5 Best Colour Changing Mood Lights Reviewed

Set the mood and ambience of any room in your home.

Top 5 Best Colour Changing Mood Lights Reviewed

Top 5 Best Colour Changing Mood Lights Reviewed

When you want to change the atmosphere and ambience of your home, there’s no need to buy new furnishings and move things around – mood lights will do the trick.

The name says it all. Mood lights emit a wide range of different colours of your choice to alter the mood and setting of a room. Here are our 5 best colour changing mood lights reviewed.


Philips Living Colours Mini Colour Changing Mood Light

5. Philips Living Colours Mini

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Small size enables it to be placed anywhere whether it’s on a side table or on the shelf without intruding on your space
  • Colour lighting blends in with interiors to give a low-key feel to the room
  • Has 256 colours to choose from with a swipe of the on product touch control
  • Colours can be automatically set to loop through its spectrum

Although not as small as the previous Philips mood light, the Philips LivingColours Mini is still quite compact for its size and can be placed on any shelf to decorate the room.

With the 70 lumen/5 watts light output, it gives a soft glow to highlight a feature of the room or to create a certain atmosphere with any of the 256 colours. However, it’s not bright enough to read by unless it’s focused close to the book.

Like most of the LED mood lighting from Philips, this one can be set to automatically scroll through the colours which is at a nice even pace to give a fun yet relaxed ambience. This can easily be done by holding the button down for a few seconds. Selecting a specific colour is simple with a swipe or touch of the colour bar on the product.

This mood light isn’t as bright as some of the best colour changing mood lights from Philips but its gentle glow is enough to create the perfect ambience for an intimate night in or to light up a dark corner.


Philips Living Colours Micro Colour Changing Mood Light

4. Philips Living Colours Micro

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Choose any of the 64 colours to set a relaxing or romantic atmosphere
  • On-product touch control enables you to swipe and touch to select the desired colour
  • Can be set to automatically cycle through the colour spectrum so you can enjoy a variety of colour LED mood lighting
  • Small size makes it easy to fit into any corner without clashing with your home decor

The small and lightweight Philips LivingColours Micro mood light is the perfect size to fit in anywhere to provide the right glow. Using a LED bulb, it gives a light output of 50 lumen/5 watts to create a low mood lighting atmosphere that gently blends in with your home interior. Think of how the glow is with a few lit candles, that’s the amount of brightness that can be created.

Although there isn’t as much colour choice compared to the big Philips mood lights, there’s still a generous number of 64 different colours to choose from. You could go from warming shades of yellow to soothing blue tones for calmer moments. Colours can be chosen with a swipe of the touch colour strip on the mood light itself which is pretty accurate on the touch and not overly touch sensitive.

Compact with enough brightness to set a relaxing atmosphere, this mood light is perfect for the price. Its size is ideal for small rooms and the lighting is great for anyone who is after a non-intrusive background light.


Philips Living Colours Aura Colour Changing Mood Light

3. Philips Living Colours Aura

OUR RATING 4.6 out of 5 stars

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  • Colour choice of up to 16 million colours so you can choose the best one to suit the occasion
  • Easy to use remote control with colour wheel to adjust colour intensity, brightness and an automatic colour changing mode
  • Saves energy with the use of LED light which also lasts longer
  • Favourite buttons to store 2 of your favourite lighting colours

Similar to the Philips LivingColours Iris mood light, the Philips LivingColours Aura Changing Mood Light also has many of the same features including the 16 million colour choices, elegant diffused light effect, remote control with colour wheel and automatic colour changing mode. The difference is that this has a light output of 120 lumen/8 watts which gives a more subtle light to the room.

Its compact size enables it to fit nicely on bookshelves or on desktops without looking bulky thanks to its cone shaped sleek design. Overall, it’s a good price for a LED light that gives a soft glow for the perfect mood lighting ideal for anyone who prefers softer lighting.


Philips Hue Go Colour Changing Mood Light

2. Philips Hue Go

OUR RATING 4.7 out of 5 stars

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  • Can be detached from the mains and used as a portable mood light to be placed anywhere to set the right lighting mood
  • Lightweight and compact size for easy portability
  • Controllable from any iOS or Android device or from the smart control settings on the light
  • Wide range of different light effects to choose from to create the perfect lighting experience

Operated via the mains, the Philips Hue Go can be used to colour your room with any of the 16 million colours. Unplugged, it works as a portable light that can be used to set the mood wherever you fancy thanks to the rechargeable internal battery. With a full charge after 1.5 hours, it can last up to 3 hours. With the 300 lumen light output, you can create any desired atmosphere using any of the special light effects which are:

  • Five natural dynamic light effects – Choose from cozy candle, sunday coffee, meditation, enchanted forest and night adventure. All have an unique blend of colours to suit calm moments or for romantic events.
  • Immersive entertainment light – Special light is used to create the perfect gaming experience and when it’s synced to music.
  • Energising light – Provides cool and lively light for positivity.
  • Concentrate light – A bright white light is used to help you focus on your work.
  • Reading light – A warm white light gives the correct lighting to book pages or e-book readers to prevent you from overstraining your eyes.
  • Relaxing light – Creates a calm and soothing atmosphere with a soft glow of warm white light.
  • Increasing light intensity – Provides the perfect natural wake up experience by mimicking the gradual light effects of sunrise.

This Philips mood light can be controlled wirelessly via any Smart device with the Philips Hue app or any other compatible app developed for Hue. With this, you can set timers, reminders, alarms and sync to your entertainment devices. Alternatively, the smart control on the mood light itself can be used.

Easy to use with a bright light and a portable option, this is one of Philips best colour changing mood lights. With the option to connect to the Philips Hue Bridge, you can broaden your Hue ecosystem and control everything from your smart device too.


Philips Living Colours Iris Colour Changing Mood Light

1. Philips Living Colours Iris

OUR RATING 4.8 out of 5 stars

Buy the Philips Living Colours Iris - Price not available

  • Has up to 16 million different colours to choose from on a dial ranging from intense to pastel colours.
  • Includes remote control to give you easy control over colour selection, brightness and speed of colour change.
  • Automatic Changing Mode allows for a more colourful spectrum.
  • Can be linked to other Philips LivingAmbiance products via Smartlink using just one remote control.
  • Special diffused light effect that blends mood lighting in with your home interior design.

Light up your home to suit your mood from one of the 16 million colour choices available with the Philips LivingColours Iris mood light which is easy to do with the rotating colour wheel on the remote control.

Using an integrated LED light, it has a light output of 210 lumen/10 watts which is the highest out of the Philips LivingColours mood light range. It operates with a fixed 1.8m power cable so it won’t cut out during use.

Although the mood light can get quite bright with the brightest colour, it’s not enough to use as the main source of light. With an adjustable colour intensity and dimmable feature, it’s easy to get the right colour and brightness to create the atmosphere you want without looking like a harsh spotlight thanks to the special diffused light effect.

Your favourite colours can be saved by holding down the one or two dotted button which will store a favourite in each one.

For a more colourful changing mood light display, this LED mood light can be set to automatically change with a twist of the 360 degree dial and pressing the ‘I’. Easy to use with lots of colours to choose from, you can create any desired setting. Having the option to link it to other Philips LivingAmbiance products is a plus to reduce the number of remote controls used and if your home is set up as a Smarthome, this can even be linked up to it too.

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