Top 7 Best Mop and Bucket Sets

Clever spin, wheeled and wring designs.

Top 7 Best Mop and Bucket Sets Reviewed

The common household chore of floor mopping can be hard work and time consuming and to get hard floor surfaces up to the best standards, a well-designed mop and bucket set is the key. You want to be sure that it gives you good value for money, gives your floors a sparkling clean look and is durable.

These days, we hardly have time to spend on household cleaning and we want it to be as easy as possible considering the busy society we live in. The recommendations below will help to make floor mopping easier on your body and reduce the time of chore.

Best Mop and Bucket Sets Reviewed

Vileda Turbo Spin

7. Vileda Turbo Spin

Buy the Vileda Turbo Spin - £27.49

  • Suitable For – Tiles, wood and lamination
  • Mop Size and Design – Triangular head mop and a telescopic handle extending from 55 – 130cm.
  • Bucket Size and Design – Measures 48.5 x 27.5 x 28cm with a 6-litre fill capacity; attached wringer and foot pedal.
  • Replacement Heads Availability – Head is removable and machine washable and replacement heads are easily available for a good price.

An effortless mop, the Vileda Turbo Spin gets into most corners and picks up more bits than other mops because of its triangular head and red microfibre threads. It removes grease stains fairly easily with some help from cleaning products too.

 Designed with a foot pedal for wringing water out of the mop, it saves on cleaning time and it’s ideal for anyone with wrist pain.

ViledaSuperMocio 3Action XL

6. Vileda SuperMocio 3Action XL

Buy the Vileda SuperMocio 3Action XL - £18.00

  • Suitable For – All sealed hard floors
  • Mop Size and Design – 3-piece handle that clips together (assembled size is 123cm) onto a detachable extra large flat mop head for greater cleaning contact.
  • Bucket Size and Design
    • 10L capacity
    • Pouring lip
    • Carry handle
    • Removable wringer
  • Replacement Heads Availability – Mop heads are removable and machine washable and extra mop heads are available separately.

The ViledaSuperMocio 3Action XL helps to reduce cleaning time as it has 25% more floor contact. Featuring 3 cleaning actions within the mop, the red strips tackles stubborn dirt; the blue microfibre strips removes greasy remains; and the reddots picks up missed dirt bits.

Easy to remove from the bucket is the torsion wringer that uses less arm power for wringing and works well as the mop comes out almost dry with just enough dampness to clean the floor.

Leifheit Classic Mop and Bucket

5. Leifheit Classic Mop and Bucket

Buy the Leifheit Classic Mop and Bucket - £15.05

  • Suitable For – All floors except for wood
  • Mop Size and Design
    • 3 part steel handle that requires assembly to its full size of 120cm
    • Mop strips measure 27cm each
  • Bucket Size and Design – 12L capacity; pouring spout; plastic carry handle; and detachable wringer insert.
  • Replacement heads availability – removable mop head that’s machine washable and comes with a 2 year guarantee, otherwise extra mop heads can be purchased separately.

Practical and straightforward to use, the Leifheit Classic Mop and Bucket’s mop head screws on so it’s easy to take off. The mop can be hung up by the eyelet on the handle or dismantled into its 3 parts for storage.

Slightly more effort is required to squeeze water out completely from the mop in the wringer but overall does its intended cleaning task.

Cleanmaxx Mop and Bucket Set with Wringer

4. Cleanmaxx Mop and Bucket Set with Wringer

Buy the Cleanmaxx Mop and Bucket Set – £45

  • Suitable For – Laminated and parquet floor surfaces and most hard floors.
  • Mop Size and Design – 4 part collapsible metal handle measuring 126cm with a flat mop head.
  • Bucket Size and Design – Separated compartments in the bucket for clean and dirt water with a removable wringer.
  • Replacement Heads Availability – Removable microfibre pads can be washed and includes 2 extra pads.

With the Cleanmaxx Mop and Bucket Set with Wringer, the long handle makes mopping less hard on your back as you don’t have to bend down as much. The mop head stores upright in its own slot in the bucket which allows it to efficiently dry as well as airing out that smelly mop smell.

Dipping the mop into the clean water, you’ll be squeezing this in the wringer which has been designed so the water drips down into the dirty water compartment. You’ll no longer be cleaning your floors with dirty water because of the separate compartments in the bucket.

Leifheit Clean Twist Disc Mop Set

3. Leifheit Clean Twist Disc Mop Set

Buy the Leifheit Clean Twist Disc - £53.47

  • Suitable For – All floor surfaces
  • Mop Size and Design
    • 100 to 130 cm extendable handle that locks to desired length          
    • Pumpable handle
    • Spinning disc mop head and steering and flexible handle joint
  • Bucket Size and Design – 20L trolley bucket with wringer, carry handle and pouring spout.
  • Replacement Heads Availability – Removable mop head that can be machine washed and extra heads are easily available.

Featuring a unique spin system, the Leifheit Clean Twist Disc Mop Set greatly reduces the effort and time required for floor mopping. Water is squeezed out of the mop by pumping the handle (release the lever first!) to make the mop spin in its wringer basket which also gets rid of a lot of dirt and germs hanging on inside the mop.

The mop handle has a flexible wiping joint allowing it to lay flat, great for getting under furniture and easy to swipe across the floor. A 20L bucket full of water is difficult to carry but with the wheels, you can push the bucket along instead.


2. Leifheit CLEAN TWIST XL

Buy the Leifheit CLEAN TWIST XL - £47.58

  • Suitable For – All floor surfaces including sensitive floors.
  • Mop Size and Design
    • Flat 42cm mop head
    • Telescopic handle from 100 to 130cm with foot release for mop head and flexible handle joints
  • Bucket Size and Design – 20L trolley bucket with wringer, carry handle and pouring spout.
  • Replacement Heads Availability – Removable mop head that can be machine washed and extra heads as well as different types are easily available.

Same as the previous mop and bucket, the Leifheit Clean Twist XL has all the same features with the difference being that this one is bigger.

It also has a different mop which is flat with a super soft microfibre cloth that holds in place on the head with poppers. There are different cloth heads available including a Static Plus for dry floor dusting.

Leifheit Profi

1. Leifheit Profi

Buy the Leifheit Profi – £60

  • Suitable For – Larger floors: tiled, smooth stone, vinyl or wood.
  • Mop Size and Design
    • Flat 42cm mop head with thick fleece microfiber
    • Collapsible 3-part steel handle measuring 140cm with foot release for mop head and flexible handle joints
  • Bucket Size and Design – Compact 8L capacity with wringer press.
  • Replacement Heads Availability – Removable mop head that can be machine washed and the steel handle can be attached to other Leifheit interconnecting click-system cleaning heads.

Made for cleaning larger floor surfaces, the Leifheit Profi Mop and Compact Bucket uses a mop wiper that has thick raised fibre bristles that removes tough dirt residues especially those stuck in grout. 

Featuring a ‘pedal press’ for the wringer on the bucket, this means no getting your hands dirty when mopping as well as less squeezing effort from your arms. The bucket holds steady when pressing your foot on the pedal so there’s no fear of the bucket tipping over.

Choosing the Best Mop and Bucket Set – 6 Top Tips

  • Choose according to your floor surfaces – not every floor surface is the same so choosing the best type of mop for your floor is important to prevent damaging your floor. Too much water on laminate and some hardwood floors can cause distortions and bubbling so an absorbent mop head or a bucket with a tough wringer is ideal. For tiled floors, you might want a mop with some scrubbing action to get into the grout.
  • Choose the ideal type of mop head – there are a variety of mop heads available from the old school rope mops to the modern flat microfibre cloth mop heads. Each mop head has a different absorbency power which is important for the above tip. The shape and size of the mop should be considered too because the bigger the mop, the more floor surface you will cover.
  • Consider a flexible mop handle – to reduce the amount of bending down you do when mopping, a mop handle with flexible joints will allow you to bend and twist the mop however you need it. This is ideal if you have back problems or just want to make floor mopping as easy and efficient as possible.
  • Choose the right bucket size – only get the capacity size you need otherwise you might end up trying to find somewhere to store a large bucket that you didn’t need. Think about how heavy it will be when it’s filled with water too so consider if you’ll be able to carry that.
  • Choose the ideal bucket type – Some buckets are designed with dual compartments to allow for dirty and clean water on each side which means you won’t have to refill for another mopping round with clean water. If you’re after a big bucket, then it may be wise to look for one with wheels for ease of portability.
  • Test the durability of the wringer – Give the wringer a good push with your hand to test its strength; if it bends easily, then it probably won’t last long.

Want to remove some of the manual work out of mopping? Then you should consider using a steam mop instead, which is faster and more efficient at cleaning.

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