20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

Create more open space in your small home office.

20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

So you’re finally your own boss, working the hours you want and when you want. Perhaps you’re working from home in your small home office or rented a small office elsewhere. Despite your small office size, there are plenty of home office storage ideas to utilize the space you have.

With some creativity from great home office design ideas, you’ll be able to create a calm, spacious and organised working environment. Take a look at the following small home office storage ideas which can help you organise your work space.

Clever Storage Ideas and Solutions

20 Clever Storage Ideas For the Small Home Office

20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

1. Really Useful Box Filer With 10 Suspension Files

Is your office full of files and documents that need to be filed away but there’s not enough room in your small office for a filing cabinet? Well this can be solved with this plastic filing box which comes with 10 suspension files.

With this Really Useful Filing Box, there’s plenty of space to file important documents neatly and being plastic, files will be kept dry should you any wet accidents happen! This box is stackable as well so you can create your own filing cabinet without the bulk. Don’t worry, it’s easy to lift the boxes with the handles.

Check Out the Really Useful Filing Box


20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

2. Fizz Creations Desktop Skip

Keep your desk clear from small bits of rubbish such as used staples, crumpled post it notes and pencil shavings with this mini desktop skip which is the same size as a 500g butter tub. It’s particularly handy when your bin is too far from your desk or you just don’t want to move from your perfect ergonomic position in your office chair.

Alternatively, it can be used as a desk tidy for paper clips, pins, staples or you could store some sweets in it! With little cool office ideas like this, it gives your office a look of fun to it. After all, we know the saying of ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.

Check Out the Fizz Creations Desktop Skip


20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

3. Durable Computer Desk Mat

Store important notes, business cards or papers underneath this transparent desk mat to give you an at a glance accessibility or to remind you of any important tasks. It’s harder to ignore or forget things when it’s just at your fingertips.

The transparent style makes it suitable for all home office design ideas. It’s one of the most useful small home office ideas around as there’s no wall hanging required. This desk mat can also help to protect your desk from any indentations or marks which is ideal if you’ve got an expensive or antique writing desk.

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20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

4. Cathedral Key Cabinet Safe

Security within an office is one of the most important things due to the amount of confidential documents and financial records. There’s probably a key to lock your safe, a key for your filing cabinet, a key for your drawers – the list goes on.

So instead of leaving these keys scattered around your office, keep your office tidy by storing keys away securely in this lockable Cathedral Key Cabinet Safe. It’ll prevent your keys from getting lost too as you’ll end up hanging the keys back up in this cabinet. This key safe can be fixed on the wall to keep desk and floor space free so it’s the perfect office organisation idea for your keys.

Check Out the Cathedral Key Cabinet Safe


20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

5. Fellowes R-Kive System Desktop Organiser

Cheap home office storage ideas to keep desks tidy are hard to come by as not everyone wants to spend a fortune. Well this affordable 100% recycled cardboard desktop organiser can help to keep your documents, papers, letters or brochures tidy in their own compartments. It’s quick and easy to slot together this desk tidy without the need for tools.

The dividers for each compartment can be labelled for better organisation. To save space, the design of this desk organiser unit can be stacked making it one of the best small home office ideas so you can have as many as you want.

Check Out the Fellowes R-Kive System Desktop Organiser


20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

6. Post-it C50 Desk Organiser Set

If you’re looking for some home office desk ideas to make space for you to work on or just have too many different storage units, post-it notes dispensers or pen pots, then downsize to just one desk storage solution with this desk organiser.

With the seven different sized compartments in this set, you can store your post-it notes, pens, paper clips and other stationery bits in one place. There’s a handy tape dispenser on it too which is not usually found on many desk tidies. It’s a great way to keep your desk from cluttering up and the stylish and contemporary look complements many modern home office design ideas.

Check Out the Post-it C50 Desk Organiser Set


20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

7. Go-Go-Station Desktop Organiser

Follow one of our favourite home office storage ideas by de-cluttering and freeing up space with this desktop station. There are compartments for your stationery pieces but most importantly, there’s one for your Smartphone. As the organiser is ergonomically designed, it allows you to easily interact with your Smartphone too.

The desk station can be placed between your monitor and keyboard, behind your laptop or on a small desk. It’s made with clear transparent acrylic which fits into the style of many home office design ideas and is easy to clean if needed.

Check Out the Go-Go-Station Desktop Organiser


20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

8. Fellowes Bankers Box Earth Series Magazine File

If you’re looking for some temporary home office storage ideas, then invest in the Fellowes Bankers Box Earth Series Magazine Files which are 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard. They’re quick and easy to construct with its fastfold technology and is strong enough to hold heavy textbooks or ring binders because of the double layer end panel and base.

Check Out the Fellowes Bankers Box Earth Series


20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

9. Snopake Eligo 13 Part Desk Storage Expander

Keep current or in use documents and paperwork to hand by organising it into this Snopake Eligo Desk Storage Expander file. Being one of the many best home office storage ideas, it can be stored on your desk or on a shelf when you have a limited amount of space to play around with.

There are 13 sections which can be labelled for you to easily grab files and is available as a landscape or portrait style which looks like a magazine file.

Check Out the Snopake Eligo 13 Part Desk Storage Expander


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10. D-Line Large Cable Tidy Unit

Wherever there’s an office, there’s bound to be a computer which means unsightly socket extensions full of plugs. Kind of ruins the home office design ideas you have in mind doesn’t it? But there’s a way to keep these plugs hidden with the D-Line Large Cable Tidy Unit.

Besides keeping your home office tidy, it’s a great way to free up space on your office floor and it prevents any trips or spills accidents. The size is pretty big and can fit a 6 plug socket extension which is more than enough for all the plugs in an office.

Check Out the D-Line Large Cable Tidy Unit


20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

11. Really Useful Box 9 Litre Paper and Magazine Storage

Many home offices tend to have small printers which means only a small amount of paper can be loaded into the paper tray. So where can the remaining stack of printing paper be stored without being knocked over? The solution is this 9 litre Really Useful Box designed specifically to an A4 size to fit paper or notebooks in.

It’s handy for small home offices as this small box can be stored on a shelf, underneath the printer or on top of your computer unit. Storing paper this way makes it easily accessible by just opening the lid and prevents paper from spilling everywhere.

Check Out the Really Useful Box 9 Litre


20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

12. Deflecto Literature Wall Pockets

Store papers, magazines and leaflets in these Deflecto Literature Wall Pockets which can be fixed onto walls with screws or adhesive strips. By organising bits of paper into hanging partitions, it will help to keep your desk and floor space free.

Each wall pocket can fit in A4 size documents and is made with strong transparent plastic so you can easily see what paperwork has been filed into each section.

Check Out the Deflecto Literature Wall Pockets


20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

13. Durable VARICOLOR Letter Tray Set

With simple colourful home office storage ideas like this Durable Varicolor Letter Tray Set, it makes organisation look like fun. Easily identify documents and files with these colour coded letter trays without the need for labels which also provides some privacy as to what documents lay in each tray.

The letter trays have non-slip pads so it can be stacked vertically or staggered which makes it easier to find and access paperwork. Each coloured part of the tray can be gripped for better handling.

Check Out the Durable VARICOLOR Letter Tray Set


20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

14. Fellowes Bankers Box System

Stacking lever arch files, ring binders and box files on top of each other is an accident waiting to happen. Not only that but it also makes your home office look messy and takes up a lot of space. Minimise the mess and regain desk, shelf or floor space with this Fellowes Bankers Box System File Store Box for these bulky folders.

Folders can be stored vertically or horizontally and each store box is stackable so minimal space is used. It’s one of the cheapest office organisation ideas around instead of buying large drawers or filing cabinets which take up a lot of space. Drawers are also supplied with the unit so empty compartments can be utilised.

Check Out the Fellowes Bankers Box System


20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

15. Avery 5 Tier Steel Letter Rack

If you’re after home office storage ideas that will last in your office for years and years to come, then you might want to consider this 5 tier steel letter rack by Avery. This sturdy piece of office storage can be fixed to your wall or placed on your desk or a flat surface with the 4 rubber feet.

Each rack will fit A4 sized documents and can be piled quite high because of the generous gap in between. With the landscape design, less space is taken up on your wall or on your desk as it doesn’t stick out as much.

Check Out the Avery 5 Tier Steel Letter Rack


20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

16. Really Useful Box 64 Litre For General Storage

One of our best home office storage ideas has got to be stackable plastic boxes. With the 64 Litre Really Useful Box size, you can easily store 6 – 8 A4 lever arch files and box files in here. This size can be stacked with the 84 and 50 litres sizes.

There are so many different sizes available so it should be easy enough to find the right sizes for all your home office needs. As it’s plastic and clear, not only will you be able to see what’s inside the boxes but it will fit in nicely with any home office design ideas.

Check Out the Really Useful Box 64 Litre


20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

17. 5 Star Noticeboard Cork

De-clutter your desk from notes, business cards and messages with one of the most basic home office storage ideas that’s widely used in many offices – a noticeboard! Having this fixed in front of your desk or by your office door ensures you never miss anything again. Simply stick your notes on with a pin.

This simple looking noticeboard from 5 Star is big enough to fit big pieces of paper as well which is ideal for drawn business plans, ideas or designs. It can be easily fixed to wall and the fixtures are hidden to ensure your office looks professional.

Check Out the 5 Star Noticeboard Cork


20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

18. Nobo Quartet Magnetic Monthly Organiser Combination Board

Plan your monthly tasks with the Nobo Quartet Monthly Organiser Combination Board. With this board, the need for a typical desk diary is eliminated which takes up space and can easily be forgotten. It can be fixed to the wall to keep desk and floor space free.

This dry erase board also takes magnetic pins making it handy to stick paper notes on. Additionally, there’s also a cork board section for extra notes to be stuck on with drawing pins.

Check Out the Nobo Quartet Combination Board


20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

19. Post-it Designer Combi Dispenser

Do you have too many post-it notes scattered around your desk or in your drawers? Well then keep them together with this Post-it Combi Dispenser.

This makes it quicker and easier to grab a sticky note when you need it and less time is spent rummaging around for one. There are enough compartments for all your post-it notes including page markers.

Check Out the Post-it Designer Combi Dispenser


20 Small Home Office Storage Ideas

20. Rolodex Business Card Tray

When you have too many business cards and bits of notes with names and addresses scrawled on stuck on your pin board, in your drawers or on desk, then it’s time to organise these into the Rolodex Business Card Tray. It can sit neatly on the corner of your desk for quick access and there are alphabetised sleeves to easily find numbers by turning the cards.

Names and addresses can be written onto the plain white cards or business cards can be slipped into the clear business card sleeves (available separately). 500 plain cards are included and there’s a lot of space to fit more in too.

Check Out the Rolodex Business Card Tray

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