18 Funky Chairs For the Unusual Home

Cool and eccentric chairs to add character to your home.

Funky Chairs

Every home needs character, something that is interesting and a great talking point. What better way to get a reaction from your guests than to have one of these funky chairs, which are designed for different rooms in your house – dining room, office, bedroom, lounge and garden.

Quartz Chair

1. Quartz By CTRLZAK

Inspired by natural crystal formations, this geometric chair is crazy enough to leave you baffled.

Hollow Chair

2. Hollow Chair By Straight Line Designs

Pressed for space? Don’t worry, there’s extra storage room under your seat with this cool lounge chair.

Samurai Chair

3. The Samurai Chair By Seo Young Moon

Even though it has been sliced by the sharpest Samurai sword, you can still sit on it without it crumbling. Amazing.

Magica Chairs4. Magica By Davide Conti

This chair has two things going for it – it looks like you’re really good at balancing from certain angles, and it has additional storage space underneath the chair!

Bloom Chair

5. The Bloom Chair By Kenneth Cobonpue

What’s supposed to be a flower, looks like an outer space alien that will eat anyone who sits on it.

Crossed Legged Pink Chair

6. Pink Chair By Vladimir Tsesler

This pink chair with crossed legs is one for the ladies. A funky and feminine that’s ideal for the bedroom.

Suitcase Chair

7. Suitcase Chair By Katie Thomspon

A unique and original piece of furniture that’s perfect for travel fanatics.

Peacock Chair

8. Peacock Chair By Uufie

Believe it or not, this is a chair you can sit in, though I’m not sure how comfortable it’ll be with a great big hole in the middle.

Lexus Chair

9. Lexus Swivel Chair By Costantino

Sit on your plush throne and spin like a child!

BLACK Skull Armchair

10. BLACK Skull Armchair By Harow

Become the lord of the dark side with this handcrafted fibreglass armchair. There’s only 12 ever made so you’ll be lucky if it’s sitting in your living room.

Millipede Chair

11. Millipede Stool By Michael Samoriz

Fast forward into the future, and all bars should have stools like this.

Pink Diamante Stiletto Chair

12. Pink Diamante Stiletto Chair

Only fit for princesses and divas.

Cut Chair

13. The Cut Chair By Peter Bristol

We know what you’re thinking, “How???”. In order for this to work, all legs have to be attached to the floor. There’s your answer.

AFK Lounge Chair

14. AFK Lounge Chair By Straight Line Designs

Lay or sit down in this long curved wooden chair; no need for other lights in the room.

Layers Cloud Chair

15. Layers Cloud Chair By Richard Hutten

What on earth!? Yea, it’s an extremely colourful chair made from hundreds of layers of fabric. I want to touch it.

Sink-In Chair

16. Sink-In Chair By Keren Shiker

You can create your ideal sitting position by pushing/pulling the foam bars out, and the wooden frame can even sit upright or horizontally.

Malicious Chair

17. Malicious Chair By Merve Kahraman

Apparently, being pricked on the bum is “joyful torture”…not that I would know.

Evrgrn Campfire Rocker Chair

18. Evrgrn Campfire Rocker

This camping and garden chair will probably be the most functional compact chair you’ll ever see.

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