5 Best Types of Kitchen Wall Clocks

Complimenting your kitchen decor.

5 Best Types of Kitchen Wall Clocks

5 Best Types of Kitchen Wall Clocks

Whether you’re cooking or having a meal before you leave the house, no doubt you’ll be in keeping an eye on the time. Most likely, you’ll be in the kitchen too which is where the need for a wall clock comes in.

Many of the best kitchen wall clocks are very accurate especially ones with a radio controlled signal meaning it will update to the correct time automatically so you’ll never be late. There are many different styles that you can find to match your kitchen design ideas too which we’ve put together in this article.


Digital Wall Clocks For the Kitchen

Digital Wall Clocks

Digital wall clocks will show the time displayed on an LCD or LED screen in a 12 or 24 hour numbered format. This will usually display the seconds as well. Most digital clocks go further than just showing the time, it can include functions such as room temperature, date, day, moon phases or an alarm. These can prove to be useful at a glance when your hands are dirty from cooking and you can’t get to your phone to check the date or how hot the kitchen is.

When you need to accurately time what you’re cooking right down to the second, digital would be the best type of wall clock for the kitchen if you don’t like to use kitchen timers.

One with a big display would be most ideal so you can see it with a quick glance wherever you are. Even better, one with an alarm would prove to be really useful especially if you forget how long food has been cooking for.

Although a digital time format is of a modern style, it can fit in with many kitchen designs. It suits contemporary style kitchens best but if you’re trying to match a more retro style kitchen, there are some digital wall clocks with a classic style and coloured frame for this. There are also fashionable designs and hi-tech looking ones that will suit a kitchen or home that’s of a futuristic gadget style.

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Retro Wall Clocks For the Kitchen

Retro Wall Clocks

The style of retro kitchens are on the rise where you have retro looking kitchen appliances reminiscent of the Swingin’ 60s, 1950s or 1940s to matching decor. A retro wall clock will fit in perfectly with this type of design and there’s such a wide variety to match your design whether it’s subtle or full out groovy.

Most retro clocks are analogue but modern reinvented styles can be digital as well to make reading the time a lot easier. If you don’t really have a specific kitchen design, having a retro wall clock can bring some style into your kitchen without having to change everything. Even if you’re not using it as a clock, it makes a great decorative piece to the kitchen.

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Vintage Wall Clocks For the Kitchen

Vintage Wall Clocks

Anyone who loves antique and vintage designs would really appreciate having a vintage style wall clock in the kitchen. There are even some really vintage inspired pieces which follow the swinging pendulum design just below the dial of the clock.

Vintage clocks are usually analogue and have a wide variety of colours and styles to choose from. You could get one to make a bold statement with a beautiful and classic finish in bronze and gold colouring for an antique look or ones with a faded wooden style for a shabby chic look. Rarely any have a digital face but there are some modern designs that might include a small digital time format screen.

A vintage design clock will suit most types of kitchens as many vintage wall clocks have a classic style that never fades.

It can add interest to your kitchen gleaned from bygone eras. This is what makes them the best wall clocks for the kitchen and they’re pleasing to look at as it brings in subtle style – that’s unless you’re going for the more noticeable style of the pendulum design.

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Wooden Wall Clocks For the Kitchen

Wooden Wall Clocks

A wooden clock can bring in a luxurious look to the kitchen as wooden designs are seen to be of timeless elegance. It goes with all kitchen design ideas because wooden wall clocks come in many styles ranging from old to new and are normally made with an analogue face. However, there are some with digital time formats but they can be costly depending on the design.

As wood comes in different types and shades of brown, there can be a lot to choose from. However, it guarantees there will be a shade suitable for your kitchen. This is usually quite important for country style kitchens when a certain shade is needed to match the wooden counters. The best thing about having a wooden clock is that if it’s no longer used for the kitchen, it can be hung into any other room without looking out of place.

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Copper Wall Clocks For the Kitchen

Copper Wall Clocks

For anyone wishing to add a touch of class and fashion to the kitchen, a copper wall clock would be the perfect solution. Copper themed kitchens are becoming a fashion trend and clocks are jumping on board with this trend. There are ones you could hang to make a bold statement by going all copper so it really stands out on your kitchen walls or more subtle styles to bring a hint of the fashion to the kitchen.

Contemporary and retro kitchen styles will find a copper wall clock will complement their style nicely. Most come in an analogue dial but many will have marked minutes and seconds for better accuracy and reading the time. They’re the best kitchen wall clocks for anyone who is looking to jazz up their kitchen in a trendy style and add a distinctive look.

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