10 Most Annoying Bathroom Habits

Annoying Bathroom Habits

Bathroom habits are personal and what one person finds annoying is water off a duck’s back to someone else. However, one cannot deny that some things are far more likely to be regarded as annoying by the majority of the population.

If you are guilty of one or more of these habits, you can be confident that you are almost certainly irritating your friends and family!

Little day-to-day niggles such as these can build up over time and lead to increased resentment and ill-feeling. To avoid potentially damaging relationships with your nearest and dearest, read on to find out more about ten of the commonest and most annoying bathroom habits:

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Leaving the Toothpaste Lid Open

Leaving the toothpaste lid open

This is a very annoying thing to do as the air dries the exposed toothpaste so that the next person to use the tube is obliged to chip away at the dried on toothpaste or risk having a disgustingly hard lump of toothpaste in his or her mouth. It’s unhygienic and inconsiderate.

This habit is often accompanied by the equally annoying habit of leaving smears and splodges of toothpaste around the neck of the tube.

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Leaving the Toothpaste Lid Open

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