18 Clever Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

More space in the bedroom is always more fun and relaxing.

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

A small bedroom doesn’t have to be cluttered, it should be cosy and welcoming. We have a solution with these 18 clever storage ideas for small bedrooms, which can make your palace feel like there’s much more space than there actually is.

Clever Storage Ideas and Solutions

Small Bedroom? 18 Clever Storage Ideas & Solutions

small bedroom storage ideas

1. AGPtEK® Neoprene Cable Sleeves

Many people like us, hate the sight of cables and if you feel the same way, then these genius Neoprene Cable Sleeves by AGPtEK helps to tidy them all up and make your small bedroom space look a lot more neat and spacious.

They’re black on one side and white on the other, allowing you to choose which colour you want displayed. Wrap up the cables and secure them with the velcro and then you may cut holes in the sleeve if you wish to filter through any individual cables.

You can also expand the sleeves diameter by using more cable sleeves, which is ideal if you have a thick bunch of cables.

Check Out the AGPtEK Neoprene Cable Sleeves


small bedroom storage ideas

2. D-Line Large Cable Tidy Unit

One of our favourite cable storage ideas for small bedrooms is the clever Large Cable Tidy Unit by D-Line. It comes in the form of an inconspicuous black oval box built from durable ABS material which is large enough to house a socket extension and the many plugs that needs power.

Check Out the D-Line Large Cable Tidy Unit


small bedroom storage ideas

3. MIU COLOR Drawer and Closet Dividers

One of the sins of clothing storage is not keeping your clothes organised in a neat fashion. This set of 4 foldable clothing dividers by MIU COLOR helps you organise your underwear, socks and other clothing accessories.

Highly durable and made from  non-woven fabric that’s moth-proof, mould-proof, moisture-proof; you’ll not only save space, but also time since you no longer have to dig and search for what you want to wear.

Check Out the MIU COLOR Drawer Dividers


small bedroom storage ideas

4. Taotronics Flexible Gooseneck LED Desk Lamp

If you have a small bedroom, then you probably have a small desk too, and there’s only so much space on it. Get rid of that big lamp that takes up more space than necessary and replace it with this Flexible Gooseneck LED Desk Lamp by Taotronics.

Incorporating a minimalistic design, its base is only around the size of a passport and its 360° flexible neck allows you to point the light in any direction. Its energy saving LED bulbs can also be dimmed up to 7 levels via the sensitive touch controls.

Check Out the Taotronic Flexible Gooseneck LED Desk Lamp


small bedroom storage ideas

5. Space Saver Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags

Just when it seems like your folded clothes, duvets and pillows couldn’t get any smaller, this pack of 6 jumbo vacuum storage bags by Space Saver proves you wrong.

Just fill the bags up, proceed to squeeze every millimeter of air out of the bag with the included hand pump, and then seal it up using its Double-Zip Seal and the Triple-Seal Turbo Valve. You don’t have to worry about mold, mildew or bacteria either as the bag is anti-microbial and air-tight.

Check Out the Space Saver Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags


small bedroom storage ideas

6. Domopak Living Handbag Organiser

If your collection of handbags has gotten to the point where you’re tripping over them, it’s time to find a storage solution for them. This handbag organiser by Domopak Living offers a clever storage idea.

All you need to do is suspend the organiser from a rail within your wardrobe, and it can hold up to 8 handbags in its transparent pouches.

Check Out the Domopak Living Handbag Organiser


small bedroom storage ideas

7. Misslo® Hanging Jewellery Organiser

The Misslo Hanging Jewellery Organiser is a must-have for all jewellery fanatics who have a small bedroom. It’s double sided with 32 transparent vinyl pockets at the front and 18 hook and loop closures at the back.

The idea is to save space and to have quick and easy access to all your jewellery as you can clearly see it all on display. Suspend it on a rail or a hook by inserting a hanger at the top, and you’re all set!

Check Out the Misslo Hanging Jewellery Organiser


small bedroom storage ideas

8. 36 Pair Over the Door Hanging Shoe Rack

How many pairs of footwear do you need? However many makes you happy!

To some, that’s more pairs than a small bedroom can store. That’s why this over-the-door hanging shoe rack was invented, which holds an impressive 36 pairs of footwear.

It has curved sides which is designed to add the much needed strength and stability to the rack. You don’t need to have any DIY knowledge either, as it generally takes less than 5 minutes to assemble.

Check Out the 36 Pair Over-the-Door Hanging Shoe Rack


small bedroom storage ideas

9. Ikea FRÄCK Magnifying Wall Mirror

If you neither have the desk space for a desktop mirror or the wall space for a full sized mirror, then the next best thing is a telescopic wall mirror that’s affixed via a wall bracket and extends outwards.

Suitable for use in high humidity areas and water resistant, the Ikea FRÄCK Magnifying Wall Mirror offers a 2.5x magnification and is able to tilt at different angles too.

Check Out the Ikea Frack Magnifying Wall Mirror


small bedroom storage ideas

10. The Shopfitting Shop 4ft Long Wall Mounted Clothes Rail

There’s only so many rails a small bedroom can have. You likely have one in your bedroom and if you’re lucky enough to have enough space in your small bedroom, you may have a standing rail too.

However, you can save valuable space with this durable and long 4 ft. wall mounted clothes rail by The Shopfitting Shop. Affix to a wall or inside your wardrobe, and it’s strong enough to withstand an entire row of clothes and coats.

Check Out The Shopfitting Shop Wall Mounted Clothes Rail


small bedroom storage ideas

11. Wall Mounted Folding Hanger

One of our favourite small bedroom storage ideas is this clever wall mounted folding hanger that can be used two ways; independently on its own or as a pair with a hanging rail in the middle.

Constructed of ABS and stainless steel, the unit is fixed to the wall and when it’s in its closed form, it looks like a subtle white stick but when opened, it provides a small rail where you can hang several pieces of clothing.

Check Out the Wall Mounted Folding Hanger


small bedroom storage ideas

12. Hapilife Metal Multi-Purpose Clothes Stand

Instead of filling your small bedroom with various hanging rails, shoe racks and accessory storage stands, why not have all of it in one place?

The highly practicaly metal Multi-Purpose Clothes Stand by Hapilife features 18 bold hooks and 3 tier shelves that can be used to store shoes or other items of clothing.

The great thing about this user-friendly unit is its all stainless steel pipe design which actually allows you to use your creativity to hang things almost anywhere on it.

Check Out the Hapilife Metal Multi-Purpose Clothes Stand


small bedroom storage ideas

13. Hangerworld Single Wooden 24 Tie Rack

If your job requires you to dress formal, then it’s no surprise if you have a wide selection of ties (at least one for everyday of the week!). Rather than rolling or folding them up, a better storage solution would be to use a tie rack which offers easier access, saves space and looks much better.

One of the best tie racks around is made by Hangerworld, and it offers a brilliantly designed 24 rotatable tie slots suspended by a single piece of solid hardwood and a polished chrome swivel hook.

Check Out the Hangerworld Single Wooden 24 Tie Rack


small bedroom storage ideas

14. Zeller 17101 Valet Stand

Where do you currently hang your formal suit when you get back home from work everyday?

If the answer is on the back of a chair, back of the door or anywhere else which causes creases or inconvenience, then I bet this Valet Stand by Zeller can solve your problems.

It has space to hang your daily suit jacket, shirt, belt and accessories. Its dark veneer, cherry wood appearence presents a classy look and a much tidier room.

Check Out the Zeller 17101 Valet Stand


small bedroom storage ideas

15. STACKERS by LC Designs, Mini Lidded and Watch Set

Every man that owns several watches and jewellery pieces should have a stylish storage box to house them. The STACKERS Collection by LC Designs offers high quality and aesthetically pleasing storage for mens accessories that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

In the case with our choice, there are four colours to choose from: black, orange, khaki and our favourite, check.

Each model offers 2 tiers: a top tier or 12 divided sections for jewellery and a removable bottom tier that can store two oversize watches or four ordinary sized watches.

Check Out the STACKERS Mini Lidded and Watch Case Set


small bedroom storage ideas

16. Really Useful Filing Box

For those who work from home or have a lot of paperwork, a cardboard box is messy and looks unappealing, and a filing cabinet is expensive and can take up a lot of space. Here’s a better storage idea for small bedrooms: the ‘Really Useful’ Filing Box.

Its brand name is not a lie, as it really is useful; we can attest to that as we use their products ourselves. This clear 19 litre solid plastic filing box (they come in different sizes too) includes 10 x A4 suspension files and the box itself can be stacked on top of one another of the same size.

Check Out the Really Useful Filing Box


small bedroom storage ideas

17. NUOLUX Hanger Hooks

How can something so simple be so useful in saving storage space for your clothes?

The NUOLUX Hanger Hooks allows you to stack hangers in tiers below each other so you’re essentially using one space for several items of clothing. We love products like these, because of their simplicity and practicality.

What’s different about these anti-slip hanger hooks by NUOLUX is their colourful and soft flocked design. Each set comes in a pack of 12 random colours.

Check Out the NUOLUX Hanger Hooks


small bedroom storage ideas

18. Neusu Heavy Duty Large Hanging Shelves

If you don’t have enough drawers to store all your clothes, a storage solution that makes the most sense is to organise your clothes from bottom upwards to create more room. In order to do so, you need hanging shelves that are strong enough to support the weight.

Neusu provides exactly this and more with their Heavy Duty Large Hanging Shelves that’s manufactured from a sturdy 600D fabric and has 8 tiers that offers over 100 litres of storage capacity.

Its hanger is reinforced and each shelf is made from a 3mm board which Neusu claims to be 50% stronger than standard hanging shelves. However, one of the real highlights for us is the 8 mesh side pockets that you’ll find extremely useful for holding socks, shoes and underwear. Just brilliant.

Check Out the Neusu Heavy Duty Large Hanging Shelves

Clever Storage Ideas and Solutions

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