Our 5 Best Foot Spa Massagers Reviewed

Relax and wash away the stress from your feet.

Top 5 Best Foot Spa Massagers Reviewed

Top 5 Best Foot Spa Massagers Reviewed

Being on your feet for the whole day can cause tension on your muscles, tendons and ligaments. After all, it’s supporting your entire body weight. A foot spa machine can do so much to relieve the stress from your feet and improve blood circulation to make you feel relaxed and soothed all over.

Soaking your feet in a tub of hot water with spa functionality from our list of our 5 best foot spa massagers will be a real treat for your feet. You can also compare each of them in our comparison table here.

Our Top 5 Best Foot Spa Massagers Reviewed


Beurer FB20 Foot Spa Massager Review

5. Beurer FB20

OUR RATING 4.2 out of 5 stars

Buy the Beurer FB20 - £41.49

  • 2 Massage Options – Relax your foot muscles and tendons with a vibration massage or refresh your feet with a gentle and calming bubble massage.
  • Pedicure Attachments – Ideal for the removal of corns and callouses on your feet and it allows you to give your feet an extra pampering treatment to make them extra soft.
  • Cord Winder – The electric cord is tidied away within the foot spa for easy storage.
  • 4 Removable Roller Attachments – Can be used separately for foot reflex zone massage or for dry massage.
  • Removable Splash Guard – Prevents water from spilling over onto the floor.

The Beurer FB20 foot spa is at the lower priced end of the market without compromising on quality or design so it’s ideal for anyone on a budget.

There are 2 massage options you can choose from to relax aching feet and it even has an infrared light at the back to soothe and relax you.

The foot bed is filled with massage dots to gently ease tension in the soles of your feet. As an extra treat, you could give your feet a pedicure with the 3 attachments by hand or by rubbing your foot over the selected one at the back.

It can also be used to treat feet problems such as corns, bunions or athlete’s foot. The ones that aren’t in use can be stored in the hanger provided which easily clips to the side of the foot bath so it’s not in the way and you won’t lose them either.

Consumers like this one for its basic functions and the pedicure attachments. It’s inexpensive and does the job if you’re just after something to give you a sense of calm after a long day. However, it’s slightly smaller than some foot spas. It will only fit up to size 9 feet as many people with size 7 feet found they had little room left in the tub so if you have bigger feet, the next foot spa review in this list may be more appealing to you.


Beurer FB35 Foot Spa Massager Review

4. Beurer FB35

OUR RATING 4.3 out of 5 stars

Buy the Beurer FB35 - £52.30

  • Aromatherapy Container – A removable filter allows you to add your own aromatherapy bath salts or crystals for a more relaxing and therapeutic experience.
  • 3 Massage Functions – Choose from a vibrating, bubble or tempered water massage.
  • Pedicure Attachments – Includes 3 interchangeable pedicure items on a handy storage clip to help remove dead or rough skin to soften feet.
  • 16 Magnets Built In – Creates a magnetic field for magnetic therapy use to reinvigorate your feet and stimulate the renewal of skin cells.
  • Removable Splash Protection – Protects floor surfaces from spilled water and can be removed for ease of cleaning or if you need more space.
  • Practical Carry Handle – Makes it easier to carry the foot tub.

Using certain aromatherapy bath essences with your foot baths can further help your feet by boosting circulation, relieve stress and tension, ease tiredness, aches and pains and get rid of smelly feet! With the Beurer FB35 foot spa, you have the option to use aromatherapy bath salts or crystals whilst enjoying a massage with any of the 3 functions that can be easily adjusted with the dial on top.

There are removable massage rollers that can be used for a stronger rub down on your whole feet which can prove to be very stress relieving. In addition to the 16 magnets, there are also 4 integrated infrared light dots to further boost blood circulation and stimulate the skin cells and muscles for repair and healing.

For a spa like experience, the vibrating massage paired with lavender essence can help to relieve tension in tired feet. There are lots of great aromatherapy ideas in reviews for this foot spa if you’re unsure of how to reap the benefits of aromatherapy essences. It’s one of the best foot spa massagers that has a removable aromatherapy filter without the need to use essential oils which can often clog up the holes in the machine .


Hangsun FM200 Foot Spa Massager Review

3. Hangsun FM200

OUR RATING4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Hangsun FM200 - Price not available

  • 2 Massage Options – You can relax and revitalise your feet with a soft and gentle bubble massage or use the vibrations massage for a more intense and stimulating massage.
  • Removable Massage Rollers – Can be used to manually comfort your feet during one of the massage functions or for a quick dry massage.
  • Keep Warm Function – The water temperature is maintained for 40 minutes so you can enjoy a warm soak for a longer time.
  • Infrared Light – Emits infrared heat and a magnetic field that helps to boost blood circulation.
  • Massage Footbed – Raised nodes on the base of the foot bath ensure each area of your soles are gently rubbed.

Easy to use with many functions, the Hangsun FM200 foot spa machine proves to be a real treat for your feet. With 4 options of a bubble massage, vibration massage, infrared heat and water heat preservation to choose from, you can adjust the foot spa to suit different daily needs or use a bit of each function for an at home spa session. Each function aims to relax, revitalise and increase your blood circulation.

There’s a splash guard at the front so you don’t have to worry about getting water over the floor when the bubble massage is in use. Nor is there any need to worry about the foot bath sliding about since there’s rubber feet underneath to keep it in place. To ensure you don’t overfill the tub, the side of the tub has a clearly marked maximum line for your safety.

With the conveniently designed handle, this makes it easy to carry the tub even when it’s filled with water. It’s pretty bulky so you will need to make sure you have space to store it somewhere. Although this brand isn’t widely known, there’s some positive foot spa reviews for it so if you’re after a foot spa that can endure daily use with a variety of luxurious massage options, then this is the one for you.


Beurer FB25 Foot Spa Massager Review

2. Beurer FB25

OUR RATING4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Beurer FB35 - Price not available

  • Magnetic Field Therapy – 16 magnets installed magnets creates a magnetic field to encourage energy flow to renew skin cells.
  • Removable Large Massage Roller – Helps to provide a deeper massage to relieve everyday aches and pains.
  • Vibration or Bubble Massage – To ease tense ligaments and muscles in your feet.
  • Keeps Water Warm – Fill the tub with warm water and this function will keep it warm for up to an hour.
  • Large Tub – Big in length and width which is a good fit for people with bigger feet.
  • Non-Slip Rubber Feet – Prevents the foot bath from sliding about on the floor.

Equipped with 16 magnets, the Beurer FB25 foot spa massager helps to ease muscle tension and increase circulation whilst you enjoy a tranquil pampering session at home. You could choose to turn on the water jets for a soft and fun bubbling massage to get blood flowing in your feet or turn on the vibrations if your feet are aching like mad.

The entire foot bed is covered in plastic massage spikes which helps to give a deeper rub to the soles of your feet if you choose to use the dry massage setting. Some people found these spikes to be harder than other foot baths so it’s probably not right for people with sensitive soles as the massage can be quite intense when combined with the vibrations function. You’re probably better off using the gentle bubbles massage option instead.

Although the foot bath is quite big, it’s not too heavy to carry and because of the size, it makes it ideal for people with bigger feet. Many male consumers with foot sizes of up to 13 can enjoy a good foot soak as well thanks to this. This foot spa machine is ideal for anyone who have a lot of tension in their feet or tough dry skin on their soles which can be relieved by the harder plastic spikes in the foot bed.


Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Spa Massager Review

1. Beurer FB50 Luxury

OUR RATING4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Beurer FB50 Luxury - £129.99

  • Touch Control Panel – No need to fiddle with dials, simply touch the buttons to select the functions you want which will be displayed on the LED display.
  • Built In Timer – Choose how long you want your massage treatment to run for and when it ends, it will automatically switch itself off.
  • 5 Levels of Temperature Control – Select the temperature you want the water to be heated up to and it will be maintained at this too.
  • Magnetic Field Therapy – Stimulates energy flow and promotes well-being.
  • Motorised Pedicure Attachments – You can hold your foot over the motorised attachment so it scrubs and smooths the rough skin on your feet until it’s smooth.
  • 6 Removable Massage Rollers – All of the same size and easy to hold in your hand to enjoy a deeper massage on your feet or it can be used on your ankles and calves.

Featuring a LED display and a hi-tech control panel, the sleek and sophisticated Beurer FB50 luxury foot bath gives you more options to play around with so you can adjust the foot spa to your desired needs. You can choose to heat the water to 5 different temperatures from 35 to 48 degrees celsius and choose how long you want your spa treatment for from 20 to 60 minutes.

With the 6 removable roller attachments, you can get a more effective and stimulating reflex zone massage on the soles of your feet whilst enjoying a revitalising bubble massage or more intense vibrations massage. There’s even the option to combine the 2.

If you forget which programme you’re on, you can easily check with one touch of the buttons which will activate the LED display.

Like most of the Beurer foot spa massagers on this list, this one also comes with pedicure attachments but what’s different with this one is that it’s motorised. There’s no need for you to reach forward to buff and preen your feet to get it soft. You can sit back and relax whilst the motor does this for you.

It’s a bit more money than most foot spa machines but if you’re after a foot bath with a lot of fancy functions and the ultimate luxury at home foot spa experience, then this is the one for you.

Final Word | Best Foot Spa Massagers

Beurer is a well known German company that specialises in products of well being and health so it’s no surprise so many of their best foot spa massagers are featured in this list. Their products are high in quality and always deliver. However, there are many other home foot spas out there that are just as good so it’s worth checking out other foot spa massager reviews as well. You can also compare each of the above models in our comparison table.

See the Beurer FB50 in action with this instructional video…

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