal for large washing loads. The 2.5 litre water tank size means there’s less need for a refill. It provides up to 3.5 hours of ironing time, surely that’s more than enough for a large wash load!

The SteamGlide soleplate is another of Philips’ premium soleplate which is extremely scratch resistant yet it still gives a really smooth glide without the pull. The iron is an ideal size for a large household or if there tends to be a lot of ironing done everyday especially when there’s a lot of different fabrics to go through. A lot of time can be saved without the need to adjust the temperature so no time is wasted waiting for the iron to heat or cool.


Morphy Richards 332000 Power Steam Elite Steam Generator Iron Reviewed

8. Morphy Richards 332000 Power Steam Elite

OUR RATING4.4 out of 5 stars

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  • High Steam Performance – The 6.5 bar pressure gives excellent steam performance with a constant steam output of up to 170g/minute and a steam boost of up to 300g/minute.
  • Auto Clean – Self cleans in 2.5 minutes by flushing the water out with clean water which is then emptied into the dirty water chamber within the water tank for easy removal.
  • Fine Water Spray – A mist of water can be used to dampen and soften fabrics to help remove stubborn creases.
  • Lockable Base – The iron can be locked to its base to make it safe and easy to carry and store away.
  • Simple to Use Electronic Controls – Functions can be selected with the arrow buttons which light up to show the function chosen.
  • Auto Shut Off – The unit will automatically switch off if it’s not been used for a certain amount of time.

The Morphy Richards 332000 Power Steam Elite is designed with a special Auto Clean feature that keeps the steam generator iron performing to its best as well as prolonging its life. The descale light will turn on to let you know when it’s time for an auto clean so you won’t ever forget to do this.

It takes just 2.5 minutes for the iron to self clean which is the same time it takes for the iron to heat up. The only manual clean you need to do is empty the water tank.

Despite the longer heat up time compared to other steam generator irons, many people liked the results produced from using this iron. It works great on very dry creases even if it’s jeans so this one would probably be suited to you if there tends to be a lot of jeans in your ironing pile.

The majority of users find it easy to use the iron due to the straightforward electronic button control with the ability to deliver instant steam at 3 different pressures with one touch of a button. It makes ironing easy as pie and a pleasure too as the iron itself is very light to handle and its ceramic soleplate gives a frictionless glide.


Tefal Express GV7450 Steam Generator Iron Reviewed

7. Tefal Express GV7450

OUR RATING4.4 out of 5 stars

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  • Ultraglide Ceramic Soleplate – Offers an extremely effortless glide and a well balanced heat distribution because of the active lines in the soleplate.
  • Anti-Scale Collector – Helps to keep the iron scale free and performing at its best by collecting scale particles in a tube so it can be easily removed and disposed of.
  • Ultracord System – The electric and steam cord has its own compartments for storage and the steam cord has its own EasyCord design to keep it out of the iron’s way during ironing.
  • Long Ironing Time – You can iron up to 3 hours without a refill thanks to the 1.7 litre water tank.

The Tefal Express GV7450 offers a superior glide and ironing experience that cannot be compared to other ones within its price range. It’s all thanks to the Ultragliss Ultraglide ceramic soleplate which is hard to scratch but skims over any type of fabric without resistance. The active lines on the soleplate aren’t just for design, they actually help to distribute heat evenly so you don’t have to keep running the iron over the same crease.

There’s a separate steam and temperature dial that gives you the option to adjust the settings so it’s suitable for the garment you’re ironing. The symbols are pretty clear so it’s hard to go wrong with it. With the 5 bar pressure, you can get up to 120g/minute of continuous and variable steam.

There’s a lot of positive steam generator iron reviews for this as it makes light work of ironing chores and it’s quite effective in removing creases almost immediately. Like a lot of the best steam generator irons, it barely requires maintenance since the anti-scale system does most of the work. However, if you live in a very hard water area, you’ll just need to empty the collector more often which isn’t hard to do.


Morphy Richards 332001 Power Steam Elite Steam Generator Iron Reviewed

6. Morphy Richards 332001 Power Steam Elite

OUR RATING4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Morphy Richards 332001 Power Steam Elite - Price not available

  • Auto Clean Feature – Protects the iron from limescale damage by descaling and removing dirty water at the touch of a button.
  • Safe to Carry – Iron locks to the base so it can be safely carried by the iron’s handle.
  • Steam on Demand – Gives better and stronger steam performance with the 5 bar pressure.
  • Automatic Switch Off – The fail-safe mechanism will kick in and turn the unit off when the iron hasn’t been used after a period of time

Looking like a tank, the Morphy Richards 332001 Power Steam Elite doesn’t mess around when it comes to tackling stubborn or dried creases in fabrics. With the 5 bar pressure that shoots out 170g/minute of pressurised steam, it helps to remove creases with ease so your ironing time is reduced. The steam pressure can be varied to suit different types of fabrics as well.

Based on the reviews for this steam generator iron, it’s not difficult to use this iron with the simple symbols and the intuitive electronic controls with light indicators. The temperature dial is plain and clearly marked with the 3 main types of fabrics that’s usually ironed so it’s hard to get confused by it which many consumers like.

The huge 2.2 litre water tank is enough to see you through a big wash load so you shouldn’t need to refill during ironing. However, if you do, the tank can be removed during ironing without having to wait for the iron to cool down so your flow won’t be interrupted. It’s quite a light iron which makes it easy to handle but the entire unit is big so make sure you have space before you buy it.


Morphy Richards 332006 Power Steam Elite Steam Generator Iron Reviewed

5. Morphy Richards 332006 Power Steam Elite

OUR RATING4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Morphy Richards 332006 Power Steam Elite - Price not available

  • Ionic Soleplate – Prevents clothes from getting static after ironing.
  • Auto Clean – The iron automatically descales when the descale light illuminates so you don’t have to press any buttons.
  • Versatile For The Home – Can be used to vertically steam curtains or freshen up bedding.
  • Lockable Base – Safe and easy to carry as the iron can be locked to the boiler unit.
  • Easy to Remove Water Tank – The large 2.2 litre water tank is comfortable to hold with the handle for easy removal and for refilling.

Pretty much the same as the previous steam generator iron, the Morphy Richards 332006 Power Steam Elite has the same functions but the difference is that this one has a stronger steam shot of 300g/minute and has an ionic soleplate.

Soleplates with ion technology helps to give a static free finish on garments which is ideal if you iron a lot of silk and wool garments. Our review discovers that this iron glides a bit more smoothly and it also gives a more silky and smoother finish when compared to other steam gens by Morphy Richards.


Philips GC8650/80 PerfectCare Aqua Silence Steam Generator Iron Reviewed

4. Philips GC8650/80 PerfectCare Aqua Silence

OUR RATING4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Philips GC8650/80 PerfectCare Aqua Silence - Price not available

  • One Temperature and Steam Setting – The optimal temp control will automatically adjust the steam and temperature to suit the fabric it’s set on so you don’t ever have to fiddle with steam and temperature dials again.
  • Silent Steam Technology – Combined with silencing steam filters and a sound absorbing pump in the base, you can iron without the noise.
  • Powerful Pressurised Steam – The 6.5 bars of steam pressure gives continuous steam output of up to 120g/minute and a steam shot of 340g/minute for stress free ironing.
  • T-ionic Glide Soleplate – Gives 25% better glide for a more effortless ironing experience.
  • Quick to Descale – Takes less than a minute to remove and empty the de-calc outlet.
  • Eco Mode – Save energy and costs by reducing the amount of steam used yet still get excellent ironing results.

One of the best steam generator irons that barely makes any noise is the Philips GC8650/80 PerfectCare Aqua Silence. Noise is reduced by a significant level due to the silencing steam filters and a sound absorbing platform but the steam produced is still very powerful with its 6.5 bar pressure. It gets through several small ironing loads quickly without any problems and can remove creases easily.

The T-ionicGlide Soleplate is one of Philips’ more premium soleplates which can give a 25% better glide than their other soleplates because of the titanium-oxide coating.

Not only does it give an effortless glide without pull but the carefully designed shape and vents gives a more balanced steam and heat distribution. This helps to remove stubborn creases faster without the need to go over it again.

Users love that they don’t have to pre-sort their ironing for different fabric temperatures thanks to the Optimal Temp technology. Overall, it’s a reasonably priced iron that can greatly reduce the time spent ironing and it’s much more quieter than the majority of steam generator irons making it ideal for use in the early mornings or late nights without disturbing anyone.


Morphy Richards 42244 Steam Generator Iron Reviewed

3. Morphy Richards 42244

OUR RATING 4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Morphy Richards 42244 - Price not available

  • Diamond Steel Soleplate – Scratch resistant with a superior glide that gives clothes a sharp finish.
  • Anti-Scale Cartridges – Descales and filters out limescale to ensure optimum steam performance as well as prolonging the iron’s life.
  • Detachable 1L Water Tank – Easy to remove for refill at any point during use without having to wait for the iron to cool down.
  • 100g Steam Output – Large jets of steam helps to relax fabrics making it easier to iron and remove creases.

If you’re on a budget, then you might want to consider the Morphy Richards 42244 Jet steam generator iron. Probably you think cheap doesn’t mean it’s good but this iron will surprise you. Its premium Diamond soleplate is incredibly durable and has an exceptional frictionless glide that gives garments a pristine finish.

The 100g/minute steam output may not be as high as others but it’s able to remove creases effectively quickly no matter what fabric it is. Cleaning the iron doesn’t take long as it uses an anti-scale cartridge that does most of the work. The only thing you would need to do is change the cartridge when its time is up. They usually last about 3 months in hard water areas so you won’t be spending a lot on cartridges.

The 1 litre detachable water tank is more than enough to get through a medium size ironing load so it’s ideal for small households or if there isn’t much to iron everyday. It’s one of the best steam generator irons that makes ironing effortless without burning a hole in your pocket. So if you’re not fussed with extreme steam pressure or fancy functions and just want an iron that does the job, then this would be an ideal one for you.


Tefal Gv8461 Pro Express Autoclean Steam Generator Iron Reviewed

2. Tefal Gv8461 Pro Express Autoclean

OUR RATING4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Tefal Gv8461 Pro Express Autoclean - Price not available

  • Powerful Steam Pressure – Offers 6 bars of steam pressure which gives 120g of steam output and an additional steam boost of up to 260g.
  • Palladium Autoclean Soleplate – Provides an unbeatable glide with a longer lasting performance by removing the fibres and dirt that can get stuck during ironing.
  • Corrosion Free Boiler Unit – Lasts a longer time.
  • Anti-Calc Collector – Keeps the iron scale free by collecting it for easy disposal so your steam generator iron lasts longer whilst performing at its best.
  • Removable 1.8L Water Tank – You can iron for up to 3 hours on a full tank and can refill without having to switch the iron off first.
  • Auto Rewind Cord – Electric cord automatically rewinds into its own storage compartments for easy storage.

Features such as the autoclean soleplate, powerful continuous and variable steam and the anti-calc collector are just some of what makes the Tefal GV8461 Pro Express Autoclean steam generator iron efficient and powerful.

Heating up in just 2 minutes, this iron produces steam that’s strong enough to remove tough creases even in thick fabrics without taking up too much of your time.

In addition to the autoclean function on the soleplate, it’s also equipped with an anti-drip system to prevent water droplets from staining your clothes.

There’s raised lines running across the soleplate but don’t worry, these don’t affect glideability of the iron. Instead it’s enhanced because heat is evenly distributed and surface area resistance is reduced.

The iron is sturdy and robust but when it comes to handling it, it’s actually very light with a comfortable rubber grip handle. Although it’s bit on the pricier side, it’s a favourite for many people as it halves the time spent on ironing and with the adjustable temperature settings, it can be set to the right temperature and steam option to get through really thick clothes quickly.


Philips GC9630/20 Perfect Care Elite Steam Generator Iron Reviewed

1. Philips GC9630/20 Perfect Care Elite

OUR RATING4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the Philips GC9630/20 Perfect Care Elite - £282.30

  • Ultra Fast Ironing – Has a 6.7 bar pressure that releases powerful steam to tackle stubborn and dried creases even in the thickest fabrics.
  • Optimal Temp Setting – No need to waste time adjusting temperature and steam settings as the iron’s smart chip does this for you whether it’s silk or linen you’re ironing.
  • Safety Switch Off – Automatically turns itself off after it’s left unused for 3 minutes.
  • T-ionicGlide Soleplate – Philips’ premium soleplate is tough to scratch and is designed to give a better steam distribution for a superior glide to make ironing efficient and easier.
  • Lightweight – Weighs only 0.8kg.
  • Energy Saving – The amount of steam is reduced when using eco mode but the finished result is just as great.
  • Easy to Descale – A reminder light and sound will turn on when it’s time to clean your iron which is done with the press of a button that removes dirty water and scales into the Easy De-Calc collector for easy disposal.

We finally come onto the best steam generator iron that tops our list, and for good reason – the Philips GC9630/20 Perfect Care Elite.

In addition to the obvious Optimal Temp setting, it has a high steam pressure bar of 6.7 which produces an outstanding 135g/minute of continuous steam and an extremely strong 470g steam boost that penetrates deep into garments. As a result, the finish is immaculate and you barely need to go over a stubborn crease again to remove it.

You might have noticed the iron looks like there’s something missing – yes, there’s no heel rest! Without this, it gives the iron its super lightweight of 800 grams only which makes it even lighter than a bag of potatoes. There’s no need to rest the iron on the boiler unit during use, you can leave it on its soleplate on the ironing board without any risks because of the Optimal Temp setting. If you forget about it, it will automatically switch off within 3 minutes.

It’s a bit on the pricier side but it’s a great iron that’s comfortable to use for everyone in the household. It’s easy to maintain with the de-calc collector and it doesn’t make much noise either. If you’ve got money to spend, want super powerful steam and a very light iron so you don’t end up with aching arms, then this is the best steam generator iron for you.


You can’t really go wrong if you end up choosing from our list of the best steam generator irons. It’s quite a range we’ve put together from the most basic to models with a lot of advanced features. Whether you’ve read some or all of our 10 best steam generator iron reviews, be sure to compare each model side-by-side in our comparison table.

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